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Types of Investments that Help Obtain Dual Citizenship

Types of Investments that Help Obtain Dual Citizenship for Businessmen & Investors

It is no news that obtaining a second citizenship is the new norm. The benefits of obtaining dual citizenship are limitless. In this world of uncertainty, one should create a form of security for oneself and loved ones. One such way is by obtaining dual citizenship, especially the type that can be extended to one’s family.   

Getting dual citizenship by investing a certain amount of money in a country is what people commonly term “buying” a passport. In the literal sense, it’s more of an investment when considering the returns you stand to get from it. 

As a businessman or investor who wishes to obtain dual citizenship, it is best to obtain a choice that is advantageous to your business.  

Types of Investments best for Businessmen and Investors to obtain CBI

There are diverse types of CBI programs with different types of investment. However, some are specifically advantageous to you as a businessman or an Investor. Dual citizenship is very common for individuals seeking to expand their business horizons. Dual citizenship offers a lot of business advantages and opportunities. For example, Grenada’s citizenship by investment programme allows you visa-free travel to more than 140 countries. 

There are different prices, types, and procedures for obtaining CBI for other countries. However, some investment types are general and common among countries that offer CBI. Highlighted below are some of the best types of investments for wealth multiplication. 

Real Estate 

This is one of the most typical forms of CBI used by investors. Applicants must invest a certain amount of money in approved real estate in the country of their choice. Usually, the amount of money invested is subject to how many people will benefit from the investment. Your hold on your property could be shared or total. For shared investment, you are only a passive partner. For full ownership, the complete control of the property lies in your hands.  

You should know that for real estate investment for CBI programs, you are required to hold the property for a certain period as determined by the country’s government. After this period has elapsed, you can decide to sell off the property, hold on to it or expand your investment in real estate by acquiring more properties. For example, in Grenada and St. Kitts & Nevis, you must hold on to the property for at least five years. In other cases, you might have to hold on to it for a longer or shorter period, depending on the amount invested in real estate.  

Government Bond  


Government bonds are another good investment option for obtaining dual citizenship. This process requires you to invest in government bonds of the country where you would like to obtain your second citizenship. Just as in investing in real estate, you are also mandated to wait for a certain period before getting your investment back. However, CBI through government bonds is for investors who are not doing this to make profits.  

After your investment period has elapsed, you will only get the initial capital invested in government funds without any interest. Government bonds are best for people who only seek to expand their business across foreign shores and are not expecting returns from their investment in dual citizenship.  

Business Investment  

Countries like Antigua & Barbuda offer you the chance to direct investments in authorized businesses on the Islands. This is another excellent way of supplanting your business on foreign shores. You can decide to make your investment single-handedly, and you can also choose to make a joint investment with other people. St Lucia allows you to invest in approved enterprise projects like pharmaceutical products, ports, bridges, roads, and highways. It is expected that this investment must create at least three job opportunities.

Apart from the three mentioned above, there are other ways of obtaining dual citizenship through CBI. Another such that you can use as an investor is a donation. With this type, there are no capital and interest returns. However, this option is up for grabs if you want a quick and easy way to obtain dual citizenship. All you need is to donate a specific amount of money stipulated by the government towards a government-approved charity. Another type of investment recently introduced by the government of St. Kitts and Nevis is the Alternative Investment Option (AIO). Approved under the AIO are co-investment projects between local business people, the government, and foreign investors.  

Advantages of Dual Citizenship for Business Expansion

1. It allows you to expand your businesses to foreign shores, which helps to facilitate business growth.  

2. Dual citizenship grants you visa-free travel to more countries. 

3. It opens your business up to opportunities. You get to meet many people who might become business partners.

4. It attracts investors. Investors will be interested in putting their money into a business with beautiful prospects. 

5. Taking your business abroad grants you access to local talent. You can find more skilled workers that will boost your business growth.

6. Expanding your business abroad opens you up to a new market.  

7. Expanding your business abroad offers you financial security. In war or other disasters, you will be assured that all your eggs are not in one basket.

Obtain your Dual Citizenship Now

You can consult an expert to help you choose the best investment option for you, your family, and your business. Remember to make hay while the sun shines. Make your investments now while the option is still golden. 

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