Chuck, Langford Welding and Fabrication

We have improved our profit by over $60,000 this year

Chuck and Tracy, Owners, Langford Welding and Fabrication

Our SBCA coaches are very informative and leading us on the right path. You’ve taught us much about our business and we appreciate you. I appreciate your advice regarding employees and running our business. Your training information has improved our communication with our employees. You have provided a lot of good insight on Google business and how to approach new clients. Our marketing is better, and the wording of our ads is much more effective. We have more excellent customer reviews now and our business is growing. Our profit has improved by more than $60,000 this year and we’re getting ready to build a new shop. We are using our extra cash to invest in our infrastructure and build our business capabilities. This is the second time that we have used your company and our sales have more than doubled since we started working with you. We highly recommend Small Business Coach Associates

small business coach testimonial

Hired 3 awesome employees and grew our sales by 54%

Robert & Karen, Owner, Custom Trim Carpentry

Small Business Coach Associates and his team are simply the best at what they do!!! They have become an extended part of our business. They have helped us to manage the business of the business by creating a Strategic plan that includes a Vision, Values and Mission in order to get a much better view of who we are, what we do and where we want to be by 2027. Through weekly coaching meetings with my coach we discuss our business and work through his modules for success. As such we have made significant progress over the past 12 months: 1. Sales grew by 54% 2. Have grown our employees by three. 3. We take an additional day off per week 4.Grew Customer Reviews by 260% 5. Continue to Increase Work Life Balance through delegation We look forward to what the future will bring as we continue to work with SBCA and the team at Small Business Coaches.

small business coach

Increased revenues by 86%

Jamie, Digital Marketing Company

Small Business Coach Associates’ approach to small business growth is both innovative and practical. Since hiring my coach in fall 2020, (in about 8 months) we've increased revenues about 86%. I highly recommend SBCA to those small business owners who have a passion for the business and want to see it flourish.

Grew sales by $397,976 and improved profitability by $308,120

Matt, Owner, Glass Shop

I have had the pleasure of working with Alan and Dave on improving my small business over the past 9 months. In that time, we have grown sales by $397,976 in the first 6 months of this year while also improving profitability by $308,120 during the same period. Their approach is straightforward, easy to understand, and logical, even for a novice entrepreneur such as myself. On a personal level, it has been a pleasure meeting with Alan and Dave as they are extremely trustworthy and approachable and truly are fun to be around. I may have eventually ended up where I am today without Alan and Dave however, the time I saved by working with them is invaluable. I highly recommend investing your time and money into you and your business with Alan and his team!


Sales grew from $11K to $1MM per year

Beth, Owner, Dance Studio

My coach is super encouraging. He is great at pointing out things I’ve never thought about. It’s nice to work with a male in business who has my best interests in mind. He is great at keeping me on task without making me feel bad about missing a deadline. Initially my sales grew by 800% and number of students have doubled since he began coaching me 5 months ago and I was able to take my first paycheck since starting my dance studio two years ago. Since then my sales have grown from $11,000 to $1,000,000 per year.

small business coach

Goal was $675k, exceeded $1m, hours from 70 to 30-40, low stress

Cam and Cody, Painting Company

We have seen a big change in our business since we began working with my coach at Small Business Coach Associates. Not only in how we are running our business but in our personal lives as well. This coaching has changed our health and stress levels. We were working 70 hours a week and now we are working 30 to 40 hours a week. Before coaching we were always dealing with emergencies. Now we have less stress. Now we respond to problems with clients and employees more quickly. We have great systems in place to move our business forward. Before we didn’t know how to move to profitability and efficiency. We are moving in the right direction for the first time in years. We are focused on growth and productivity. Before, $1million in sales seemed impossible. Our sales goal for this year was $675,000. But now we have already exceeded $1million in sales with 2 months remaining this year. We highly recommend SBCA coaching!

small business coach

My sales increased to $103,500 monthly, and my profit grew by $53,250 monthly

Mark, Owner, Mechanical Services

Since I started working with my coach, I have learned to how to plan each day and week to include doing the items in my strategic plan. I can put my work into sections for my day and I do not become overwhelmed like I was in the past. I have become more organized. My coach has made me aware of things I did not know to consider when making decisions about employees and marketing. We have implemented an incentive performance plan and my employees are doing their jobs better with fewer errors. I have reduced my stress level. I am working less hours, because I have a plan for the week. I can take off most Fridays. I do not do field work on Fridays. In the past ten months my sales increased to $103,500 per month and profit grew by $53,250 per month.

small business coach

Gave myself a raise, paid off $75,000 debt, and 5 Weeks vacation!

Andy, President, Electrical Services Company

We would like to recommend coaches at Small Business Coach Associates for making a large impact on our business. We are on track to double our generator sales this year. We gave ourselves and our employees raises, and we have paid an additional $75,000 on a loan that is nearly paid off. We have improved our quoting process, our sales process, our collections process, and our conversions process. These improvements have resulted in a big positive impact on our sales and cash flow. Additionally, we are offering financing and other value-added services which have benefited our customers and our business. Finally, we are taking more time off: 5 weeks this year!

small business coach

My sales grew by 300% and working less now

Starr, President Social Media Company

I have been working with my coach and I cannot say enough good things about his coaching style in business. He is an outstanding business coach who has helped me to increase my business while decreasing my work hours. I am more focused, my office is organized, and my sales grew by 300%. If you want to take your business to the next level, please don’t hesitate to contact @Small Business Coach Associates.

small business coach

Sales Grew by 30% and Profits Up 228%

John, CEO, Composite Manufacturer

I’ve been through small business coaching before, so I understand the process and have not generally been satisfied with the results I’ve received in the past. However, my coach has provided encouragement and accountability to keep me on task since I started working with him late last year. We keep circling back to the fundamentals and fundamentals are critical to success. He has kept me focused on marketing, sales, and profits and has held my feet to the fire. The results of this focus are that my sales have grown 30% and profits are up 228% over last year. I still have a long way to go to achieve my long-term goals, but my coach's work is helping to lay a foundation for growth and profitability in my business.

