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What Makes Content Go Viral: 4 Methods for Viral Content

As a content creator, you want your content to go viral, but you do not know what makes viral content, do you? 

In this digital era where likes, follows, and views equal large sums of money, every content creator shares the same dream. One viral post or video could be your first step to success.

Why Focusing on Producing Viral Content is Important?

Viral content, by definition, achieves a high level of interaction across social platforms and continues to spread. 

One viral content could generate thousands, sometimes millions, of interactions from the online community. 

Focusing on producing content that could be viral has certain benefits that not only increase your chances of generating more money, but also it will increase brand awareness and social influence and promote your brand overall. 

The question is, how? 

Do Research on Your Niche

For any form of content, the first step to going viral is having a solid plan behind the content. By making efforts to plan your content before actually creating the content, you could increase your content’s chances of being viral significantly. Running simple research on your niche, target group, competitors, and best practices makes a solid plan much easier. 

The first thing to do is determine the target audience. Check the accounts, websites, and other platforms to find similar content you aim to create. By looking at their numbers, you will have an estimated idea of how large the audience is in that specific niche. 

Secondly, you should check which platforms perform best for your target audience. If you focus on the Tech niche, a Facebook page or a Twitter account could serve you best, while a kitchen niche could thrive on YouTube. Selecting the right platform is a crucial step in creating viral content. Each platform has elements and factors to boost content, so check for the metrics of the selected platform. 

Afterward, research competitors to determine what format, design, and presentation they used in viral content could be useful information. After all, determining what is already working in your niche will be a solid tip on what makes content go viral in your selected niche. 

The last thing to do is select what content performs better in your niche and target audience. It could be a blog post, social media posts, short videos, Instagram stories, or interesting to your audience. 

Use Digital Marketing Tools for Viral Content

viral content marketing strategies

The world is full of ideas that could break the internet. Hence, only a handful of them go viral. The reason for this state is only a handful of creators pay attention to the technical part of the content. A viral marketing campaign requires data, tools to make things easier for a brand to raise awareness, and other methods to go viral. 

In any selected platform, many tools provide services such as gathering data, organizing content, or making a direct impact on your brand marketing efforts. 

SMM panels are one example of such tools. These panels provide likes, followers, views, and a practical value that directly impacts your brand influence on social media. Paid ads are another good example of using marketing tools to increase influence on the internet. After all, marketing efforts are what makes content go viral. 

Using these tools provides instant increase for any brand. Every viral content is backed up by a good marketing tool. Furthermore, do not worry about the budget; there are free tools that could be just as helpful as a paid version. 

Instagram Story Viewer By Views4You

The Instagram Story viewer tool is an excellent example of a free market tool mentioned above. This tool allows one to access every Instagram story by simply entering the account’s name. Furthermore, you will be completely anonymous and download the content without giving your personal information. 

This tool will help you to take a look at what your competitors do with stories, their strategies, designs, and frequency of posting without your competitors sense a thing. It is one of the best examples of a free tool that could help you go viral. 

To conclude, understanding what makes content go viral is important not only for increasing your chances of accessing the masses but also for the journey itself. It will allow you to increase your brand’s overall performance. 

Aiming to go viral, you will do all the necessary research, adjustments, and efforts to increase your channel’s performance. 

Therefore, it can be said that even if your content goes viral instantly, it will greatly improve your brand’s marketing efforts, which is as important as becoming viral itself. Follow the methods mentioned above, keep creating original posts, and make good use of free tools such as Instagram Story Viewer, and who knows, you becoming viral could be one original post away. 

Pay Attention to the Format of the Content

Research will allow you to create a road map for viral content. Hence, it’s only the first step. The important part is creating content. 

Depending on what kind of content you will create, there will be different format requirements for success. The most common forms of content are; 

1. Blog posts 

2. Social Media posting (Short videos, stories, posts) 

3. Video content 

Although each type of content has its requirements, there are common points that need to be focused on, such as; 

  • Length of the content 
  • Quality and original images (or an image) 
  • Originality 

For a blog post, the length and quality of images are crucial, while Facebook posts require catchy, short-form statements. Based on the selected content form, you should focus on its metrics to increase your chances of going viral. 

Emotional Bond with the Target Audience is Vital

viral content ads

One thing that the metrics and numbers cannot determine is the emotional response of the audience. The most important aspect of a post that becomes viral is the emotional connection between the content and the audience. Emotional content is shareable content, and people share content based on their emotions. 

One of the most common mistakes made by content creators and social media marketers is only focusing on positive emotions. At the same time, negative feelings such as anger or a negative state like anxiety could also generate viral success. Practical content focuses on both sides of the emotion so that content spreads to a large audience. 

Of course, adding emotion to online content requires well-established research on readers. What your audience finds funny depends on them. For example, a joke about a nerd theme might backfire for a tech niche. 

Relevancy is another important part of establishing an emotional connection with your audience. Do not forget your niche. Make sure to create content that is relevant to your audience. 

For example, if you try to create content that has an anger emotion theme for people who are looking to find positive emotions, the content you worked so hard to create will probably just be scrolled. Analyze your audience so that you determine what kind of emotions trigger them the most. Remember, content that contains relevant emotions leads to word of mouth among the community, and words turn into social sharing, which is essential for a brand to be viral. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Viral Content

Could adding an image to a blog post increase the chances of becoming a viral post? 

As mentioned, an original and high-quality image could greatly increase your chances of going viral. No matter what platform you use, Twitter, Instagram, or a web page, readers want to see interesting images that either inform or entertain them. 

Would it be possible to use the same format in different platforms? 

Depending on the platform and content’s format, yes, it is possible if you make the necessary adjustments. 

For example, Facebook and Instagram belong to Meta Inc., so their algorithm for content becomes more similar. Alas, it is also essential to know what kind of content you are creating. There are huge differences between a video and a post, so focus on posting the right material for each platform. 

What are the chances of going viral? 

According to recent studies, the chances of going viral are one in a million. It is not very encouraging, but as discussed throughout this article, aiming to create viral content is not only about being viral, but the process will enhance the overall performance of a brand. Sense and squeeze the opportunity will be much easier if you already focusing on the right path. 

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