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Affordable Cybersecurity Solutions for Small Businesses

All businesses, whether large or small, typically generate a lot of delicate and vital data. That’s why they must have solutions that protect and secure all generated and shared data inside the business realm and out of the reach of cybercriminals. Cybersecurity is essential to the wellbeing and success of your company.

Larger companies and businesses typically have IT sectors and use their beneficial skills to secure sensitive data. However, most small companies often deal with insufficient security and protection sectors, and they usually don’t have proper solutions to protect them from phishing and other common cyberattacks.  

Businesses might not properly treat cybersecurity as a top priority. However, the current landscape does indicate that attitudes are changing. More and more companies choose to invest in the security and reliability of their services. After all, cybercriminals continuously introduce new threats, many of them targeted against small companies as well.  

All unprotected data is valuable to cybercriminals, so safeguarding your small business against cyberattacks must be the top priority. Luckily, there are affordable cybersecurity tools for small businesses that can effectively secure valuable and sensitive data and protect you from any threat. 

1. VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

The first solution on our list is the most affordable but still an effective tool that can protect even the data of your employees. VPNs are not only suitable for small businesses. Large companies also turn to quality Virtual Private Networks for their cybersecurity defense systems.  

What can VPN do to improve your company’s safety? 

As the name suggests, a Virtual Private Network can create a virtual bridge between your private network and a public server. That means a VPN allows you to secure your company’s valuable data when surfing the internet or doing anything else online.  

For instance, you might perform all necessary network security measures in the office. However, many people work from home or might even use personal computers for their tasks. Sadly, the conditions on unknown networks are difficult to predict. Therefore, a VPN for PC devices at home is crucial to ensure a secure exchange of information. This protection should extend to smartphones if employees communicate via various apps or access corporate details.  

2. Two-factor password authentication 


You probably know that most people who shop online use two-factor password authentication to protect their data from fraudsters. However, that is not the only perk of using this tool. Two-factor authentication solution is helpful for small businesses.  

Since passwords are typically the first thing cybercriminals hack and steal to access sensitive data, it’s not safe to use single-factor password authentication as a protection tool. It’s not enough to use only a username and password as protection.  

If you add two-factor authentication to your defense system, you can significantly lower the chances of being a cyberattack victim and putting your business in danger. Two-factor password authentication can make phishing and malware attacks almost impossible.  

You can add many types of two-factor authentication solutions to protect your business. Whichever you use, it will provide you with an effective security layer. 

This affordable solution protects valuable data and ensures no one can breach your defense system without passing through a strict two-factor authentication process.  

3. Next-generation firewall solution (NGFW) 

A firewall is another valuable solution for upgrading your company’s cybersecurity defense system. It’s a powerful tool that protects all incoming and outgoing traffic and your valuable data. 

The firewall solution works like a selective tool with the power to prevent any breach or suspicious network from compromising your company’s data.  

It detects malicious websites and networks using advanced analysis or deep packet inspection (DPI). A next-generation firewall is one of the most affordable solutions on this list, but that doesn’t mean it’s ineffective in protecting your business data from cybercriminals and malware.  

This tool is helpful if you need to restrict access to some websites or have a list of safe and malware-free apps and networks. Simply put, a firewall blocks any threat that comes from suspicious websites and apps by checking all the data you send and receive on your computer.  

If an NGFW detects malicious behavior that could lead to a data breach, it sends you an instant warning.   

4. Domain Name System (DNS)

Domain Name System protection is a powerful solution that most businesses should use to improve cybersecurity levels. This affordable tool gives an additional level of security and can protect your company’s valuable data on different levels.  

It typically prevents data breaches and prevents your employees from visiting malicious websites and endangering sensitive business data. The Domain Name System prevents access to harmful websites and helps filter unwanted content. 

It helps you control and monitor which websites your employees visit during work hours. It blocks all suspicious activities that can infiltrate and endanger your network – if all your employees use the company’s private network. Of course, there are options for changing DNS settings on computers if the need arises.  

Bottom line of Cybersecurity

All the solutions we’ve listed above are valuable cybersecurity defense systems that all businesses should implement, regardless of their size. 

Every company has sensitive data that must stay private and away from prying eyes. Just like you care about your personal belongings, it’s crucial to improve cybersecurity and protect business data, employees, and all your clients.

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