In just a few weeks our sales have increased by $500,000 annually

Harp, Owner, Lighting Showroom

Before I started working with Small Business Coach Associates I didn’t know where I was in my business in several ways. I was juggling a lot of issues and was not persistent in addressing these issues. My employees were not cooperative and were not accepting directives. I would allow this negative employee behavior to slow down my progress. As a new business owner I lacked self-confidence. I had tried different coaches and mentors in the past and they used a “cookie cutter” approach that didn’t help me move my business forward. You are different. Having a coach helps me to stay focused when the world is crashing down. You know exactly where I am and where I need to go. You helped me develop a Strategic Plan and make tweaks to our plan according to what I feel I can handle. With my coach holding my hand I am not guessing any longer. You have experience as a coach and business owner and I don’t have to question my course of action. It’s all about my goals. I have rapidly grown in confidence as a business owner. Now in running my business I pick one area to work on and I stay with it until it’s successful. My coach helped me to develop a marketing plan and as part of the plan we have been working to improve my website. He challenges me to work on my business rather than only in my business. Now I know exactly what I want with my business. In a short period of time with the help of my coach our sales have increased by $500,000. This year we will grow my business from $5,000,000 to $7,000,000 in sales. My coach and I have laid the foundation for this growth and beyond. I highly recommend my coach and Small Business Coach Associates to any business owner!

small business coach

Sales have grown from $12,000 over $28,000 monthly (in less than 90 days)

Milton, Forestry Company

I have been very pleased with the coaching process with my coach at Small Business Coach Associates. I have learned a lot about setting and achieving goals, Google My Business, and getting leads and reviews for my business. I have hired a salesman and that’s helped more than anything. I have set goals, increased my pricing and now clearly understand where we are. My sales have grown from an average of $12,000 per month to over $28,000(in less than 90 days).

small business coach

My Profits Have Increased 50%

David, Founder, Law Firm

I was initially hesitant to take on a business coach, but now I’m glad I did. Since my coach and I began working together my sales have increased significantly and I’m glad to use his services. My profits have increased an average of 50%.

Gained Confidence, 20% Increase in Revenues

Leanne, Owner, Bookeeping & Office Solutions

Before calling SBCA, my work schedule was filled, but revenues and cash flow weren’t growing proportionately – in short, I was becoming unhappy with my financial situation, I missed my family and felt burnout after only a year and half of self-employment running a bookkeeping service. After one consulting session with my coach at SBCA, I gained the confidence and tools to collect 49% of my aging A/R balance. After our second consulting session, we had the beginnings of a business plan that unveiled a 20% increase in revenues (before adding new business). I needed a mentor and found it! I wholeheartedly recommend SBCA!

small business coach

Profits up $300k, Dates With My Wife

Robbie, President, Service Company

My coach of Small Business Coach Associates made a very large impact on my business. Although we have had a reputation for outstanding service and technical expertise since 1965, our business was having a difficult time making it through these hard economic times. We incurred a bad debt of $174,000, which equals about 10% of our annual sales, and it caused me to explore possibly filing bankruptcy or reorganization of the company. I was beginning to lose hope in recovering from this large loss. We had many obstacles to overcome, low morale with our employees, non-existent cash flow, and inefficient business practices. I was working 80 hours per week and I told him that the number one thing I wanted was a date with my wife. My coach first worked with me one-on-one, then met with me and my managers, and finally with all of the employees. Our cash flow has started to improve and continues to improve daily. After six months our profits had increased over $152,000, which annualized is over $300,000 per year! We have started paying off our accounts payable to our vendors. We have reorganized our office and improved our staff with my coach's help. We are starting to achieve many of the actions in our action plan. I have a clearer vision of where we are going and what it takes to get us to the next level. With this clearer vision comes renewed hope. Most importantly, I am working less and have started taking my wife out on dates. I would like to thank SBCA for seeing hope in me and my company, and helping us through this difficult time.

small business coach

Tremendous Growth($900k to $4m), Development of Key Personnel

Jason, President, Commercial Cleaning Services

I have worked with my coach for about a year. I had always heard of business coaching and never gone down that path. I decided to a little over 1 year ago to try it out and found SBCA online. He has been instrumental in our business and development of key personnel. He has brought good insight into our overall business and helped implement different business practices that we had not thought of. We have seen tremendous growth over the past year and it continues today. I am looking forward to more growth and continued success with my coach (SBCA) at our side!

small business coach

$170,000 Profit Increase, Sleeping Better

George and Angie, Owners, Interior Design Co

Several years ago we had a very poor experience with a consulting firm that charged us a lot of money and did not deliver any significant results. This made us hesitant to hire another coach. However your firm was the exact opposite. Our business grew from $700,000 to $1,400,000 in revenues from 2010 to 2011, but our cash flow was worse than before. I was stressed out as I realized how volatile our cash position could be. We asked you to come in and perform a business assessment for us. You were very tactful as you interviewed us and our employees. Everyone was at ease and felt relaxed through the process. You identified over $200,000 per year in additional profits for our business and we decided to implement over $170,000 per year of your findings for now. We’ve been very pleased with your results! I have recently been sleeping better at night as a result of your coaching. We highly recommend your business coaching services to business owners who are looking to improve their business.

small business coach

Sales from $3.6m to $13m, Profits up 400%

Wendell, President, Landscaping Company

I would like to highly recommend my coach at SBCA for coaching any small business owner. He was instrumental in turning our business around during the economic recession. Our annual sales have grown from $3.6million to $13million and our profits have grown by 400 percent. He helped create a stronger team atmosphere and was able to get great team “buy in.” This was after helping us to make some tough decisions necessary to initiate the turn around. He helped us to develop and deploy key marketing and branding strategies, grow our design-build division by 700% and turn our warranty department from an expense to a 30% profit. He developed a 5 year business plan with our team’s involvement and we have been successful in reaching every milestone.

small business coach

My work hours dropped from 111 hours a week to an average of 47.5 hours a week!

Charlotte, Palmetto Outdoor Spaces

I established my business in 2012 and we experienced extreme growth in 2020. However by 2021 I was drowning. I was burning out. I was working more than 100 hours a week and my health was suffering. My workweek consisted of answering the phone, scheduling appointments, attending sales meetings, ordering products for clients, and billing clients. I reached out to my coach with Small Business Coach Associates. He showed me the 7 Stages to Business Freedom, and I was in the Burnout Stage. My coach helped me to developed a Strategic Plan, and then to determine where I was spending my time and how to delegate tasks that were non-CEO level tasks and to work more in executive function activities. I had been focused on sales in the past but not on profits. Delegating lower level work freed up time some we could work on our gross margins and we determined that I had been underpricing my products. I focused on developing employees, process improvement, improving inefficiencies, and managing customers. We are now on the path to Stage 7, the business freedom stage. As we implemented personnel development and daily time management my entire mindset changed. I began to attend to myself first before working in the business; me first with reading, exercise and yoga. I now feel like I’m succeeding and have more peace. I hired my coach to help with infighting with my son and I now know how to handle that. Before I had an “elephant sized problem” and the elephant was sitting on me; now I’m sitting on “the elephant.” My work hours dropped from 111 hours a week to an average of 47.5 hours a week!

small business coach

My sales grew by 300% and freedom to travel

Brian, Owner / Operator, Event Entertainment Company

I started working with my coach at SBCA after floundering for a while with my first business because I wanted to avoid mistakes and shortcut my way to profits. A year later, my sales grew by 300%, have steady employees, and give myself a paycheck. My infrastructure allows me to travel out of town without worrying about the business, and I’m now looking at more advanced strategies to keep pushing the business to the next level. The steps I’ve followed are actually simple, they just require some focused effort. As great as it is to see this business do so well, I’m equally as excited and confident that I can apply many of the same strategies to future businesses and see success even faster. Thanks SBCA, your help will extend far beyond my immediate return on investment.

