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Go, Girl! Who Said Being Entrepreneurs Was Just for Guys? 

Women are becoming entrepreneurs in record numbers, a trend driven by the pure practicality of balancing family life with the world of work. There is no employed role that will be as flexible as running your own show, right? 

However, small businesses can become quite overwhelming, and this is not a gender thing. It happens to the guys, too, and they might not have to handle the juggling act that you do.  

A small business should enhance and complement your life, not make it worse. So, how can you bring order to the chaos and not spend every waking minute thinking about your latest baby? 

Delegation Is the Way to Go 

When you were employed, you weren’t the one on call to design and build the company website, sort out IT problems, manage customer service and do the accounts…and that’s just for starters. 

When you create your own business, it can seem like you have to be a jack of all trades, so learning the art of delegation is essential. It doesn’t mean hiring permanent staff but is more about just getting some strategic and specialist help when you need it. 

Build up a network of tried and trusted professionals who are on call when your website crashes or who can re-jig that logo to fit in with your brand. For start-ups and small businesses, this network of resources is a must.  

Make sure you run a comprehensive background check on anyone new to your party, even if they come recommended by someone you know. You can’t be too careful. This business is your baby, after all. 

Networking and Business Coaching 


You may have read a few articles or even scouted a few local entrepreneurial meet-ups and immediately said, “I don’t have time for that.” And if you haven’t said that, you will probably have mentioned that you don’t have any budget. 

However, you have to project a solid vision to work out the details for getting there. And the good news is that business coaching doesn’t have to be pricey, plus networking is usually free. 

Spending time with other women in your situation will give you masses of moral support and good contacts, and you can learn so much from how other people manage all their commitments. 

Every business is different, and every woman’s life is different, so learning swapping techniques and strategies is invaluable. There is also plenty of information online about successful women and how they struck the perfect balance. 

Join a local business network where you can dip in and out for helpful workshops. Find contacts from those around you in the local business community and benefit from grants and special packages to help your business thrive. 

Networking can take place online, but face-to-face (and coffee) is good too. 

Conclusion on Female Entrepreneurs

There are so many good reasons to start your own business. Small is good, and some women opt to stay small because a micro-business is controllable and works well to create a balanced life. But, if you do want to grow, then literally, the sky is the limit.

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