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Business Owner Mentoring

The most powerful and dynamic client attraction program ever created! If you are self-employed, an entrepreneur or own a small business and are looking for business growth, you are in the right place. Our business owner mentoring will give you the knowledge and skill to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Our business coaching system gives you the business-building tools and support you need based on your unique business needs. We have 22 areas(and growing) within your business that we assess and improve to help you get to the business freedom stage. Our professional development tools will equip you to grow your business.

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Business growth solutions customized for your business.

  • Generate More Leads
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Compel More Frequent Transactions
  • Command Higher Prices
  • Generate Greater Profits
  • Build a Million Dollar Business

The 3 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Businesses Make… And How To Overcome Them All.

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“You really took the blinders off our eyes to see the potential of our business and now you have taken us there. We are thrilled that you led us to almost double our sales and increase our profits by more than $181,000 and we are still improving today.”-Charlie, Bus Sales and Service

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What’s this site all about?

There are two things EVERY business owner wants. First, they want to generate more leads, attract more clients and make more money so they can eliminate any current financial distress they find themselves in. Second, they want to reach $1 million in annual revenue so they can begin to live the life they have always dreamed of having and so richly deserve.

Professional development is the way to achieve your goals. You can realize business growth by using our eLearning System, or one of our peer to peer group coaching packages or one to one business coaching.. What is your budget and preferred learned style? No matter what your answer is to that question, you can find a solution here.

Our Marketing System was specifically created to provide all small business owners with the tools, resources and professional development they need to accomplish both of these goals.

How? First, we help you target your ideal client, understand exactly what they want when they make their decision to buy, and create compelling marketing messages that enable you to out-market and out-sell your competition.

We even provide you with “done-for-you” marketing and advertising examples that are proven and tested to get real-world results. Once we help you to establish a successful and lucrative sales process, you will experience business growth. We then help you document this process and license it worldwide to others in your market.

Additionally, you can get peer to peer mentoring or one on one coaching here to give you additional support and accountability.

When you begin to “franchise” your business in this manner, you not only build a multimillion-dollar business but you now begin to work fewer hours while making more money.

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“I started working with Alan after floundering for a while with my first business because I wanted to avoid mistakes and shortcut my way to profits. A year later, I’ve tripled my revenues, have steady employees, and give myself a paycheck. “” Brian, Owner / Operator, Event Entertainment Company

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Looking for One-On-One Coaching Help?

Ready for professional help and guidance?

We understand how to…

  • generate immediate sales
  • create competition-crushing marketing”>marketing
  • develop compelling offers
  • map out your entire sales process so you know exactly what to do and when to do it

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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

John Quincy Adams