small business coach

Accountability, Increased Business Profits by 90%

Jonathan, President, Pest Control Services

Using Small Business Coach Associates has been a real benefit to my company. My coach has the perfect combination of business knowledge and real world experience. His willingness to help and hold me accountable have helped me in positive ways that I couldn’t have anticipated. After only working together for 3 months we have deployed 3 strategies that will increase my small business profits by 90% in the next 12 months.

small business coach

Increased Sales by 45%, Got Employees on Board

Dan, Owner, CPA Firm

My coach has been working with me to set and meet aggressive goal for my company. He’s even gotten my employees on board with my vision, and I’ve had problems with them in the past. After several “false starts” I’m finally taking my business to its potential, and I would like to see my clients do the same. He helped me identify $20,000 in unmade sales (services people wanted but we didn’t offer to them and they didn’t know we could provide) and another $25,000 in missed revenues due to underpricing certain services. We also found a way to change our process for preparing returns that cut the turnaround time by 30%.

small business coach

I am growing as a leader, 22% increase… in the past 30 days

Deborah, Founder, Nature School

The instruction of the dynamic of my coach have been nothing short of transformative for me and my nonprofit organization. Each meeting brings discussion that leads to a deeper understanding of my role in the organization, which always leads to new, more directional actions that I had not thought of on my own. Since working together, I am growing as a leader, and the people within and outside the organization are noticing! I have no doubt in our success as we move forward thanks to these very smart, innovative, and incredibly generous guys. My nonprofit is showing a 22% increase in activity in just the past 30 days, morale is up, and we are actually thriving during these changing times.

small business coach

Sales $651k to $1.1m, We are Thrilled

Charlie, Bus Sales and Service Co

As we began to work with you we were impressed with your values in the workplace. Your gift of gaining our trust helped you to quickly assess our situation. In the past we had not shared our business practices with others. We now realize that we had become lackadaisical; we were letting the issues of day-to-day life prevent our growth. You have really taken the blinders off our eyes to see the potential of our business and now you are taking us there. We are thrilled that you achieved growth from $651,000 to $1,100,000 and a profit increase in excess of $181,000 since we started working with you in January. The Lord is using you as an instrument to help us realize our dreams. You impressed us because of your past experiences of growing businesses into success. You know what is necessary to take businesses to the next level. You got us out of neutral, waiting on business and now we are reaching for the stars.” Charlie, Bus Sales and Service Co.

small business coach

Challenging, Highly Educational, profits increased by $60k

Kevin, President, Industrial Controls Company

I have found SBCA coaching to be challenging, thought-provoking and highly educational. I thought I had a firm grasp on managing this company and moving it forward, but at the end of every coaching session my reaction is ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ I feel as though we are now moving the company forward in a more systematic and professional manner as opposed to my ‘winging it.’ We increased profits by over 60,000 in first 9 months of this year. I highly recommend SBCA as the best business coach to any business owner.

small business coach

More Money, Happier Employees, Vision

Linda, Owner, Fitness Studio

You really can’t go wrong with accessing the services and the knowledge of the coach at Small Business Coach Associates. He really makes you look at your business from all sides, and think about what you really want that to look like for you and your family. By implementing my coach recommendations, we realized more money in our pocket, had happier employees, and gained vision for our future to boot. Give SBCA a call, you’ll be glad you did!

Doubled My Sales and Improved Profits By 400%

Eugene, President, Auto Body Shop.

Business coaching was difficult for me in the beginning. It was hard for me to change but my coach helped me to put things in perspective. He sees my business with a different set of eyes. He is able to simplify complex business issues and break them down into practical steps. “How do you eat and elephant? One bite at a time.” He listens well even when I’m frustrated. Doing business coaching is like going to school; I didn’t realize that I was learning. I have learned to be patient. He helped me look at things like my shop floor space to make it more productive and how to better manage my people. As a result of working with my coach of SBCA, I have doubled my sales and my profits have increased by nearly 400%.

small business coach

...record growth numbers of over $1.5 million in new revenue...

Adam, Founder, Actuarial Company

I have always had a dream of starting my own professional services (actuarial) firm. I've written up goals and action plans in the past, and have even explored acquisitions, but I let the pressures of my day-to-day job, and the comfort associated with the lifestyle it affords, distract me from my ultimate aim: proving to myself that I can build a successful enterprise. Finally, I found I needed to commit and to seek professional help. I began interviewing coaches. Small Business Coach Associates' experience in building successful businesses from the ground up was appealing. Also, the fact that they are associated with a business brokerage firm led me to believe that they had knowledge in the process of acquiring firms, which I saw as a key first step in my journey. I interviewed many coaches, but none practiced what they preached more than the coaches at SBCA in the interview process. In my time working with Small Business Coach Associates, I have: 1. Gained the confidence that I can run a successful enterprise, without the fear of falling short in key areas - before, I had doubts about my ability to manage everything. Now, with a coach, I know I can handle the challenges that come with owning a small business, using the marketing, hiring and efficiency systems I have created with my coach. 2. Learned time management, leadership, and sales skills that have helped me lead a team of practitioners to record growth numbers of over $1.5 million in new revenue through Q3 of this year. 3. Leveraged their expertise to uncover owners in my industry that may be willing to sell their practices, which helps ease my transition into ownership. If you are considering starting your own professional services firm, I would recommend you leverage Small Business Coach Associates' knowledge of business, leadership and systems to create a strong foundation for your life's passion. You only get one shot to set it up right!

My Sales Have Increased 50% and Profits Have Increased 400%

Chad, President, Cherokee Alarms

We experienced great results from working with my coach at Small Business Coach Associates. We were able to structure our office and establish a relationship with a new CPA, so that I could get a better handle on the financial area of my business. My coach advised me about purchasing another business in my industry and were able to successfully negotiate that purchase. I have been able to increase my revenues by 50% and my profits by 400%. I recommend SBCA to any business owner looking to improve their business.

small business coach

I now know better how to market myself

Lara, Writing Coach

The expert guidance I received from my coach and Small Business Coach Associates has made all the difference for my business. I know better how to market myself, and the strategy he provided has given me a roadmap for profitability. Not to mention the coach is simply a caring and generous person. Highly recommend!

Terrific speaker and really knows how to keep his audience engaged.

Janet, Area Manager, Networking Organization

I have had the pleasure of hearing my coach speak on several occasions. He is a terrific speaker and really knows how to keep his audience engaged. His topics are always relevant to what is going on in the business world and one always leaves with fresh ideas on how to make his/her business better. It is obvious that he really knows and loves what he does and is very happy to share what he has learned along the way. It would be an honor to have him back to speak again anytime.

small business coach

I have grown my revenue more than 300%!

