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  • Feeling Burned Out?
  • Is Your Business in a State of Chaos?
  • Sales Not Growing?
  • Working Too Many Hours?
  • Having Problems Finding Good Employees?
  • Concern About Recession Or AI?

You Are Not Alone!


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Our Clients

  • Have Fallen In Love With Their Business Again
  • Sleep Well With Their Business Under Control
  • Are Experiencing Strong Sales Growth
  • Enjoy Extra Time to Spend With Their Loved Ones
  • Have Recruited Excellent Employees
  • Experience the Calm of Having Extra Money in the Bank


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Owner, Fitness Studio
Challenging, Highly Educational, profits increased by $60k
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President, Industrial Controls Company

Action Plan: The 5 Steps Process

“Our founder has been recognized for small business coaching results and for serving outstanding business owners.”


“I’ve tripled my revenues and my infrastructure allows me to travel out of town without worrying about the business”

Brian Pisor, Business Owner


When it comes to improving a small business, many business owners are so close to their products or services they don’t know where to start. Business owners are frequently overwhelmed with day-to-day issues such as cash flow, competition, and employees…which may lead to burnout. 

What if you could have an expert small businesscoach on your side? What if you could focus on your daily operations while growing your brand, expanding your services, and outperforming your competitors?

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At Small BusinessCoach, we say you can achieve the powerful and influential brand voice you desire when you partner with our exceptional team. That is the reason small business coaches exist. To help you get to where you need to be with the professional services you deserve.

The Small BusinessCoach Associate Process

This amazing framework helps business owners understand what areas to prioritize and strengthen.

We know how hard it is to get clarity and we have helped over a thousand small business owners to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals through one on one business coaching services. And when you clarify your direction and communicate your message, your marketing starts working for you, your team members are converted into a sales force and your customers speak a viral message that spreads.

Stop Burnout in its Tracks with Small BusinessCoach

Small BusinessCoach has been providing our esteemed business owner clients incredible services for more than a decade. During this time, we have worked with multiple startups and small business owners and have identified the pitfalls that many entrepreneurs experience. To ensure you continue to grow and improve your brand, your businesscoach will work with you to create efficiencies and streamlined services.
If you are ready to maximize your business results and maintain control of your brand, we are here to help you achieve your goals in a sustainable, rewarding manner.
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Why Join Our BusinessCoach Services?

Your Business Success Starts Here

It is the goal of every business owner and entrepreneur to establish a competitive and ever-growing business. If you find yourself unable to juggle daily operations, admin, marketing, and improving your bottom line, you need an objective approach provided by our businesscoach professionals. Understandably, small business owners want to do it all! While admirable, and while we know how much blood, sweat, and tears went into developing your business, we also know how quickly businesses can unravel owing to a lack of growth and balance.
As expert coaches, we can determine where your weaknesses and strengths lie. Working in accordance with strengths and weaknesses, our team creates a supportive plan and strategy to accelerate growth and profitability. When you have an objective view of the processes of your business, it can help you determine where you need to improve and the steps to get there.
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How The Small BusinessCoach Associate Process Works

The Small BusinessCoach Process is taught by Alan Melton, creator of the SBCA framework, and their team of coaches. They have founded multiple small businesses over decades and as such are providing small business coaching services and mentors for their clients out of deep business experience and knowledge.

Multiple Awards To The Company’s Founder

Alan’s awards include Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies, Small Business Administration’s Small Business Person of the Year and The Governors’ Sterling Award for Organizational Performance Excellence. Small BusinessCoach Associates is recognized by Influence Digest  and Six Figure Coach Magazine as a Top 10 business coaching organization on Social Media, and by Hubspot and Protoly as one of the top business coaching services worldwide. As the author of Small Business Solutions, Alan has provided small business coaching service through business mentors for business owners to help them make more, have fun and work less.

The Founder’s Story Of Struggles to Success

Alan isn’t a professor in an ivory tower. In Alan’s first business after personally experiencing problems with cash flow, customers, employees, debt and burnout, he hired a businesscoach who transformed his life and business. From there his struggling small business grew to a leading company with 130 employees and high profits. After selling his business to a publicly-held company Alan founded Small BusinessCoach Associates and the BusinessCoach framework was created to help him overcome obstacles in his own company. The process resulted in him doubling revenue and profits for three consecutive years.

