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Using Social Media to Help Your Transaction Coordinator Business

When you first start your transaction coordinator (TC) business, your main goal is to attract new clients. That’s because you can’t progress or gain experience without running transactions for your clients – that’s how this business works.

Still, things may not go as smoothly if you are freshly licensed without any practical experience. Small TC businesses may get away with it if they hire a seasoned transaction coordinator agent, but even so, the investment may be outside the limits of their budget.

However, with a bit of clever marketing and a strong social media strategy, your chances of finding new, high-quality leads will increase. Moving forward, we’ll discuss a few social media tips and tricks that will help you put your TC business on the map.

Build a Content Marketing Strategy as a Transaction Coordinator


We already know that content marketing helps small businesses stand out, even when activating in a crowded market, with big competitors. Plus, a good content marketing strategy is also helpful for startups and freelancers, as it can help you carve a slice of the pie.

As a Transaction Coordinator business, you are in a crowded market (real estate), with many big competitors. However, you can still find lots of customers looking for something more to their taste. This is where your startup or small TC business could fit in!

And you can use content marketing to let your target audience know you exist.

Here are the first steps to take when designing your strategy:

  • Define your business goals for social media (do you want brand awareness, or do you want better leads?)
  • Plan your content and analyze any previous attempts
  • Learn from your competitors and try to integrate the elements that worked for them
  • Work on a content distribution strategy that goes beyond your own social media channels.

Build Your Network

One of the difficult parts of getting started as a transaction coordinator is building your own network of clients, suppliers, and connections. In the world of real estate and all its related fields, who you know and how will help you gather social currency.

But the same is true on social media. If you manage to build a good connection with powerful accounts that are relevant to your niche, your content will be exposed to a much larger audience from the start.

So how do I go about building this network? Here are a few ways you may want to try:

  • Work with influencers who are relevant to your niche

In the case of a TC business, these would be influencers activating in the real estate online space.

  • Find an affiliate program that works for you

When working with affiliates, you turn other people into your brand’s promoters. This is why this system works well for brand awareness campaigns.

  • Run ads to your target audience

Most social media platforms are good at knowing who spends their time there and why. This helps promoters who can use hyper-targeting when running ad campaigns. 

Focus on Your Data

All popular social media platforms offer detailed insight into your content marketing progress and your audience’s interaction with your posts. Plus, there are lots of tools you can use to monitor various campaigns.

All these tools and channels provide useful data that can be processed into valuable reports. You decision-makers can use these reports to understand the status of the campaign and how the audience receives the type of content on your channel. Also, the data will help you pinpoint the areas that need to be improved or changed all together.

As a rule of thumb, all your marketing decisions need to be data-driven. This way, you save a lot of time and money since you don’t have to guess your way to the audience’s heart.

Pay Attention to Trends

As a TC specialist or company, it may be easy to think that trends don’t really matter for you. While this may be true (to some extent), they usually matter for your clients. So, if you want to attract more customers, it helps to look knowledgeable when it comes to the latest developments in your field.

Plus, if you keep up with what’s new and relevant, you also get more content ideas that will keep your channel looking fresh and interesting. Furthermore, you may find new niches and audiences you haven’t tapped before. 

Practice Gratitude as a Transaction Coordinator


Social media is not a one-sided relationship, where you constantly produce content but never interact with your audience. On the contrary, if this is your strategy, you’re missing out on creating engagement and keeping people looking forward to new posts.

When you practice gratitude, you let your followers know you appreciate their effort and time. So, what does gratitude look like for a brand or company?

There are a couple of things you can do such as:

  • Collecting and sharing user generated content and tagging the rightful creator
  • Replying to messages as soon as possible (even if it’s to say thank you)
  • Taking audience’s suggestions into consideration (where possible)
  • Reshare content where your brand is tagged by users
  • Use your platform’s tools to interact with the audience (polls are quite popular nowadays)

Juggle Different Types of Content

Most popular platforms allow creators to post different types of content in an effort to increase their options and increase content diversity. So, whether you are on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok, you can play with a variety of posts and see what sticks the best.

On the other hand, if your content is exclusively text, there is still room for diversity. You can play with blog posts, Facebook posts, write engaging captions on Instagram, and be creative with the copy used for ads.

In short, if you want to stand out in today’s social media climate, you have to try different things. People love novelty and shiny new channels, but you can still win by keeping your channel fresh and engaging. 

Wrap Up on your Transaction Coordinator Business

A good content marketing strategy, a solid network and data-driven decisions are just a few of the elements that will help you shine on social media (even as a TC company). And, if you want a bit more, focus on creating new content that’s up to date with the latest trends relevant for your industry.

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