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Top 7 IT Asset Management Software for Growing Businesses

Technology is a great thing for any business nowadays. It can help control and manage a lot of daily and mundane tasks that your employees would rather not do. IT asset management software can be a valuable resource for your company. 

Every organization has assets and managing them is important to help improve business productivity. The same goes for IT assets. With the right management software in place, it can help improve your IT processes in existence and to contribute to productivity levels too.

With the amount of technology available, there’s no need to manually input and manage this data accordingly. In this guide, you’ll get a breakdown of some of the best IT asset management software that growing businesses would benefit greatly from. 

What is IT asset management software?


For those unaware of this management software, it’s worth giving a brief breakdown of what it is and how it works.

IT asset management is a system that helps manage all the IT assets that belong to the business. This includes things like software licenses, shares, copyrights, real estate, etc. 

This type of software can be extremely helpful to have in place because it helps to keep everything in one place and can make managing these assets more efficient. With a lot of these assets being made available digitally, it makes sense to move over to a digital way of working.

Asset management is something that many businesses don’t do successfully. With 43% of small businesses failing to track assets and inventory effectively, it’s clear that this type of software is critical for growing businesses.

How does IT asset management software work?

With IT asset management software, it accounts for all of the hardware, software to machine equipment, and more. With this software in place, you can easily track your assets and help to schedule any replacements or updates to any asset in particular.

You can also prioritize which assets you want to focus on mainly and others that don’t need so much focus. The clever software can help with reminding its users of the depreciation of some assets and when these assets would need repairs. It means that your team or individuals responsible for this software can focus on other things with this running in the background.

Tracking both tangible and intangible assets, it’s a great system to have in place for any business, whatever shape or size.

Top 7 IT asset management software to consider

Just like any management software used in business, there are a lot of systems to choose from. As a business, you want to pick the best one that offers everything you’ll need as a business to manage its IT assets effectively but to also scale up where required too.

1. Zluri – one of the best for these IT asset management systems

Zluri is one of the best for these IT asset management systems and with their platform, you can track usage of IT assets and all the information/data pertaining to your assets.

With this platform, it can also help with eliminating any redundancies that are clogging up the system or causing you to overspend on applications you don’t need. With task automation and helping onboard/offboard staff, there’s a lot of time and energy that can be saved.

A few additional benefits of Zluri include:

  • A large library of apps with over 120000+ applications.
  • Automated vendor management for easy monitoring.
  • Keeps everything compliant with laws and legislation in place.
  • Offers custom integrations.

The platform is beneficial to those in an enterprise market and a workforce of 500-5000. However, it can also benefit those businesses with less than 500 employees too. For those with less than 50 employees, Zluri is free to utilize.

IT assessment management

2. NinjaOne

NinjaOne delivers a fantastic IT asset management platform for IT professionals and managed service providers.

The software comes with a variety of tools to help manage and improve all network devices, workstations, and other devices like laptops and macOS devices. With NinjaOne, it can help both MSPs and IT professionals to reduce ticket volume, automate processes and strengthen the efficiency and security of all IT assets.

Some of its features include:

  • Monitor the health and general performance of firewalls, routers, etc.
  • Get real-time hardware and software inventories across all of your devices.
  • Automate OS and any third-party application patching on your devices to keep them safe and secure.
  • Take direct control over devices with remote access.

Watch the demo available on their site or request a free trial to test out the platform before purchasing. Pricing comes in the form of a custom quote and you only end up paying for what you need.

3. AssetExplorer (ManageEngine)

AssetExplorer is one of ManageEngine’s line of products that provides complete IT management solutions. With the company having over twenty years of experience in the industry, there’s a lot to be gained from investing in this platform.

With AssetExplorer, you can monitor and manage all of your assets from one central place. Its multi-source discovery tools allow you to look at hardware and software in real-time to understand what’s being utilized and what might need replacing, renewing, or disposing of.

A few benefits and features of the platform are:

  • Maximize software license compliances.
  • Asset life cycle management.
  • Best for managing software and hardware assets.
  • Configuration management database.

Try a demo or request a quote for a personalized quote that’s tailored to you and your business needs.


