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Five Self-Care Practices for Busy Workaholics

Five Workaholic Self-Care Practices

Self-care practices are very important for anyone. At least once in your life, you have come across a situation when thoughts about work, projects, reports haunted you. Even at night or on weekends, and vacation makes you torment in search of the right solution. It turns out that this condition is not only tiring, but it also causes serious harm to our bodies.

Unpleasant consequences

Constant thoughts on the same topic loop the flow of information: the brain begins to enter a certain dead end, the idea has no scope, and it just goes around in a circle. As a result, our brain gets tired and can no longer find other solutions. That is, initially, this process is meaningless. Also, any deadlock, especially in some important topic, will always give rise to fear of non-fulfillment. A person under the yoke of such a nervous strain pays less attention to family and friends. His mood deteriorates, chronic fatigue appears. A time that could have been spent on real rest and then on productive work is wasted. And here, Self-Care practices come to our aid.

Plan your rest as you utilize self-care

self care

The more active and versatile the body is, the higher its resource capacity. The faster it copes with stress, rests, and recovers. Therefore, people who have a hectic life (draw, sing, speak at conferences, walk the dog) recover quickly. Many people say: “You have so much energy!” No, he has his whole body in a particular activity, and it affects, among other things, the quality of rest. We remember: you need to set aside time for rest and think about HOW we will rest. Just sketch out from time to time a rough plan, ideas, what you would like to do yourself, with family and friends. When it’s time to relax, you won’t sit stupidly and not know what to do, wasting time on social media, TV, or grocery shopping. You will switch your brain qualitatively!

Write with your left hand

This does not mean that you need to run and jump while resting (this is one of the options, but not the most important one yet). First, you need to understand that switching the brain from one activity to another is vital. Only then the correct process will go, and you will begin to rest. Simple physiological methods will help you to switch it. The easiest way is to write with your left hand. When we write with our left hand, all the thoughts that come to our minds or describe the situation and the task spinning in our head, do it with the LEFT hand (for left-handers, on the contrary, with the right). At this moment, we have the other hemisphere that will be included in the work.

Warm-up the body for better self-care

Balancing on one leg as well as any physical exercise: supposedly jumping rope, push-ups, squats. The more complex option is juggling, singing (any direction), or dancing (even if at the moment of dancing a person thinks about his dead-end, he will still get out of it because the body will liberate itself and give the opportunity to “fly”). You can make three loud claps in front of you because there are almost all active points in the palms. When we clap, we kind of “shake up” the entire nervous system. You can buy fitness equipment and store it at your home gym so you can schedule your workouts. In general, any warm-up after work is a simple, affordable, and quick way to relax and rejuvenate.

Pay attention to the chest

The rib cage not only ensures proper breathing it also influences the position of the body when walking. While standing, tap gently with your fingertips or cams on each bone in your ribcage, starting with your collarbone and ending with your lower ribs and thoracic vertebrae. As you tap, listen to how you feel. Your task is to feel the entire volume of the chest. Then begin to move as if you want to reshape the chest – gently lowering or, conversely, straightening your shoulders. Feel how mobile your joints are in those areas where the ribs are adjacent to the vertebrae.

Try to follow these guidelines for a week. I think you will be surprised at how much more beautiful, free and smooth your time becomes and how much you can get done.

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