Scott, Painting Franchise

My business coach’s patience, demeanor and meeting me where I am as a new business owner has been very helpful over the last few months. He has adapted his advanced material which are helpful now and can also later in more nuanced ways as I scale my business. Our sessions are focused on different facets of my business including marketing, sales, quoting jobs, hiring and firing employees and independent contractors, to key performance indicators and financial information. The coaching at Small Business Coach Associates has been well-rounded including all aspects of my business including work life balance. Our sessions orient me and help me to get to the next actionable item. I recommend his service to anyone wishing to grow their business, or anyone needing to solve specific challenging problems in their business. I have gained a lot of clarity in the start-up phase of my business, and have grown my revenue more than 300%!

Sales have grown from $298K to over $800k per year

Paul, Owner, Environmental Solutions

I have been working with Small Business Coach Associates for about 8 months now. The guidance and knowledge that my coach has provided me have helped me and my business tremendously. I own a small environmental consulting firm (NoVA Environmental Solutions) that has been in business for just over 6 years and was at a point where I wanted to grow my business but needed more help. With the excellent guidance of my coach, my business has certainly grown, and my leadership and business owner skills have been taken to places that I did not realize they could go. If you are looking to work with a business coach, no matter what business you own and operate, look no further. Small Business Coach Associates has not only met my expectations but exceeded them.

small business coach

Improved our Sales by $3million per year

Randy, President, Electrical Company

My coach and SBCA helped me see and discuss things that I wouldn’t see otherwise. We have set goals to improve profitability and productivity. He helped us with our team concept including communications and regular meetings. The areas that you have helped us implement have improved our sales by $3million.

SBCA marketing training is excellent. Your whole Google training is unbelievably useful.

Vincent, CEO, Leasing Co

Your coaching services have made a very positive impact on my business. Your marketing training is excellent. Your whole Google Business Page training is unbelievably useful. It has exceeded the outcomes we achieved with paid advertising. After I stopped the paid ads, I'm still getting just as much traffic and phone calls through the Google Business Page.  With your Time Mastery System, I realized how valuable my time is and how I could put it to work; that’s extremely useful. With that training I realized how important it is to have a good virtual assistant. This training was unbelievably useful too. Even though I didn't hire the best virtual assistant, the training educated me on how to do that correctly.  Your coaching advice on negotiation was empowering. Initially, I was ready to accept a 45-day payment term, but your encouragement to demand better terms led to a successful negotiation, something I wouldn't have thought possible against big companies. I never would have done that on my own. I would have just said okay, I'll do that no problem. Whatever it is, just to get the deal. Now I know I can close the deal my way. This experience not only boosted my confidence but also taught me the importance of asserting my needs in business dealings, enabling me to close deals on my terms rather than feeling compelled to conform to the demands of others. Finally, your unique ideas left and right, especially in tweaking the website, is like having a second pair of eyes; only these were better than mine in identifying opportunities for improvement, especially in areas concerning marketing, sales and employee management. You are an invaluable asset in every aspect of my business.

small business coach

Improved my client pipeline

Martine, Owner, Bridal Shop

My coach was extremely helpful in providing me with suggestions on how I can improve my client pipeline and partner with other businesses. In our very first meeting, I was able to feel his understanding and compassion for my particular situation. He came prepared, listened to my concerns, and offered simple yet effective advice that will yield fantastic results. Thanks, SBCA! It has been a pleasure working with you.

Increase my small business profits by 90%

Doug, CEO, Web Design and Marketing

Using Small Business Coach Associates has been a real benefit to my company. My coach has the perfect combination of business knowledge and real world experience. His willingness to help and hold me accountable have helped me in positive ways that I couldn’t have anticipated. After only working together for 3 months we have deployed 3 strategies that will increase my small business profits by 90% in the next 12 months.

small business coach

First quarter of this year my sales are 300% better than previous years.

Collin, Owner Landscaping Construction

Since I started working with Bob, I have learned how to get organized and put systems in place, so I can be more productive and not feel overwhelmed like I was in the past. I can focus on other things that are not daily operational items. I am learning to track my financial data in greater detail. In the first year of coaching my revenues increased 60%. In the first quarter of this year my sales are 300% better than previous years. More importantly, I have learned that I can increase my prices because of the high quality of the work and the good service I provide my customers. I can do these price increases with confidence and focus on getting jobs that profitable. I have implemented better screening processes for potential clients, so I do not waste my time chasing after candidates who are not serious and work that is not profitable.

small business coach

Taught me SEO and Google Business. I highly recommend SBCA

Bahar, Owner, Medical Clinic

Alan Melton with Small Business Coach Associates is a great coach. He taught me how to find a virtual assistant and choose the right candidate for the position. He also taught me how to do my own website SEO and troubleshoot my Google Business page. He also helped me negotiate with my employees to create a win-win situation. I was really lucky to find him as a coach. I highly recommend him to other business owners.”

small business coach

Really Listens, Achieving My Vision

Elle, CEO, Skin Care Company

In choosing someone to work with that could help me map out the path to the vision that I see for my company I interviewed several potential business coaches. The reason that I chose Small Business Coach is because they took the time to hear me. Really got what I wanted to accomplish and had a great deal of insight into how to get me there. He did not try to fit my business and myself into some box that would make me uncomfortable. My coach is always calm and willing to listen, even if I find myself ranting about something. Thanks coach and SBCA!

small business coach

Signing with SBCA was the best business decision I’ve made in 2022.

Jacob, Owner, SAT & ACT Tutoring

After working at least 100 hours a week, I realized that I needed a coach/consultant to make it possible to both serve my all of my clients and my own sanity. The problem? I had a really tough time letting go. I had a tough time figuring out how to be obsessive about quality while trusting my staff; I had a hard time with…every aspect. I sat down for consultations with a half-dozen business coaches, but only one seemed to understand my values. Enter my coach from Small Business Coach Associates. I could tell he cared about me the way I care about my own clients. Signing with SBCA was the best business decision I’ve made in 2022. I’ve been with them for 2 years, and my coach has transformed my business: 1. We have much more internal direction and staff has room to grow. 2. We’ve reduced uncollectable and comp to a very low level. 3. He’s kept me accountable on a half-dozen levels. 4. He understood how hard it was for me to pull back for delivering services myself, and held my hand as I learned to delegate. 5. As a sole owner, I didn’t have anyone who understood my business but wasn’t a contractor/employee. He understands my business. 6. His advice–whether it’s company-wide or personal to me–is ALWAYS deeply informed. My coach understands my sector (which he had no experience within his own businesses), my goals, the company vision, and my customer base. 7. My coach has become a mentor and role model to me. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say “I don’t know where I’d be without my coach.” The lessons I’ve learned–and mistakes I’ve avoided–have cut my learning curve by years. Worth every penny? It’s worth more. Small Business Coach Associates has saved me thousands of hours, tens of thousands dollars.

small business coach

My 2024 sales are ahead of 2023 by 60%, and profits increased 233%

Alan, President, Architectural Design Co.

