How to boost your revenue by $100k, profits by $25k and new clients monthly…

If you are struggling to find customers…follow this step-by-step to no-cost marketing strategy and acquire new clients with Google Business

Many of our clients have boosted their revenue, and profits and gained more clients using Google Business. One client grew his revenue by more than a million dollars. After implementing this marketing strategy clients have seen an improvement in their number of prospects and customers.

Many people have been using Google Business and you may have used this as well. However, a lot of people especially business owners like you have not utilized this amazing marketing strategy. Most business owners:

  • Neglect their business information

  • Fail to upload high-quality and relevant photos

  • Do not respond to reviews

Because of these issues, they are not enjoying the full potential of Google Business.

So, we have made a guide for you.

Optimizing Your Google Business Page

a google business guide by small business coach associates

This means:

  1. You need to put the important information about your business, from business categories to your business hours.


  2. You must optimize each photo that you will upload to your Google Business Page. By adding metadata, title, subject, tag, comment, author, and Geotag.


  3. Make it a habit to ask for a review from your customers and once you receive a review from them. Always respond as fast as you can. Because the faster you respond to their reviews the more likely they will refer you to others.

We used this process for our business to gain local clients and traffic to our website. This resulted in increasing our number of clients, doubling our organic traffic, and boosting our local presence. 

Here is what we did.

Step 1. Create a Google Business account

  • Go to Google and login into your Google Account
google business guide by small business coach
  • Go to Google Business Profile Manager
  • Click your business name

Step 2. Add the important information about your business

  • In your account management area, click “Edit profile”
google business edit profile
  • Under the “Business Category” area of your business information. List your business in as many categories as possible but ensure that they are related to your business products or services.


Ex: Business coaching services, a coaching center, business development, consultant, marketing consultant, etc. We listed our business in these categories because they are related to our business “Small Business Coach Associates”


  • Next is your “Description,” Google gives you 750 characters. So I want you to use up all that space as much as possible. Put sentences that describe your business products or services and use many keywords as as possible.


If don’t know what keywords to use you can go to and type one keyword related to your business and this website will give many keywords that the people are using. 


  • After that, go to your “Contact Information” and add your phone number, website, basically information that your customer can contact you.


  • “Location and areas.” Add the exact location of your business and in the “service areas” you need to add as many business locations that are around.


Ex. Your business is in Richmond Hill, Ontario, you will add Thornhill, Ontario, Vaughan, Ontario,  Ajax, Ontario, Hamilton, Ontario, etc. When people from Vaughan, Ontario search on Google then your business will appear. 


  • Now, go to “Hours.” Enter your business hours. After that go to “More” where you add more information about your business such as Accessibility, Amenities, Payments, etc.

Step 3. Prepare a photo that you will post on your Google Business Profile

  • In your account management area, click “Add photo”
google business add photo
  • Before you upload your photo, you need to optimize your photo. Optimizing your photo will help you skyrocket your business to the top of Google’s 3-pack.

  • What is the Google 3 pack? That’s where the top 3 businesses are listed when you do a Google search. Those top 3 businesses get 90% of local searches on Google.
  • We have created a document that serves as a template and a guide to the information you need to have in optimizing your photo. We share this with our clients, to make it easy for them to copy and paste the information of their business into the photo they want to optimize.
google business photo optimization instruction by small business coach associates
  • Select a JPEG/JPG photo that you want to optimize. Right-click and select “rename.” You will rename your photo using a keyword that is relevant to your business. For ex. small-business-coach or business-coaching-services.

  •  Now your photo has been rename. Right-click again and select “properties” and the go-to “details,” you will that the details of your photo are empty.

  • Title: Name of your business

  • Subject: Your business description from your Google Business page

  • Tags: select 100 keywords from your Google Business page, and also add your top competitors. Pick keywords that get the most searches, the keywords must be in lowercase and separated by a semicolon and a space.

Ex: coach; business coach; small business coach; business coach;

  • Comments: Add the name, address, and contact information of your business

  • Authors: Name of your business

  • Remember to hit “apply” on every information you have added.

  • Lastly, go to the GeoTag website to get the coordinates of your business and add it to every photo you upload to your Google Business page 
google business photo optimization
geolmgr geotag
  • Upload your photo to the GeoImgr

  • Move the location icon to your business location

  • Move the location icon to your business location
  • Copy and save the New Geotags to your document for future usage. Then, click the “Write EXIF Tags”  

  • Then “download” the photo to your computer.

  • Now you have optimized the photo, you can now upload this to your Google Business page.

Step 4. Ask for a review

  • Ask your customer a simple question “Would you please give me a review?”

  • Every time you receive a review, respond to it as fast as you can. The faster you reply to the review, the more chance those clients are going to refer you to other people. 

  • Also, you will notice that your customer uses keywords to find you and more likely they will use keywords in their review. So, every time you respond to a review, use those keywords. By doing this your business will rank up in those keywords. When people type these keywords, your business will come up.

That it!

How does this affect your business?

Here are the reasons:

  • You will boost your local presence and now you have a greater chance to outsmart your big opponent

  • You will get a good number of leads and even customers without spending too much money on marketing

  • You will increase your brand recognition and credibility

Here’s the best part:

You can follow the steps that we have provided to you and get amazing results, more local presence, be referred by a customer, and grow your customer list.

Our clients have enjoyed the benefit of Google Business…they have increased their number of clients without spending too much on marketing.

Once you have optimized your Google Business profile, all you need to do is post your offers regularly and focus on getting to the 3pack and you will see amazing results on your business profit and revenue. 

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