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Three Types of Print Media for 2024

Businesses are living through testing economic times, with bills rising and customers’ disposable incomes dwindling as a result of the cost of living crisis. Print media has become increasingly popular over the last several years.

This is why, as we head into the New Year, it is more important than ever to think about marketing and advertising methods that are still relevant and, crucially, appropriate for your business. 

New trends are on the rise such as the use of social media influencers to promote your brand or utilizing platforms like TikTok to get noticed by a younger generation. 

But try to avoid putting all your proverbial eggs into one social basket. Do not be fooled into thinking the age of print media is dead; indeed, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities by overlooking print media. 

Keeping up with new trends is always important to grow your consumer base but the use of print media to maintain a personal and emotional connection with local communities is equally as vital. Here are three types of print media to focus on for 2024. 

Magazines & Brochures



It can be easy in the age of digital marketing and the ease of social-media advertising to view brochures and magazines as old-fashioned but creating an appealing brochure for your business still brings copious advantages. 

The use of brochures and magazines can be visually appealing and captivating, as well as providing an ideal way to showcase your branding. 

Moreover, brochures are cheap to manufacture and in an increasingly paperless world can be a novel way to get noticed. 

In a busy and muddled social media space, brochures allow you to stand out amid the noise and target customers directly with your business. 

And they can be handed straight to potential clients or customers, allowing you to directly get your message across to your ideal base and avoid potentially wasting money via online methods where your information may not be seen or ignored.

Direct Mail Print Media

Nowadays, most companies will target their audience through email and thus tend to overlook more traditional snail mail methods. So, using this form of print media, you could immediately steal a march on your rivals. 

Imagine, you run a carpet-cleaning business and are targeting local customers, what better way to reach out than through flyers or business cards that can be sent through the post or hand delivered through letterboxes? 

Better yet, holiday cards or coupon books for returning customers can be a great way to maintain regular business, while also offering a timely reminder of what your company offers at certain times of the year. 

When using direct mail, you need to make sure it is well designed, so print media remains a crucial aspect of your marketing campaigns. When employing direct mail in your marketing strategy, design and quality are paramount. Amid the digital age, print media, particularly through direct mail white label, retains its pivotal role in successful marketing campaigns. Leveraging effective solutions can ensure a professional touch, enhancing the impact of your campaigns.

Posters & Billboards

Researchers believe humans have an average attention span of a little over eight seconds, so grabbing the attention of consumers and conveying sharp messaging is essential. 

The traditional methods of posters and billboards remain great tools for doing so. Whether walking down the street or stuck gazing out the window in traffic, a well-designed poster or billboard can grab your attention.

Billboards help to showcase a business, a product, or a campaign and due to generally being utilized in built-up areas can be seen by a high volume of people. 

The best designs convey the most information in the shortest amount of time. Make images and colors aesthetically pleasing, fonts clear and readable, and keep messages short and snappy.

In an age of ever-increasing digital campaigns, print media remains as relevant and useful as ever.

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