Business Coaching Results According to Our Clients…

Client testimonial

$170,000 Profit Increase, Sleeping Better

“Several years ago we had a very poor experience with a consulting firm that charged us a lot of money and did not deliver any significant results. This made us hesitant to hire another coach. However your firm was the exact opposite. Our business grew from $700,000 to $1,400,000 in revenues from 2010 to 2011, but our cash flow was worse than before. I was stressed out as I realized how volatile our cash position could be.

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We asked you to come in and perform a business assessment for us. You were very tactful as you interviewed us and our employees. Everyone was at ease and felt relaxed through the process. You identified over $200,000 per year in additional profits for our business and we decided to implement over $170,000 per year of your findings for now. We’ve been very pleased with your results! I have recently been sleeping better at night as a result of your coaching. We highly recommend your business coaching services to business owners who are looking to improve their business.” George and Angie, Owners, Interior Design Co

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Service Company

Profits up $300k, Dates With My Wife

“Mr. Alan Melton of Small Business Coach & Associates made a very large impact on my business. Although we have had a reputation for outstanding service and technical expertise since 1965, our business was having a difficult time making it through these hard economic times. We incurred a bad debt of $174,000, which equals about 10% of our annual sales, and it caused me to explore possibly filing bankruptcy or reorganization of the company. I was beginning to lose hope in recovering from this large loss.

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We had many obstacles to overcome, low morale with our employees, non-existent cash flow, and inefficient business practices. I was working 80 hours per week and I told Alan that the number one thing I wanted was a date with my wife.
Alan first worked with me one-on-one, then met with me and my managers, and finally with all of the employees. Our cash flow has started to improve and continues to improve daily. After six months our profits had increased over $152,000, which annualized is over $300,000 per year! We have started paying off our accounts payable to our vendors. We have reorganized our office and improved our staff with Mr. Melton’s help. We are starting to achieve many of the actions in our action plan. I have a clearer vision of where we are going and what it takes to get us to the next level. With this clearer vision comes renewed hope. Most importantly, I am working less and have started taking my wife out on dates. I would like to thank Alan for seeing hope in me and my company, and helping us through this difficult time.” Robbie, President, Service Company

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Charlie Cash business growth

Sales $651k to $1.1m, We are Thrilled

“As we began to work with you we were impressed with your values in the workplace. Your gift of gaining our trust helped you to quickly assess our situation. In the past we had not shared our business practices with others. We now realize that we had become lackadaisical; we were letting the issues of day-to-day life prevent our growth.

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You have really taken the blinders off our eyes to see the potential of our business and now you are taking us there. We are thrilled that you achieved growth from $651,000 to $1,100,000 and a profit increase in excess of $181,000 since we started working with you in January. The Lord is using you as an instrument to help us realize our dreams. You impressed us because of your past experiences of growing businesses into success. You know what is necessary to take businesses to the next level. You got us out of neutral, waiting on business and now we are reaching for the stars.” Charlie, Bus Sales and Service Co

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Dreams Into Reality, Enjoying Life

“Thank you so much Alan. I can’t tell you how much your coaching has blessed my life! Truly I know I would not be enjoying my life nearly as much as I am because of the many changes you helped me make. It all seems rather miraculous to me now. I thank Providence for the life coaching I received at a crucial time in the start up of my business.

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The wisdom and experience of Alan Melton as a coach combined with the connections he provided were key to turning my dreams into reality. His focus, encouragement and ongoing support have led me to take big steps in the right direction. I have no hesitation in recommending this service to everyone I know.” Stephanie, Healing Artist

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Becoming CEO, Motivated and Energized

“Over the past few months Alan Melton has been helping me become the CEO of my practice. I now have clarity of vision and a growth plan for my business. Not only has he advised me about a strategic partnership with another doctor, he referred me to the best business coach to make sure that my interests are protected. He is helping me to implement checks and balances with my income. Alan keeps me focused on important issues, and keeps me motivated and energized after our coaching sessions.” Dr. Don, MD, Vein & Aesthetics Center.


Sales and Profit Growth, Less Hours, Less Stress

“Alan Melton is helping me to improve my business in a number of ways. Before I was under extreme stress from being constantly interrupted, was working way too many hours and had not taken a vacation in several years. With Alan’s help I have less stress and I’m able to conduct meetings without any interruptions. I have taken days off and took a week vacation this month. Alan helped me to evaluate the costs/benefits of hiring two new employees and gave me the assurance that I could justify the additional expense. My sales and profits have grown even with the new hires.

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He encouraged me to activate the best business coaching programs that helps me to market my business and measure results. Alan has coached me on how to motivate my employees to meet my business goals. With Alan’s help by next summer I plan to have my business running without my day-to-day involvement. Alan’s coaching has made me progress much faster than I would have otherwise. I just purchased property for my second location! I highly recommend Alan’s services to any business owner that wants grow and improve their business.” Mark, President, Auto Repair Shop

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Gained Confidence, 20% Increase in Revenues

“Before calling Alan, my work schedule was filled, but revenues and cash flow weren’t growing proportionately – in short, I was becoming unhappy with my financial situation, I missed my family and felt burnout after only a year and half of self-employment running a bookkeeping service.

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After one consulting session with Alan I gained the confidence and tools to collect 49% of my aging A/R balance. After our second consulting session, we had the beginnings of a business plan that unveiled a 20% increase in revenues (before adding new business). I needed a mentor and found it! I wholeheartedly recommend Alan and SBCA!” Leanne, Owner, Bookeeping & Office Solutions

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My Own Clear Vision and Plan

In the field of Orthodontics, there is no shortage of consultants who can improve your business if you are willing to submit to their vision. I sought out Small Business Coach because I was at a crossroads and needed help defining my own vision and path for the future. Invest and expand? Work harder? Hire an associate? Improve net income by reducing expenses? So many choices for us non-business-trained mini-CEOs. Alan Melton listened to where I was at. He was able to quickly understand the financial aspects of our industry, and then work with me to find a path that is both right and reasonable for me, as a person. I cannot thank Alan enough for being the right person at the right time. Dr. Ken, President of Orthodontics Practice.

Karl Tervo

Improved Income, Burnout to Excitement

“A few months ago I hired Alan Melton with Small Business Coach & Associates. I came to him because I was unsure about staying in my business. As a result of the downturn in the construction industry my revenues had declined over the last three years by 70%. I had been forced to reduce my personal income and I was ready to get rid of my business. I didn’t see much growth going on; I felt like I was stuck in the mud. Now that I have been working with Alan for the last couple months, my whole mindset has changed.

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Our business is moving in the right direction. I am very optimistic about growth opportunities in this market. Alan is showing me ways to immediately improve my income, and how to grow my business. Now I am very excited about the future. I believe all businesses can benefit from his service.” Karl, Owner, Plumbing Co

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Alan is a great motivational speaker as well as a small business coach

“Alan is a great motivational speaker as well as a small business coach. He was our speaker at a monthly chamber of commerce luncheon and was received well. I have enjoyed knowing Alan and respect him for his knowledge and values. His on developing a life and a business plan was inspiring. We can learn much from your message.” Kent Dykes, President, Chamber of Commerce