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React Native Services to Build a Cross-Platform Mobile App

A software framework acts as a robust platform designed to support the development of software applications. It serves as a pre-built foundation that developers can customize by adding or altering code. This foundational structure typically includes shared resources such as libraries, image files, and reference documents, all compiled into a single, modifiable package. Developers use these aspects to tailor the framework for their project’s unique needs, adding or changing features to improve the application’s usefulness. In this article, we will take a closer look at the most popular framework for mobile app development, React Native (RN), and explore: 

  • Why it is worth your attention; 
  • What React Native development services are available; 
  • Successful examples of RN apps. 

Why React Native?

React Native is a cross-platform framework that allows developers to use a singular codebase to deploy apps on both operating systems simultaneously. Initially crafted for iOS, RN quickly won the hearts of the tech community, prompting Facebook to broaden its capabilities to Android.

Here are three key reasons why businesses should opt for React Native:

Cost advantage 

Typically, the cost of developing a React Native app can be up to 30% less than that of native apps if the same functionality is to be implemented on multiple platforms. The framework can significantly cut down on the need for separate iOS and Android teams, which not only reduces direct labor costs but also simplifies project management and reduces overhead. 

For startups, this cost-effectiveness means being able to allocate more resources toward other critical areas like market research and user acquisition. Large enterprises can leverage React Native to streamline their mobile app development processes across various departments, potentially leading to substantial cost savings at scale. 

Rapid development 

React Native accelerates the app-building process. Features like hot reloading and a vast library of pre-built components available through open source allow developers to see their changes immediately. React Native developers can also reuse code across different parts of their applications, which drastically boosts the mobile app development cycle. 

Businesses benefit from the fast turnaround times, which allows them to iterate quickly based on user feedback and continuously improve their products. 

Quality of services provided

React Native applications enable the development of near-native apps that deliver a seamless UX/UI equivalent to their entirely native counterparts.  

A single codebase helps achieve consistency across platforms, reducing the likelihood of disparities in functionality or user experience. 

React Native services for mobile app development


React Native offers a suite of development services catering to businesses’ diverse needs and aiming to innovate and excel in the digital landscape. Below, we explore the various services provided, their applications, and the industries that could benefit the most from each service. 

  1. Custom mobile app development

Custom cross-platform app building allows for the creation of tailor-made applications specifically designed to meet unique business requirements. This service is ideal for projects where bespoke solutions can provide a competitive edge. 

Ideal for: technology startups, FinTech, HealthTech, and any sector requiring unique, tailored mobile applications.

  1. Hybrid mobile app development

Hybrid apps on React Native blend web and native app features using JavaScript. This approach is efficient and cost-effective, enabling quick deployment across multiple platforms. Hybrid development is especially advantageous for retail or e-commerce businesses, given its efficiency and broad reach – nearly 74% of the top 50 retail mobile apps use this approach. 

Recommended for: e-commerce, entertainment sector, and educational platforms. 

  1. Maintenance and support

React Native maintenance and support services ensure that applications remain functional and efficient long after their initial deployment. Continuous support is crucial for applications in critical operations, where consistent performance is essential for maintaining customer trust and satisfaction.  

Suitable for: banking, healthcare, and any sector requiring high uptime and reliable app performance. 

  1. QA & testing services

Quality assurance and testing ensure that applications run smoothly across all target devices and platforms. These services help maintain the integrity and reputation of the app by promptly addressing any potential issues.  

Mandatory for: software developers and large enterprises with complex app ecosystems. 

  1. React Native migration

The React Native migration service is meant to migrate existing mobile or web apps to the React Native framework. This solution improves app speed and user experience with minimum disturbance, making it an excellent option for organizations wishing to refresh their technology without undergoing a total redesign. 

Beneficial for: retail, hospitality, and services seeking a way to renovate their existing mobile apps without starting from scratch. 

  1. MVP development

This type of cross-platform app building focuses on introducing a viable product to gauge market reaction before making additional investments. This service is critical for verifying company concepts and beneficial for startups entering new markets. 

Best for: startups and companies with tight budget frames 

This table describes the approximate price range for each service and their development speed: 


Price range 

Development speed 

Custom React Native apps 

$50,000 – $400,000 

Moderate to fast 

Hybrid mobile app development 

$20,000 – $250,000 


Maintenance & support 

$5,000 – $50,000 annually 


QA & testing  

$10,000 – $100,000 


React Native migration 

$15,000 – $150,000 


MVP development 

$10,000 – $110,000 


Successful cases of large companies


To better understand the impact of React Native, let’s look at a few successful projects that harnessed its capabilities.

Facebook. Leveraging React Native primarily for UI layer development, Facebook successfully integrated the framework to enhance UX and streamline updates across Instagram and Facebook Ads Manager.

Airbnb. Initially, Airbnb used React Native to facilitate code reuse, drastically cutting down on development time and resources by utilizing shared components and unified business logic.

Uber Eats. React Native’s cross-platform development capabilities enable Uber Eats to maintain a consistent UI/UX across mobile platforms, simplifying maintenance and feature rollouts. 

Tesla. Tesla’s use of React Native focuses on performance optimization and native modules to handle the complex interactions between the app and Tesla vehicles, ensuring smooth operation and real-time notifications. 

Coinbase. React Native’s networking and security features are crucial for Coinbase. RN supports the need for high-performance, real-time data processing, and secure transactions in the cryptocurrency market. 

Walmart. React Native’s modular nature allowed Walmart to enhance its mobile performance, particularly in managing high volumes of user interactions during peak times, ensuring a robust e-commerce experience. 

Discord. React Native is used by Discord for its efficient data handling and real-time capabilities, ensuring that its community platform runs smoothly. 

Final tips on mobile app development for businesses

In conclusion, here are several tips on what services are recommended for SMBs and large companies. 

Small businesses  

Small businesses often need cost-effective solutions with the flexibility to scale. Their projects might require rapid deployment to quickly respond to market opportunities. 

Recommended services: 

  • Hybrid mobile app development solutions. Ideal for companies looking to reach a broad audience without a hefty investment. This service allows them to launch on both iOS and Android platforms. 
  • MVP app building. Perfect for small enterprises that want to test new ideas in the market without fully committing their resources. It helps validate concepts with minimal upfront investment. 

Mid-sized businesses 

Mid-sized companies might be looking to enhance their market presence and streamline operations. They often need more customized solutions that can integrate with existing systems.  

Recommended services: 

  • Custom cross-platform app development. Mid-sized businesses might invest more in customized development to ensure the app fits their evolving business needs. 
  • Maintenance & support. Ensures the longevity and reliability of their app, which is crucial as their user base grows and their operations become more complex. 

Large businesses 

Large businesses require robust solutions that can handle high volumes of transactions and data while maintaining and enhancing customer engagement across global markets. With RN, big companies can allocate a larger budget to incorporate comprehensive services. 

Recommended services:

  • React Native migration. For large businesses looking to modernize their existing mobile platforms, this service facilitates the transition to a more efficient and scalable framework.
  • QA and testing. Critical for ensuring the app performs flawlessly across various devices and platforms, maintaining the brand’s reputation for quality.

By carefully selecting services that align with their operational needs and budget constraints, businesses can make the most of their investments in React Native technology.

To make a worthwhile investment, consider hiring professional React Native developers. A reliable development company will help you define workscope and consult you on finding an affordable solution.

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