I've been super pleased with the service of Small Business Coach Associates, with everything they have provided me, the takeaways I got from the coaching modules, their recommendations, the articles that they had me read, the books that they have recommended, and the general accountability. Once a week, I've got to have numbers to show, progress to show, and reasoning behind everything I'm doing. To me, that's been the biggest help. It's just having somebody to report to and to answer to who understands business and finance and could give me realistic recommendations. Additionally, they encouraged me a number of times to hire a Virtual Assistant. Hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines has helped me with all of the email marketing and all of the social media marketing, which have been a huge help in bringing new business. My virtual assistant helped me free up so much of my time so that now I can call and go meet with people in person and go to events. On an accrual basis, my 2024 sales are ahead of 2023 by 60% and my profits have increased by 233%. I highly recommend SBCA to any business owner.

small business coach

With the help of my coaches, we have moved our business in a number of ways.

Don, Owner, Engineering Company

You helped me to make a mental change in my way of thinking As my business coaches, you clarified that of all the things that we need to do; we needed to generate a path forward. You helped me to develop a Strategic Plan. That includes deliberate steps to move forward from day to day activities to strategic activities. Now when I see the amount of stuff I have to get done, I make my list based on the priority of the stuff that needs to happen for the business. One of the benefits, I think, of coaching is that you need to start with the endgame in mind. So, my endgame has moved from getting from the day-to-day activities to preparing this company for transition. That's my endgame. We've not talked a lot about succession, but we included that in our Strategic Plan that you developed. That's a mental change in my way of thinking. What do I need to do to get this company to a point where we can transition smoothly and continue operations? You know, I think it is comforting or reassuring to be able to talk to some men of faith who are looking at this thing from your background. You both had several businesses and continue to have several businesses, and you have shared experiences of frustration, inflation, and other challenges. You have coached me on going to the accrual method to measure our monthly productivity. One of the things we've done is transition our accounting to be in tune with our week-to-week operations financially and our monthly goals revenue-wise. This aligns with our engineering efforts. Another area you coached me on is hiring. We misfired with a manager at one point, and we walked through that situation. At your recommendation, I'm trying a new structure with the folks we already have in-house that are appropriate for leadership. That was a major deal to walk through. Another area you coached me on is Psychometric Profiling. We are turning to DISC right now because we feel like the last candidates we hired, we tried harder to match those up. And as I say, the candidate is singular, and she's working out well right now. It helps us match up the personality traits with our current workforce personalities as well as the particular position requirements. Early on, we weren't using that, and we were fortunate to have good posts here. However, as far as more recent hires, we had not used that, and it probably would have benefited us if we'd paid more attention to those profiles. With your help we have moved our business forward in a number of ways that have been helpful. I would recommend Small Business Coach Associates to other business owners who want to improve their business.

...tremendous growth in revenue, decreased our expenses,...

Rob, Ice Cream Manufacturer

I've been working with Small Business Coach Associates for 6 months and they have already become an essential part of the success of my business. My coach thoughtful, patient, and consistent advice and encouragement, partnered with his incredible breadth of knowledge is astounding. Knowing that, no matter what problem or consideration I come up against, my coach will have a unique, informed and compassionate perspective, gives me incredible peace of mind and tremendous hope for the future of my business. In the 6 months we have worked together, I have seen tremendous growth in our sales, we've decreased our expenses, focused to business future growth, and increased my personal happiness tremendously. I highly recommend that any small business owner reach out to them right away. I saw benefit from talking with Small Business Coach Associates even in our first introductory phone call.

small business coach

He speaks honestly and with a great sense of compassion

James, PA, Business Law and Estates Attorney

Small Business Coach Associates is a trusted and dependable friend. I eagerly recommend him. You will find he speaks honestly and with a great sense of compassion.

small business coach

Help me see my company in a new light

Andy, CEO, Airplane Parts Sales

My coach helped me to see my company in a new light. His point about the difference between a business owner and someone who is self employed was a new idea to me. I plan to prepare my business for sale, and one of my priorities is to become less involved in the details, and more involved in God’s will!

small business coach

You added dollars to my bottom line

Michael, President, Motorcycle Sales and Service

Thanks for all the help that you have given me. The practical advice and your coaching styles in business have given me have added dollars to my bottom line, and will stay with me as a successful business person. The ability to stay focused on your goals and the way to develop them was information that I was able to use right away.

You gave us best business practices

Richard, President/CEO, Limousine Service

Although we operated a successful operation in New England, we came away with some of the industry’s best practices. My heartfelt thanks are to you for helping us to become a better company. There are businesses out there that could benefit from your roadmap to success and how they too can get there.” With high regards,

small business coach

Becoming CEO, Motivated and Energized

Dr. Don, MD, Vein & Aesthetics Center.

Over the past few months my coach has been helping me become the CEO of my practice. I now have clarity of vision and a growth plan for my business. Not only has he advised me about a strategic partnership with another doctor, he referred me to the best business coach to make sure that my interests are protected. He is helping me to implement checks and balances with my income. He keeps me focused on important issues, and keeps me motivated and energized after our coaching sessions.

Business Growth, Personal Growth

Mike, Co-Owner, Transportation Company

My coach at SBCA has the uncanny talent of taking people’s skills and ability and shaping them to grow and develop in these increasingly changing economic times. He has had a profound impact on me and he will greatly benefit any start up entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to see their business grow and prosper. I experienced business growth from his coaching.

small business coach

An expert at making businesses successful

Joy, Independent Consultant

I have worked with my coach in many capacities, as a small business coach, and as a client and I was able to get to know many of the employees in his company. He always created a great work environment for the employees which manifested into good morale and ultimately great service to the customers. My coach of SBCA is a very personable man with the highest integrity and is an expert at making businesses successful.” His top qualities include: Great Results, Personable, and High Integrity.

small business coach

On a scale of 1-10, I give you a score of 10!

Dick, President, Airplane Brokerage

I attended your Maximize Your Business Value Workshop and it was great; on a scale of 1-10, I give you a score of 10! I really learned a lot; thanks.