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Providing Business Coaching Services to Our Business Owner Clients

Then he began to provide the framework through coaching for small businesses. Since then over a thousand of Alan’s business coaching clients have dramatically increased their revenue and profits after learning the process.

With the Small BusinessCoach Process, you will: 1. Experience and learn a powerful planning process for you and your business. After your plan is developed, your employees (if you have employees) will also participate in the planning process. 2. You will coach with Alan and their team of business coaches and mentors for entrepreneurs weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to deploy every aspect of your plan and 3. Learn the BusinessCoach Services that will advance your business towards business freedom.

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Business Owner Clients That We Work With

We have the best job in the world! We work with an amazing group of small business owners. Over the last 18 years we have provided small business coaching services to virtually every industry. During 2020 every business owner coaching client has grown stronger in the face of the pandemic. One client was featured in Forbes and another client was named to the Inc 5000 list among the fastest growing companies in the US. We are proud of our clients’ growth. Take a look at our business owner client “Wall of Fame” on this page. Their results are truly amazing!

Perhaps you found us through a search of “business coach near me” or “small business coaching near me.” Alan lives in the Western Carolina area. We have small business coaches and mentors located in various parts of the United States. We visit with our clients face to face from time to time and for the most part we meet weekly with our clients via Zoom screen share sessions. This allows us to have our coaching modules at our fingertips which include visuals and templates. This process helps us to get faster results for our small business owner coaching clients.

We provide business coaching services to small business owners of all types from service to retail to manufacturers to distributors to e-commerce companies. That includes a wide range of startups to businesses with revenues of $100million.
We take the complexity out of growing a business and a powerful brand that you can be proud of.

We Build Businesses and Legacies

Along with our Small BusinessCoach processes, we introduce strategic thinking and professional guidance to develop strong leaders in business. We recognize that it is difficult for our clients to create a long term business plan when they are so focused and caught up in the success of the now. If you cannot implement long-term plans for success, it could hinder the longevity of your business.
At Small BusinessCoach, we help you take the right steps to create a long term success plan. While we believe in focusing on the present, planning for the future is an essential part of healthy business preparedness. Let us be your partner and introduce the strategies that support the present and the future success of your operations. Whether you are a new enterprise or have an established small business, a long-term plan means building a legacy.
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Become the Leader You Have Always Envisioned

An important part of business success and growth is effective leadership. At Small BusinessCoach, our role is to help you become an effective leader and to manage your workforce with successful results. Along with our coaching modules and templates, we incorporate modern technology to ensure all small businesses benefit from confident, competent and naturally motivating leadership for business owners.
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The Keys To Business Owner Success: Coaching and Accountability

Understanding the management role in business is a necessary part of future success. Many small businesses start with an idea and find that poor management skills lead to an unmotivated workforce and a lack of steady growth.
At Small BusinessCoach, we not only introduce you to essential management practices but also encourage leadership. When you are supported by your staff, no matter how small, it contributes to a productive and profitable business.

With the business coaching services of a small businesscoach, you can learn the balance between professional coaching and when to be accountable. All business owners are encouraged to learn the importance of accountability and leading by example for a naturally motivated and productive workforce.

CLARITY and ACCOUNTABILITY are what successful business owners want in removing obstacles to success. This is what transforms businesses, employees and customer satisfaction. Once you clarify your direction and deploy your plan, your company will begin to grow. Business owners that have clarity and accountability win in the marketplace. Learn more about the Small BusinessCoach Process today with Alan Melton, and their team of business coaches for entrepreneurs. Why? Because you, your employees and your customers are waiting for you to change their world.

What Else Makes Small BusinessCoach Associates So Different?

