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Psychometric Profiling

Using Psychometric Profiling to Hire Employees in 2024

Using Psychometric Profiling to Hire Employees

When you are recruiting new employees to work in your small business, you want to make sure they have the knowledge and skills for the specific job position you are filling. You also want to make sure that your employee will be happy in their position. So while looking at their CV is always something you should do, you should also use psychometric profiling.

But what exactly is psychometric profiling?

Simply put, psychometric profiling is a process that you can use to measure someone’s behaviors as well as mental capabilities. By using this process, you can know if someone is suited for both the job position as well as if he or she will be able to fit in within your small business.

While you may think that psychometric profiling is something incredibly complicated and expensive and that only big companies and corporations can do, this is not right. The fact is that the right employees will help you grow your business. When you take the time to select the right candidate for the job, you will be increasing your odds of success.

How Can You Use Psychometric Profiling To Choose The Ideal Candidate?

When you use a psychometric profiling process, all the candidates will be subjected to one or more assessments that will show their real personality as well as their real abilities. Even though some small business owners believe that psychometric profiling isn’t really measurable, you need to understand that the results are then analyzed statistically. And this will ensure that you get objective and reliable results.

When you are interviewing candidates for a specific job role, it is hard to understand the work skills the candidate has as well as whether she is hard-working or laid back. After all, most candidates show their best side on interviews and when they are hired, they will show how they really are. So psychometric profiling can help you decipher candidates better before you hire any one of them.

Your Job Candidate: Introvert or Extrovert?

Especially in small business, the work environment is extremely important. It is important that all employees get along well, that they are able to communicate and help each other when in need. So, psychometric profiling can help you discover if a candidate is extrovert or introvert, if he or she has the wrong temperament, and even if he or she is an easy-going person who is easy to work with.

Your Job Candidate: Team Player or Maverick?

As you can easily understand, the psychometric profiling criteria need to be carefully selected based on the open position. Let’s say that you are hiring someone for customer support. You want to ensure that a candidate is a calm person but that he is also pro-active. You need him to be patient and that he knows how to listen and take action on his own. On the other hand, if you are looking for a salesperson, you want to ensure that you have an engaging person who is easy going. So, ultimately, the psychometric profile varies depending on the job role.

Benefits of Psychometric Profiling in Your Business

Many companies and organizations are already using psychometric profiling every time they are recruiting. And there are many reasons why they are doing this:

– It helps with career guidance.

– It helps in succession planning as well as it can help in the development of future talent.

– It helps when it is time to have a promotion.

– It helps with training since coaches will have a better perspective of each employee and how they can easily reach them. In addition, the skills of each employee can also be increased according to his own preferences, allowing the employee to be more motivated.

– It helps as a part of the recruitment and selection for a specific job role.

Using Social Media to Know Your Job Candidate

As a business owner, you probably already know that many companies are using social media to recruit new employees. And when you are using psychometric profiling, you can have a better perspective of who you are recruiting for your small business.

Observe Your Job Candidate’s Posts on Social Media

Many people tend to forget about what they say in social media. However, they already left their footprint in there. So, by turning to social media, you can easily discover if your current employees are happy with their work, for example. But you can also notice some patterns in new and current employees. By looking at the social media background of a candidate and using psychometric profiling, you will be able to establish how this person behaves online.

Things You Can Learn About Your Job Candidate on Social Media

Here are some of the things that you will discover with the use of psychometric profiling in social media:

– An inconsistency of facts when the person posts opposite things on different websites.

– Harassment or bullying.

– Posts with harmful images.

– Inappropriate use of language.

– Negative comments about brands and employers.

As you can see, psychometric profiling is an incredible tool that you can use to recruit the ideal candidates for your small business. Besides, you can (and should) also use the data gathered to continue to improve your hiring model.small business coach