Alan not only talks the talk, he walks the walk

Linda, Accountant, ECT Properties

Alan Melton not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. He has proven to be a wonderful person to work for, and a business coach and spiritual mentor as well. He is well known to never ask you to do anything he wouldn’t be willing to do himself, and makes you feel like you are an important part of the success of the company. Alan also makes sure he is well versed and educated in whatever he does. If he doesn’t have the answer, he will make sure he finds it or sends you to someone who does. He exhibits the highest level of integrity in everything he does.” His top qualities include: Personable, Expert, and High Integrity

small business coach

Great motivational speaker as well as a small business coach

Kent, President, Chamber of Commerce

My coach is a great motivational speaker as well as a small business coach. He was our speaker at a monthly chamber of commerce luncheon and was received well. I have enjoyed knowing him and respect him for his knowledge and values. His on developing a life and a business plan was inspiring. We can learn much from your message.

small business coach

Increased My Customer Retail Base by 17%

Neil, President, Printing Co

I just wanted to thank you for the time you invested in me. As a small business owner, I sometimes made decisions with no seemingly logical or “goal driven” reason. Sometimes ending in success, sometimes not! At times I think it was just my entrepreneurial drive and spirit that keep me going. You have shown me the specifics to having a distinct plan and destination. And to formulate a specific plan to reach those goals. No more just “winging-it”. My business, time, and life are too valuable to let emotion, crisis or competition have control over my destination. I am following some of your suggestions, even though they did not always seem “do-able” and I am very encouraged by the results. And your laser focus marketing ideas have increased my retail customer base by 17%. No more “shotgun” approach. It feels great to have a plan and to know that it is realistic and attainable.

You kept me on the edge of my seat

Melissa Ivy

I really enjoyed your presentation. I have tried to incorporate some of the things you spoke of to help my husbands business and a lot has seemed to change. Some things I thought for sure would not work turned out to be the best things that has happened. A lot of things have changed for the better. I will pray for your continued success in your speeches and your life and hope that someone follows my footsteps and walks away like I did with a lot more knowledge and an understanding that they are not alone in the business the Lord is there also. You are a very good speaker and you were able to keep me on the edge of my seat; so many others are not able to achieve this. Respectfully yours,

small business coach

SBCA business evaluations are an incredible value

Chuck, CEO, Manufacturer Consulting Organization

My coach and SBCA provides needed resources for business owners. We have been using his business evaluations for our clients, and our clients have been very pleased with his very thorough 30+ page report with 8 evaluation models. His business evaluations are an incredible value. Prior working my coach, we paid $3,000 to $5,000 for business evaluations and up to $10,000 for a business evaluation with market research Business owners have the vast majority of their wealth invested in their business. It is critical that you know the value of your business. This is even more important when business owners are 3 to 4 years from retiring. Knowing the value of your business is the first step to growing your business value. Then you can get small business coach training from SBCA or if you are a manufacturer, from the SCMEP. Start early to work on your business; don’t wait until some event forces you to sell when the value is not there.

small business coach

Marketing strategies are putting me in front of prospects

Tom, President, Auto Dealer Consultant

I am appreciating the process that Small Business Coach Associates provides. Being accountable to what I say I’m going to do helps me to execute my goals. Having time lines on my tasks keeps me moving forward even though my workweeks are extremely full and the weeks go so fast. I’ve been able to delegate some of the administrative and my new marketing activities which allows me to focus on high impact actions. Prior to starting with SBCA I had no active prospects. Now I have 3 legitimate prospects and 3 more possible prospects. Closing any one of these prospects will more than double our business revenues and profits. Each deal is a big deal and will be a game changer for my business. The marketing strategies recommended by my coach are getting me in front of prospects and I’m gaining traction. In summary, I’m satisfied with the results my coach at SBCA is bringing to me. I highly recommend them to business owners! Tom, President, Auto Dealer Consultant

small business coach

Very Powerful and Effective Program, Seeing Steady Growth

Jackie, Owner, Wellness Company

Very powerful and effective program for a fitness owner. I’ve been seeing steady growth in my business. Very dependable. Goes above and beyond in delivering on stated services, goals, and outcomes.

small business coach

Significantly increased revenue and profit, clear path

Tom, President, Technical Publishing Co

My coach helped me define realistic goals for my business and to define and implement a strategy to meet those goals. Since that time, we have experienced significantly increased revenue and profit and our path forward is clearly established.

small business coach

Extensive knowledge of how to run a successful small business

James, President of CPA Firm

I met my coach about 3 years ago dealing with a client that was interested in selling their business. Since then I have gotten to know SBCA on a more personal and business level. AIl know and he has extensive knowledge of how to run a successful small business. If you need a small business marketing coach to help you with your business then I would recommend Small Business Coach Associates above anyone else.

SBCA is one of the best resource speakers

John, CEO, Business Advisory Co.

Small Business Coach Associates, over the past 35 years through my involvement with The Executive Committee and the chamber of commerce, I have seen literally thousands of resource speakers. You are one of the best! Your presentation is heart warming, deep and thought provoking. Your message of open book management, and preparing your business for sale is needed among CEO’s today. I highly recommend you to business groups.

small business coach

Expansive knowledge of business and unselfishly shares

Don, President, Electronic Payment Services

From hearing Alan speak on a number of occasions and in different venues … and from private conversations … I find him to be a highly ethical, confident and energetic professional. He has an expansive knowledge of business and unselfishly shares his expertise with others. I confidently recommend him as speaker, consultant or business coach.

small business coach

My Own Clear Vision and Plan

Dr. Ken, President of Orthodontics Practice.

In the field of Orthodontics, there is no shortage of consultants who can improve your business if you are willing to submit to their vision. I sought out Small Business Coach because I was at a crossroads and needed help defining my own vision and path for the future. Invest and expand? Work harder? Hire an associate? Improve net income by reducing expenses? So many choices for us non-business-trained mini-CEOs. My coach listened to where I was at. He was able to quickly understand the financial aspects of our industry, and then work with me to find a path that is both right and reasonable for me, as a person. I cannot thank my coach enough for being the right person at the right time.

small business coach

Getting Me Focused, Working on the Right Challenges

John, President, Local Marketing Agency

I worked with my coach and he was a great help in getting me focused and working on the right challenges. He understands small and midsize businesses and what it is like to be an entrepreneur. He is thoughtful and patient to work with. I recommend SBCA if you have reached a plateau in your business and need some help taking it to the next level.

small business coach

Alan is interested in coaching the self employed to their best solution

Ann, Co-Owner, Career Strategies

When I heard my coach from Small Business Coach Associate present a program, I was so impressed by his knowledge and emphasis on business ethics, that I invited him to speak to our Executive Roundtable, a weekly forum for our clients in career transition, many of whom aspire to be business owners. I was equally impressed by his presentation to our group. It is clear that my coach is interested in coaching the self employed to their best solution. He is also a wealth of information for those who believe they would like to be entrepreneurs and assists them in discovering whether that is an appropriate path for them.

small business coach

Honesty and integrity

Debbie, President & CEO, Networking Organization.