Small BusinessCoach Associates is proud to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in overcoming challenges and working towards success. Every new business requires its own strategies, resource management, and leadership to attain its goals. The best way to stay on track and build your business is with our small business coaching services.
The role of our small business coach is to help you make critical decisions based on a well-structured plan and professional practices. We provide support services for every business phase. Your business can achieve every milestone, along with a multitude of growth benefits when you partner with our small business coach.
When you consult with Small BusinessCoach, we truly listen. As professional coaches and consultants, we know that every business is different, and therefore we pay close attention to your concerns and goals. This includes our ability to adopt a collaborative approach to work with you to achieve rewarding results.
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It is All about Positive Change

What makes our services different is our ability to exercise patience. We set realistic goals for our business owner clients and never make elaborate promises that we cannot deliver. Our businesscoach services are honest, transparent, and always place the needs of our clients first.

At Small BusinessCoach, we prioritize every client. No matter your concern or what you wish to achieve for your brand, you can speak to our consultants for professional, trustworthy solutions.

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The Small BusinessCoach Defined

A small business coach is a professional mentor who works with those who are self-employed to produce business plans, execute these plans, and assist in overcoming limitations. Your business coach is your partner who is objective, experienced, and an expert in identifying challenges and creating solutions.

Small BusinessCoach Associates aims to be your trusted partner in helping your firm grow and achieve its bottom line. From personal to professional help, we are here to guide you, support you, and introduce the insights you need as a small business.

When to Hire Our Professional Coaches

Whether you are getting your new company off the ground or wish to identify the barriers preventing your business from achieving its growth and goals, you can consult with our team. As you are aware, your business does not come with an instruction manual. Some things require an impartial approach to help you understand where to focus your efforts and resources. We are here to help you work through the humps and get unstuck along the way.

While it is important to hire a professional coach when you notice a lack of steady growth and profitability, it is just as important to hire our business coaching services when starting your brand.

Small businesses are at great risk of failing within the first year of business. With the right professional coach on your side, it becomes easier to determine where you can improve and how to increase your bottom line.
By combining change leadership and profitability along with our expertise and objectivity, every small business coach can help developing companies and brands.

Why Hire Our Small Business Professionals?

Running a small business is a major undertaking. It is no surprise that many entrepreneurs and business owners feel overwhelmed, stressed, and stuck when running their enterprise. Every company experiences obstacles, but it is the ability to take leadership and to pursue opportunities that can keep operations efficient.
We go beyond the basics. Our purpose is to work with you to best manage your customers, improve your revenue, and build a business with a strong foundation. Our small business coaching includes one-on-one sessions providing you with both personal and professional support. We discuss the barriers and resources available to attain your goals.
The services delivered by our dedicated team focus on the strategies we can introduce to develop marketing, sales, customer relations, and competitive platforms. The goal is to explore your unique requirements and the steps you can take to build a legacy.
business coaching services
business coaching services

The Value We Can Provide Small Business Owners

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses fail to seek small business coaching because of a misconception that such services are unaffordable. Fortunately, we offer dedicated solutions to fit your needs and make our services accessible to all startups and growing firms.
If you are considering professional coaching, consult with Small BusinessCoach Associates. We are here to deliver on our promise of corporate trust and expertise for the advancement of businesses. Whether you need to increase sales or build customer relationships, invest with us, and we will provide the insights needed to achieve your goals. We help you best utilize your resources and focus your efforts on investing in your brand’s expansion.
Let us become your trusted small businesscoach provider who specializes in providing small businesses with outstanding value.

Why Call Small BusinessCoach Associates

When your business is not performing the way it should and recognize a need for change, ensure everyone, including your teams, support staff, and your family, provide the support you need for every success.
The small businesscoach team is here to make a difference for your enterprise. We believe in becoming a professional partner and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the fore.
Get in touch with us and discover how we can help you achieve your goals, future growth, and much more.
business coaching services
business coaching services
Small BusinessCoach Associates continues to provide solutions to overcome obstacles that get in the way of profitability and increased sales. Our team is here to work with you to clarify your message and achieve your goals. From daily operational issues to future expansion, we are here for you.

This amazing framework helps business owners understand what areas to prioritize and strengthen.

We know how hard it is to get clarity and we have helped over a thousand small business owners to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals through one on one business coaching services. And when you clarify your direction and communicate your message, your marketing starts working for you, your team members are converted into a sales force and your customers speak a viral message that spreads.

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