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Top 3 Sales Tools Your Team Needs in 2024

Running a business requires education and information to make data-driven decisions. After all, the more data you have available, the better you can enhance your consumer experience. To optimize this experience, businesses should consider using sales tools. Proper sales tools can help owners predict customer behavior and elusive buying patterns.

What are Sales Tools?

Sales tools are applications and software that help sales teams within their industry. These additional tools will extend beyond CRM and help with various sales-related aspects. Categories of sales tools include lead handling, automation, training, and intelligence. This reality means businesses hold plenty of options to choose from, which can ultimately benefit the company.


For companies wanting to transform the sales department into an integrated and automated machine. As territory mapping software, Maptive integrates sales territory boundaries to help your sales team accelerate its funnel. Maptive also details specific targets within the sales process, including demographics and categories. These numbers help managers reflect accurate data throughout different territories, allowing companies to capitalize on underserved areas.

Maptive also offers comprehensive mapping options. Users can develop optimized routes, allowing sales members to build the most efficient way between multiple locations. Members can add up to 70 stops on the route, complete with drag-and-drop functionality. Finally, sales team members can calculate the physical distance between two or more locations, uploading the data points in real-time.



Whatfix helps simplify the user experience by offering on-screen step-by-step instructions so they can independently complete any task. This tool allows businesses, companies, and enterprises to train, onboard, and support employees throughout the hiring process. All businesses can create and deliver customized content through videos, links, text, and flows. The end user won’t have to leave the application, helping to increase user productivity and overall engagement.

Dialpad Sell

Dialpad Sell is a phone system for boosting sales using real-time coaching and CRM integrations. This communications platform offers real-time support, coaching, and analytics. Users can use voice intelligence to handle common objections, allowing sentiment analysis for overall support. This tool is a powerful leveraging device for any sales team wanting to overcome objections.

Benefits of Sales Tools

Several reasons a sales team should invest in new software applications. These benefits include:

Closing More Deals

According to the LinkedIn State of Sales report, technology can help representatives close more deals overall. Recent studies suggest that 74% of salespeople plan to invest more in their sales intelligence tools to improve their financial outcomes.

Acquiring Data

Data is the critical development of performance, accounts, and industries. The more a business knows about its customers, the better it can cater to them. Metrics continue to shift away from standard quotas and develop stronger connections with customer satisfaction.

Developing Trust

Buyers want to ensure the salesperson they’re working with is reliable and trustworthy. Nearly 89% of all buyers recently surveyed suggested that a salesperson needs to be a trusted advisor. Using sales technology, sellers can establish more trust with potential clients, helping develop better relationships. Sales tools help build and establish stronger relationships with buyers overall.

Conclusion on Sales Tools

Sales tools are critical for any business wanting to excel in its industry. These tools are available in many aspects but should always benefit the company or its consumers directly. Building automation, training, relationships, and marketing should be the focus of any sales department, including the tools used within the business. Ultimately, if the sales programs, applications, and tools aren’t helping your company excel in your industry, they’re simply the wrong tools for the job. By identifying how you’d like to leverage the tools to benefit the company, you’ll better understand how these programs can help overall.

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