Alan Melton is a valued member and client of Professional Network Connections. As a business coach, he’s had the opportunity to speak to some of our Networks (networking groups) on relevant business topics. And I know that “if and when” I’m ready to sell Professional Network Connections that Alan will be the person that I will go to. His honesty and integrity stand out above all.

small business coach

Excellent Strategic Plan Development

John, President, Manufacturing Company

This Strategic Planning and Coaching session was very timely for our organization. You led us to address key issues and to create ideas and actions to resolve them. You prepared me in advance for the constructive criticism that would come from my employees. You were especially effective in drawing out ideas from my employees in my presence, who may have otherwise been intimidated and reluctant to volunteer constructive criticism. I would highly recommend you to other Presidents, CEO’s and Business Owners.

small business coach

Polished speaker, refreshing twist to business

Kristin, BS, MBA, Faculty, University

It was a true pleasure to have Mr. Alan Melton as a guest speaker in various Management classes of mine at the University of Phoenix. The students were awe struck with his knowledge of business. Mr. Melton is a polished speaker, fielding questions with ease and making each student feel as if what they have to say or the question they ask is valuable and pertinent to the topic at hand. His testimony alone makes for a wonderful witness to all business persons wanting to succeed in industry today. You merely need to know where to find the material. Mr. Melton excels at mapping the route. I would not hesitate to give Alan my highest recommendation. He gives a much needed, refreshing twist to management principles and their employment.

small business coach

Dreams Into Actions, Life Coaching

Vicky, Owner, Creative Graphic Design Co

Alan is my business coach , but more importantly, he is my personal Life coach. Whether he calls himself one or not, that is what Alan has become for me. He has offered “therapy” and amazing solutions for my Life and business, going forward!! Alan hears me and believes in me and my work, and he translates this into a methodical plan of action! He is leading me on a journey of self-discovery, and for the first time, I believe in ME! Alan’s direction has been instrumental in re-organizing my Life AND my business. I am so excited about going forward and doing what God intended for me to do. I am excited about my business again. Alan gets to the very core of who you are – by making you think past your limitations and toward your dreams. Your dreams need to be the force that motivates your actions each day. Alan helped me take my scattered puzzle and orchestrate it into a beautiful picture of what lies ahead of me!

small business coach

Integrity and Professionalism

Eric, Controller, Transportation Services

I have known Alan Melton on both a professional and personal basis for over 20 years. He is a both a friend and colleague. Key words to describe Alan are Integrity and Professionalism. He exemplifies these attributes to the highest degree. The values and principles that guide his life are the foundation for who he is, rather than mere words bandied about. I gladly give Alan the strongest recommendation possible, without any reservations.

small business coach

Peace of mind, hope, and tremendous growth

Rob, Owner, Ice Cream Manufacturer

I’ve been working with my coach and the coaches at Small Business Coach Associates for 6 months and they have already become an essential part of the success of my business. They are thoughtful, patient, and consistent advice and encouragement, partnered with his incredible breadth of knowledge is astounding. Knowing that, no matter what problem or consideration I come up against, SBCA will have a unique, informed and compassionate perspective, gives me incredible peace of mind and tremendous hope for the future of my business. In the 6 months we have worked together, I have seen tremendous growth in our revenue, we’ve decreased our expenses, focused to business future growth, and increased my personal happiness tremendously. I highly recommend that any small business owner reach out to them right away. I saw benefit from talking with them even in our first introductory phone call.

small business coach

Dreams Into Reality, Enjoying Life

Stephanie, Healing Artist

Thank you so much Small Business Coach Associate. I can’t tell you how much your coaching has blessed my life! Truly I know I would not be enjoying my life nearly as much as I am because of the many changes you helped me make. It all seems rather miraculous to me now. I thank Providence for the life coaching I received at a crucial time in the start up of my business. The wisdom and experience of my coach coach combined with the connections he provided were key to turning my dreams into reality. His focus, encouragement and ongoing support have led me to take big steps in the right direction. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to everyone I know.

small business coach

I rely heavily on Alan for his small business coaching services

Rodger, Co-Owner, Commercial Realty Services

Alan Melton is a professional in every sense of the word. I have known Alan for seven years and have worked with him on a number of business acquisitions and dispositions involving commercial real estate. He knows his business well and is a trusted associate and advisor. As a result of my good relationship with Alan, we became partners in a speculative commercial investment a few years ago. I rely heavily on Alan for his small business coaching services and guidance.

Sage Advice Removes Anxiety…..Incredibly Invaluable

Chad, President, Outdoor Power Equipment

I have been working with my coach at SBCA for nearly a year. He is the consummate professional. Being a business owner necessarily requires making difficult decisions. Many times, there is not a right answer or a wrong answer to a question, only a best answer. I have found his guidance in analyzing a situation and helping to craft an action plan to be incredibly valuable. Knowing that I have access to my coach's sage advice removes some of the anxiety associated with business ownership. I view him not as simply a coach, but a business partner. I am honored to call him a friend.

small business coach

Exit Planning Very Valuable

Bryan, President, Financial Planning Co

I have worked with my coach at SBCA with several of my business owner clients. His expertise in helping the business owner maximize their business and ultimately sell to another party is very valuable. His integrity and character show through in his efforts to serve his clients. I would recommend the coaches of SBCA and their services.

small business coach

SBCA is the best business coach I have ever worked with.

Mike, Personal Trainer

My coach is the best business coach I have ever worked with. His knowledge, strategy and tactics are incredible. He is great at communicating and accountability as well. From our first interaction, my coach was interested in not only my business development but my personal life and how the two interact. He has been available to coach my on specific strategies for my business as well as my self-development. He has been supportive of my goals but optimistic that the bar can be set even higher. I recommend Small Business Coach Associates to any small business owner that is ready to take a significant step forward in their progress!

small business coach

Improved Income, Burnout to Excitement

Karl, Owner, Plumbing Co

A few months ago I hired my coach with Small Business Coach Associates. I came to him because I was unsure about staying in my business. As a result of the downturn in the construction industry my revenues had declined over the last three years by 70%. I had been forced to reduce my personal income and I was ready to get rid of my business. I didn’t see much growth going on; I felt like I was stuck in the mud. Now that I have been working with my coach for the last couple months, my whole mindset has changed. Our business is moving in the right direction. I am very optimistic about growth opportunities in this market. He is showing me ways to immediately improve my income, and how to grow my business. Now I am very excited about the future. I believe all businesses can benefit from his service.

small business coach

Improvement in life, productivity and reaching my long term goals.

