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Why Cross-Border Money Transfers Are Important To Global Economy

Cross-border money transfers, peer-to-peer transfers, personal remittances; however you want to phrase it these transfers are incredibly important to the global economy and remain one of the most important and impactful methods of international cash flow. In certain instances, cross-border transfers can be hugely impactful to the gross domestic product for many countries, dwarfing even foreign and domestic investments. An in-depth analysis of cross-border transfers shows they have a significant impact on the global markets and in some cases are the main income for certain individuals.

What is a cross-border money transfer?

While this type of transfer has many names, it is essentially an international transfer, where one individual transfers money from a bank account in their country to a friend, family member, or business in another country. This can be done via different means, bank transfers, cash apps, wire transfers, or email transfers. No matter the method used this happens when – for example – someone in Canada sends money to someone living in the United Kingdom, or vice versa.

Why are cross-border money transfers utilized and who benefits from them?

There are many reasons for sending money internationally, purchasing items from small businesses located in a different country, or supporting family members who may live elsewhere in the world. The benefit of these transfers is multi-faceted in their effects, with the primary recipients benefiting from an influx of cash may seem like the primary benefit, many other industries surround this process, creating jobs and putting money into the global economy.

Companies are built for this purpose


Some companies specialize in sending money transfers internationally. They allow you to send your currency from your bank account, convert it into the currency of the country you are sending it to, and directly deposit it into the recipient accounts. This process creates many jobs, from technological jobs such as IT and development to customer service jobs, this is an industry that is rapidly growing. As more and more people have families living in different countries they seek these applications that allow money transfers to happen fast and efficiently, allowing the recipients to have access to the money almost immediately.

These money transfer companies employ people in multiple countries for multiple purposes and they create jobs and opportunities that were not there prior. Services like these Money Transfer Business UK let citizens send money directly to international recipients and support an entire industry. This job creation puts money into the economy and therefore influences the global economy.

Cross-Border Money transfers as a source of income

With globalization increasing, we are seeing many migrant workers, who leave their home countries to take international jobs. These workers then transfer money to their families back home to support them. Many families have this as their sole income, which allows them to then buy food, clothing, and services, increasing the money spent in their home countries and boosting their economies. With more foreign workers supporting their families in this fashion, cross-border money transfers are consistently being used to support families and boost the global economy, as well as the domestic economy in different countries.

Especially during the COVID pandemic crisis, anxiety surrounding finances has abounded. With people’s jobs shutting down, online work has abounded, as well as essential workers being left to support families. While some countries may be opening, and others are still on lockdown, the need for financial support and alternative methods of payment abound. Cross-border money transfers have kept certain areas and economies going when they otherwise would have been left with no access to money and no financial resources.

Paying Foreign Workers Via Cross-Border Money Transfers

The companies that utilize migrant and foreign workers also utilize these transfers to pay their employees, or to pay satellite employees working in different countries. IF the headquarters of a company is located in the United Kingdom, but they have freelance workers in other countries, they may utilize these transfers to pay their employees in their local currency. Cross-border transfer services allow employers to easily convert their currencies and pay their employees by transferring the money swiftly. The recipients of these transfers can then choose how to access their money, be it withdrawing cash, or depositing it into their bank accounts. This also helps recipients who may not have bank accounts and allows the money to be directly withdrawn, reducing hassle for those recipients.

International Purchases


Globalization has allowed many small businesses to begin offering their products and services on an international scale. From clothing designers to artists, you can find anything you are looking for online. But what happens when the items you want are provided by a supplier in another country, one who may not accept credit cards as payments? Cross-border transfers allow small business owners to sell and ship their goods all over the world, directly affecting the economy, business income, and GDP of their given country.

The importance of these international cross-border money transfers cannot be understated, and their effect is felt by individuals, families, workers, employers, and governments alike. An influx of money into a country’s residents, banks, and the local economy has a direct effect on the global economy, the value of goods, and the value of a currency.

The world today is driven by a global marketplace and with it a global economy. A decline in one country can directly impact the neighboring countries and the global markets. If economies are not kept strong, especially in times of crisis, then the effects can be felt far and wide. Utilizing cross-border money transfers to help friends, families, and businesses has a direct impact on local economies. When local economies are thriving, consumers are spending money, depositing in banks, and businesses can pay their employees, then the global markets thrive. 

In the current economic climate, it cannot be said that one country’s finances and economics do not reach others, and cross-border money transfers remain a contender for one of the most influential economic practices currently available to the public. Cross-border money transfers are important for individuals, families, and the local and global economic market alike.


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