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Why Publishing Video Content Can Boost Your Business Growth

The popularity of video content is soaring high, and with the prevalence of Instagram Reels and social media live streaming, videos are now one of the most in-demand content. YouTube has reigned for a decade since its launch year as a video sharing platform and bought a fresh trend of video content. Over the years, TikTok has contributed immensely to making video content popular. All prominent social platforms, right from Instagram to Facebook, are gradually transforming towards a video-preferred platform. Simultaneously, it creates new opportunities for brands to reach their target audience. Video content is now undoubtedly your reliable brand marketing toolkit. 

Importance Of Video Content

If we scroll through the data, we can notice that 85% of internet users in the US enjoy consuming online video marketing content per month. Whereas 54% of brand clients wish to see more video content from the business they support, and notably, 66% of video marketers get more qualified leads. Are you wondering why video content holds so many opportunities for your business?

Well, video is easy-to-digest content, and without an overabundance of textual content, you can deliberately deliver your brand message to the target audience. Accordingly, it aids you in engaging with the audience, boosting lead generation opportunities. 


There are many ways through which videos can help you in your business growth. Including video marketing in your business growth advisory can help you develop a strategic blueprint for implementing it in your marketing efforts. 

This article has encased a few in-depth points explaining why video marketing is vital for your business growth. Roll on through the matters discussed, hone your skills, and leverage enticing video to propel your brand growth

How Video Marketing Can Help In Your Business Growth 

Video content holds the capacity to spread your brand awareness and, at the same time, build your brand by establishing a connection between the brand and the audience. According to a study, including a video on a landing page can boost conversion by 80%. Additionally, 76% of marketers claim to plan to add a video to their marketing effort. 

Video marketing can be defined as marketing to utilize and implement videos to boost audience engagement, drive sales and raise brand awareness. In a video marketing process, the growth marketing team of a brand thinks, plans, and designs the strategy to create a video focusing on service, product, features. The video assets are curated and distributed in diverse channels to reach the target audience to grab their attention to the brand with easy-to-digest content.

In an era of technology where most of your target audience carries smartphones or tablets, videos are an easy way to reach them. Textual advertisement is one-dimensional compared to videos. A short video can quickly relay the same message with communicated images, tones, and emotions that will better grab the target audience’s attention and stay in their memory for an extended period. Video is the audio-visual medium that can provide information to your target audience in a visually pleasing format that enriches engagement among your consumers.

benefits of video content

In terms of utilizing videos for brand growth, three main objectives are commemorated. There are:

  • The initial goal of a video campaign is known as ‘awareness.’ This objective aids you in introducing your brand to a broader audience. Business awareness videos help grow your audience. The primary purpose of an ‘awareness video’ is to discover your brand, not sales, and these videos are the top-of-the-funnel videos.


  • Are you seeking ways to develop a strong bond between your brand and prospects and propel interest among them? Video content that is utilized to establish a connection or to strengthen the relationship with your prospects, such types of video content is known as ‘consideration’ content. Considering video content showcases your area of expertise to your field. To measure the performance of the consideration videos, click-through rate and view length are two essential metrics. 


  • Conversion videos are your end of the funnel content. When you develop conversion videos, ensure to focus on price ranges and your brand’s USP. The most critical metrics for conversion videos are sales and click-through rate.

Irrespective of the end goal, follow a data-led approach to determine what works and steer away from what doesn’t work in your video marketing effort. For that, it is crucial that you conduct a business survey; you can utilize the available business survey tools to ground-up what your target market is looking for & imply feedback or the pertaining data is your video marketing efforts.

Top 5 Benefits Of Video Content


#1 Favored Content Format

Data says 85% of people would like to see more videos from brands they follow. Out of the 36% saying they’d most like to see more educational or explainer video style content and 14% wanting to see more product demos. The data indicated that video content is one of the primary content choices of online users. And as a brand offering your target audience what they want is a great way to boost your revenue and propel your business growth

#2 Shares A Compelling Brand Story

Storytelling is an excellent way to connect with your prospects. Through video content, you can share the compelling story of your brand’s loyal advocates or your employees’ advocates. It makes your brand more credible and humane. Sharing customer testimonials through video content is an innovative and powerful way to explain why the target market can rely on your brand, services, and team. 

#3 Increase Email Click-Throughs

Utilizing video content for brand outreach can help you to earn 3x more responses. Rather than embedding video on your Email, include a thumbnail from your video in the email body that users can click to view on your website’s landing pages. This tactic boosts your email click-through rate.

#4 Craft Stronger Brand Affiliation

Video offers your prospects audio and visual stimulation, and these stimuli make your audience more engaged with your brand. Besides, it helps develop a stronger affiliation and interest in the content they’re consuming. It results in getting brand recognition and creating loyal customers.

#5 Appears Frequently On Social Feed

The new algorithm of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is video-friendly. Utilizing video formats such as Instagram Live, Facebook Live, or the video ad formats or feed or timeline videos, you can make your target market interact with your brands. The interaction with your video content enriches your reach. Video ads on Instagram get 3x more engagement than image ads. Online users watch 2 billion videos on Twitter per day, and Tweets amalgamated with video get 10X more engagement than Tweets that do not.

Final Thoughts

In 2021, 82% of the global internet traffic came from video streaming and downloads. Furthermore, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. Videos are cost-effective, and with them, you can educate your audience as well. You can craft a product video, explainer video, or tutorial video based on your audience’s needs. Besides, while developing a strategy, ensure to assess your target audience’s needs and develop a buyer persona accordingly. Also, prepare a content plan, decide with your team and outline a program including your posting frequency. Also, to measure your content performance, set your KPIs and within a systemized interval, track the metrics to measure your marketing efforts, be flexible, assess, adapt, adjust and repeat the process to attain success in leveraging video content.

AuthorPadmaja Santhanam
Padmaja Santhanam is the Growth Manager at FirstPrinciples. She manages all inbound business development & outbound prospecting pipeline building strategies. Padmaja’s expertise lies in positioning & managing to grow the brand of SaaS companies. Her role comprises right from client onboarding to assuring the expected linear growth & making required adjustments accordingly.small business coach