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7 Ways to Attract Top Quality Employees

7 Ways to Attract Top Quality Employees

Are you frustrated by not being able to attract top-quality employees to your company? Do you find it hard to know how your competitors manage to attract top people? Or are you asking yourself why they choose another company instead of yours? There are many questions to ask yourself when it comes to attracting top-quality employees to your business. These questions need answers. Below are the 7 ways to attract top quality employees to your company.

Here are 7 Ways to Attract Top Quality Employees

For many companies, it’s becoming difficult to attract top-quality employees, particularly if the people you are after are a younger demographic. Attracting and retaining younger employees gives you the opportunity to manage performance, create leadership teams, reduce overhead cost and above all increase your ROI. Here we have put together top techniques that will help you on your quest of attracting top employees to your company.

Make your company well-known in your respective industry

No one wants to associate with a dying brand. Frequently top employees will go for companies that are well known. If you are well known many will go out of their way to be associated with your company in one way or another. How can you attract skilled employees if your company is not even known locally? The best way to make your company known is through:

  • Building and engaging following on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+.
  • Run informative blogs and ads that attract the attention of prospective employees.
  • Join in community initiatives in and outside your locality.

Make sure you offer employees job flexibility

Most talented candidates love where they have bargaining power. They perform better when they have flexibility in what they are doing. Nowadays, most people don’t want to be tied behind their desk all day. Some will ask for reduced working hours, others will ask to work certain days a week, while others want to have the time to work at home taking care of the kids and other family issues. That’s why offering options like 4 day work week jobs can be so appealing. The sooner you notice this, the sooner you are going to attract top employees to your company. Instead of focusing on the time your employees clocked in and out, concentrate on what they deliver; did they meet their target?

Have magnetic salary offers to employees

One secret that successful companies know is how the use of employee value proposition or EVP. Most employees love to get what they deserve for what they give. This may come in a variety of ways, but the most appreciated one is through salary packaging. To attract top talents, you need to offer to pay flexibility in addition to work flexibility. Allow them to use purchases out of pre-tax income to get benefits like a car, retirement savings, and even personal computers.

 Establish your unique selling proposition for employees

The whole idea of wanting to employ top employees is for your brand to stand out from the rest. To attract potential applicants, you need to establish a unique selling proposition for your employees. Let these applicants know the reasons why they need to choose your company. Your brand’s unique selling proposition could be your workplace culture, employee benefits or dress down Fridays. Come up with something unique to attract potential applicants.

Recognize employee achievements

After attracting top skilled employees, you need to make them feel valued. Chance are, if they don’t feel like you value them, they will look for someone else and move on. Fancy staff awards or holiday trips are not necessary though they are great options. Complimenting them on their achievement is most certainly a way to start. Also, a “Thank You Note” will go a long way to motivate them.

Provide mentoring and training to employees

Top employees want to improve themselves and their careers. They want an environment where that can progress and develop both as a person and a professional. Offering mentorship and training programs are an excellent way to attract quality employees. You don’t need to send them to expensive management courses. There are informal ways you can use. It might be launching a development program, an internal mentorship program or an educating management course.

Offer clear development pathways to employees

For quality professionals, personal and professional development is something they value. Ask yourself:

  • Do you offer clear development pathways for growth?
  • Do you offer your employees challenging and rewarding tasks?
  • Do you promote them when openings are created?
  • Offer development pathways, especially for senior leadership and high-level executive roles.

Winning the hearts or top talents is something that requires more than just telling them you want them. It involves creating clear career pathways, offering mentorship and training, using technology as a game-changer and above all creating your company’s unique selling proposition.


Remember that quality workers do the most work and most certainly the quality work. These 7 ways to attract top-quality employees will help you search your top rates employees, but remember that finding and keeping them should be your company’s priority. Here’s a link to more information about retaining your employees.

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