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Tactical Marketing plan in a law firm

Using a Tactical Marketing Plan in a Law Firm in 2024

Using a Tactical Marketing Plan in a Law Firm

This week I’m writing about using a Tactical Marketing Plan in a Law Firm. A Tactical Marketing Plan is an aggressive, measurable plan to increase your leads, improve your sales conversion rates, and increase your annual revenue per customer so that your profits increase exponentially.

I have been writing about some of my hero clients and how we are able to achieve significant results from our work together. We have 36 Coaching Modules, which are areas within your business that when we improve your performance in these areas, your business will run better.

David’s Law Practice

David is this week’s small business hero. He owns a Law Firm that has been in business for over 30 years. I met David in one of our marketing focus groups. He has been successful in establishing a niche legal practice. His firm helps individuals negotiate tax liabilities with the IRS. David was interested in improving his practice in the area of marketing. His law firm had provided a consistent income to David over the decades. However, I saw an opportunity to grow his cash flow considerably.

Law Practice Cash Flow Improvement

We decided to implement several of our Coaching Modules to address his situation. These included a Strategic Plan, Tactical Marketing Plan, Key Performance Indicators, Pricing Plan, Employee Acquisition Plan, and an Organizational Plan.

A Tactical Marketing Plan for A Law Firm

A Tactical Marketing Plan entails developing 5 to 6 revenue streams. We make sure each revenue stream is providing an acceptable return on investment. David began to provide weekly Key Performance Indicators which included his marketing results. David compiled marketing results that we reviewed to give us the information we needed to eliminate marketing that was not providing a strong return on investment.

Strategic Partners and a Strategic Plan for a Law Firm

We decided to pursue some strategic partners. We developed his Strategic Plan and implemented pricing changes. We developed job descriptions for employees and hired some new team members.

Results for David’s Law Firm

As a result of these strategies, his results were immediate and dramatic. Here’s what David said:

David Greene Attorney“I was initially hesitant to take on a business coach, but now I’m glad I did. Since Alan and I began working together my sales have increased significantly and I’m glad to use his services. My profits have increased an average of 50%.” David, Founder, Law Firm


Congratulations David for your remarkable success in using a Tactical Marketing Plan to improve your company! You are one of my business heroes and an inspiration to other business owners. You can view another case study using a Team Building System in a landscaping company here.small business coach