Angela, Insurance Agency Manager

I work with the public daily, and what I see are a lot of confused people. We can often become disillusioned and lose our focus and drive in life. It’s easy to become frustrated and lose hope. I had. I went SBCA for help. I needed to be able to sift through my information and the information around me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and with my career. Through a systematic process, my coach at SBCA has been able to help me do just that. Personally I’ve seen a strong improvement in my day to day routine. Before working with my coach I struggled just putting my day together. I lost the ability to construct my day. This meant that many times my days were happening to me instead of me being the leader of my time. I use to have those abilities, but the many changes in my work environment caused problems in my regular work routine. Now I’ve become much more productive, I’m able to organize and work through my day, having a strong emphasis on my goals. I have a plan. I am working the plan. The day and its problems are not working me. My frustrations have been replaced with clear goals. I am already seeing results. I highly recommend the services of Small Business Coach Associate provides. They have made a significant improvement to my life, my productivity and my ability to reach my long term goals. Thank you SBCA, It is a pleasure working with you.

small business coach

Sales and Profit Growth, Less Hours, Less Stress

Mark, President, Auto Repair Shop

My coach is helping me to improve my business in a number of ways. Before I was under extreme stress from being constantly interrupted, was working way too many hours and had not taken a vacation in several years. With my coach's help, I have less stress and I’m able to conduct meetings without any interruptions. I have taken days off and took a week vacation this month. He helped me to evaluate the costs/benefits of hiring two new employees and gave me the assurance that I could justify the additional expense. My sales and profits have grown even with the new hires. He encouraged me to activate the best business coaching programs that helps me to market my business and measure results. He has coached me on how to motivate my employees to meet my business goals. With my coach help by next summer I plan to have my business running without my day-to-day involvement. He's coaching has made me progress much faster than I would have otherwise. I just purchased property for my second location! I highly recommend Small Business Coach Associate services to any business owner that wants grow and improve their business.

small business coach

Coaching in Selling My Business

Sincerely, Lee, Co-Owner, Chiropractic Clinics

Approximately fifteen years ago I met Alan Melton, president of Small Business Coach & Associates. Prior to meeting Alan, I was aware that he was a respected owner of a highly successful business in my hometown in the sunbelt. In our first meeting, I approached Alan’s company and they gladly provided financial resources and services for an event that benefited health care services for the homeless. In fact, Alan later provided a conference room in his business for regular meetings of a group of business men. From that point forward a strong relationship developed between Alan and me. Having common threads in our business and family life, we have fellowshipped regularly for the last fifteen years, and I have come to appreciate him both as a trusted friend and a valuable mentor. Over these last few years Alan has aided me in my professional life as a coach and mentor. He was helpful to me as I began to consider selling a chiropractic practice of 25 years. His counsel was particularly helpful in the area of preparing my business for sale, establishing a value for my company, and successfully negotiating with business buyers. Experienced advice, business valuation, and confidentiality are reasons that I value Alan Melton and Small Business Coach Associates.

small business coach

He has helped us breathe new life into our business....

Sonya and Todd, Landscaping Company

My coach is an amazing small business coach. He has helped us breathe new life into our business by helping us to see all of the “good and “not so good” of our business. When I say “not so good’, that just means the things that we needed to work on. Even though some things are things we knew we needed to work on, he shed new light on HOW to do this. He is very encouraging and we know he wants our business to succeed. He goes above and beyond just being a business coach. He is a blessing!

small business coach

My Business Has Grown and Pivoted to the Times

Dr. Austin, President, Chiropractic Services

I have been working with my coaches for 5 months and everything has been exceptional. My business has grown and adopted to the times and can easily see why any business owner would hire these guys. The thing I like most, is they challenge you and make you think different and get uncomfortable.

small business coach

Very Powerful and Effective Program, Seeing Steady Growth

Jackie, Owner, Wellness Company

Very powerful and effective program for a fitness owner. I’ve been seeing steady growth in my business. Very dependable. Goes above and beyond in delivering on stated services, goals, and outcomes.

Grow my pipeline and stay on target with my goals

Billy, Owner, Carpet Cleaning Service

When I read Small Business Coach Associates’ home page I was blown away because the points in their message hit home with where I was in my life and business. I was experiencing owner burnout in my business and I wanted to dump my business. My coach has a lot of insight on where I was because he has personally been there himself. He can really relate to me. I initially thought that the benefits that Small Business Coach offers were too good to be true. However during our first meeting I discovered that every possibility will come true. The plan that he developed is far beyond my expectations. Since we have been meeting weekly SBCA's coaching continues to blow me away with new ideas to grow my pipeline, market my business, and stay on target with my goals.

small business coach

more streamlined and my personal skill set has grown tenfold

Jan, Financial Advisor

I have had a few coaches over the past ten years but none better than Small Business Coach Associates. Every session with my coach leads to valuable action, and he constantly delivers as a coach should. My business has become more streamlined and my personal skill set has grown tenfold. If you are looking to learn how to become a CEO then Small Business Coach Associate is your guy. Sign up, don't look back.

Interesting and thought-provoking presentation

Stan, MD, Financial Advisor

I greatly enjoyed your presentation to my Rotary Club last week; you gave an interesting and thought-provoking presentation. In my search for a new career, it dawned on me that purchasing a business would be both rewarding and challenging. It is easily seen that the best way to sell a business is to keep growing that business, a sound principle in many ways. After all, if you are not moving ahead, you really are falling behind, especially in the fast pace of the global economy. This is a message that every public or private manager should take to heart.

Business Valuation Very Thorough

Bobby, CEO, Retail Machines and Products

Recently I used you for a valuation on two of my companies. I found your service to be very professional and very thorough; you had good, thought provoking questions. Among other things, we discussed the markets we are located in, our industry, our inventory levels, and our revenue and profit growth. I believe you ‘shot straight’ with me on my company’s strengths and areas for improvement.

small business coach

Helped us Buy a Business

Donna and Eric, Owners, Restaurant

As new, prospective business owners located in the sunbelt, we had general ideas about what we wanted to do but had no idea how to approach the beginning processes associated with business purchase and ownership. We sought and found my coach at Small Business Coach Associates excellent coaching based on his own business experience as well as the ability to network through him and meet other professionals that have helped us a great deal in the pursuit of our business venture.

small business coach

Taught me how to maximize my potential as a business owner

Andrew, Bankruptcy Attorney

I couldn't recommend my coach and Small Business Coach Associates any stronger to all small business owners, including attorneys like myself. His intelligent, thoughtful and compassionate approach to coaching has helped both my business and personal life in countless aspects. He's taught me how to realize and maximize my potential as a business owner and serve my clients in the most effective manner possible. You're missing out if you're not utilizing his services.

small business coach

Bought business with zero down, got cash at closing!

Angel, CEO, Medical Testing

I wanted to share with you that SBCA assisted my wife and I in achieving our lifelong dream of owning our own business. We began to work with my coach and his team when we felt that the Lord was leading us to own our own business. They were very instrumental by making our dream their own. Through numerous obstacles, they persevered and now we are the owners of a business. I would not only recommend my coach and his team SBCA, but I would add that if in the future I was to seek out another acquisition I would not hesitate in reaching out to him once again for assistance. He is a man of high integrity and an excellent work ethic.

small business coach

Professional and knowledgeable

Jon, President, Business Services

My coach and his partners did a great job with our valuation topic. They were very informative and the material was definitely timely and thought provoking. They were very professional and knowledgeable.