4. Solarwinds

If you’re looking for an IT service desk then Solarwinds can deliver the ultimate solution for your IT needs. As a modern IT service management tool, you can help support your employees within the IT department who need it.

Managing all your assets at once can be tough, never mind having to deal with the daily slog of active tickets that need solving. Solarwinds provides support and assistance in helping organize your IT tasks effectively. 

Here are a few key features of the platform:

  • Fully integrated IT asset management features.
  • Service portal for employees or users to submit tickets and requests.
  • Service catalog to help with service requests and fulfillment.

Prices range from $19 for smaller teams to $89 for enterprises. As with most of these software options, trials are available in order to test out the platform.

5. FreshService

With FreshService, you’ve got an online asset management tool that helps to maintain records as well as software, hardware, and other applicable assets. These can be grouped easily on the platform by asset type or using a number of other segmenting options.

Track assets quickly with a timeline glance of where certain assets are and what needs addressing quickly. 

Some top features of the platform include:

  • License management.
  • Usage of multiple languages available.
  • Custom & schedule reports.
  • Asset and incident management.

A free trial is available to help test out the platform for yourself before subscribing. The subscriptions range from $19 for small teams and up to $109 for enterprises.

6. Snipe-IT

Snipe-IT is a user-friendly asset management software that can even be utilized by those with very little experience with this type of technology.

With robust and powerful features, the platform helps you create custom automation and integrations for your own company’s IT assets.

The cloud platform of this software helps provide a low latency network and a faster connection for all of your employees, wherever they’re managing your assets from.

Some perks of using this platform include:

  • Enterprise-standard security services.
  • Open-source software that helps maintain security and transparency.
  • Cloud network benefits.
  • Secured data with any data center chosen during sign-up.
  • Free or affordable plans are available.

Request a demo to get an in-depth overview of the platform. Pricing for this is free if you’re self-hosted and starts from $39.00 per month for monthly hosted. Enterprise support can cost up to $4,999.99 per year.

7. Atlassian (Jira)


Atlassian is a very popular service management platform. With Jira Service Management, business teams, IT Ops, and Devs can all come together to collaborate.

Allow all teams to quickly set up the service desk without the complexity of traditional asset management platforms. Atlassian is an organizational tool that can scale up and along with your business, something that’s necessary for those who are flourishing in their industry.

With a range of features available, here are just a few worth mentioning:

  • Track work through a collaborative and open platform.
  • Quickly respond and address all incidents, changes, and requests within your IT operations.
  • Conduct regular audits to help eliminate app wastage and to help development work.
  • Manage requests, incidents, assets, configurations with little issue.

With Atlassian, the software can be used for free. However, for additional features, the standard price is $7.50, the next step up is $14.50 and for enterprise, it’s billed annually at a custom price.


GroWrk (Best Option For Remote Team)

GroWrk is an end-to-end asset management solution that automates common IT processes for globally distributed teams. 

The platform allows you to procure, deploy and manage IT equipment in over 150 countries. Their services include imaging and MDM enrollment, device retrievals when an employee leaves the organization, equipment storage, and risk-free deliveries.

Everything happens through a centralized dashboard where companies can manage every device regardless of location. GroWrk manages devices all the way until the end of their lifecycle by providing recycling and buyback options.

Some of GroWrk’s unique features include:

  • Integrations with popular HR and IT systems
  • Asset tracking
  • Maintenance and swaps
  • Depreciation tracker
  • AI-powered IT Support that’s available 24/7/365

Book a demo call before go with any ITAM to get a feel of how the platform works and receive a solution tailored to your remote team needs.

There are benefits to using IT asset management software

As a business in 2024, efficiency is key and with management software like this one available, it can help run your organization more effectively. Provide your team with the tools they’ll benefit from to make managing IT assets easier this year.

Author Bio: Natalie Redman (LinkedIn)

Freelance writer for many clients across multiple industries. Natalie has two years of copywriting experience. Natalie has a wide range of experience copywriting for web pages for businesses across many industries. She’s also an owner of two blog websites and a Youtube content creator.small business coach