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Tiebreak Solutions — The New Love of the Business World

The world has changed a lot! We often hear this line from different people, all saying it from different perspectives. They all are right in their way and the economic sector is also no different. The way businesses were perceived, conducted, managed, maintained, designed, and propagated, everything has changed for the good and maybe, also for the better. Now companies are coming out of the poor, lagging, legacy systems to embrace technological innovations and development. Embracing tech-savvy products and solutions is no more choice for businesses, it is a necessity. That’s where TBS is emerging as a solution for myriad business needs! Over the past 10 years, Tiebreak Solutions has fine-tuned its IT services to address various pain points of the business industry. The main target of Tiebreak is finance and marketing-related issues that help businesses of all verticals get the most out of their marketing and finance efforts. With FinTech and MedTech solutions, you can easily fine-tune their complex problems and enjoy the perks of integrating technology into your business fabrics in the form of automation, and meaningful business insights for getting the best ROI.

What Makes Tiebreak Solutions Different?

Let’s admit that we live in a world where we find various businesses offering information technology and services and everyone claims to be the best in their field. So, what makes Tiebreak Services so unique that businesses should only focus on Tiebreak and cross other solutions from the list? The answer to this question lies in the service of TBI. It not only outshines as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) resource but also taps into the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) factor — making it an all-inclusive solution for businesses looking to solve complex business issues with IT solutions.

So, let’s dig out detailed information about Tiebreak Solutions: 

ERP Features 


Joining MarTech and FinTech solutions, Tiebreak turns out to be remarkable in offering ERP features with MarTech and FinTech solutions as the core assets. Tiebreak offers state-of-the-art solutions both in the marketing and finance sector aka MarTech and FinTech solutions.

1. MarTech Solutions

Talk about MarTech solutions, and you will find Tiebreak excelling and engrossing in all aspects of online marketing and customer journey that make marketing fun rather than a headache, including:

  • Customer acquisition 
  • Squeezing sales funnel 
  • Customer retention 
  • Leads reviews 
  • PPC management 
  • Strategizing marketing 
  • A/B testing 
  • Managing different ad campaigns

…and a lot more.

In other words, Tiebreak leads the marketing of businesses from the front and takes it to the finish line for victory. On top of all, TBI makes it an easy feat to measure customer behavior due to its deep insights elaborated through processing huge amounts of data using BI that gives real-time analysis.  

2. FinTech Solutions

What if you are told that there is a solution that gives everything you need for trading, including real-time money movement and market scenarios? Sounds so financially promising? Well, that’s what FinTech solutions of Tiebreak do — thanks to Xcite, a trading platform that takes the meaning of FinTech to an altogether different level. Here are a few Xcite solutions that make TBI exemplary FinTech solutions:

  • Offers the best analysis tools 
  • Finds out the best-performing assets in the world and trade accordingly 
  • Provides everything required to access the global trading and financial markets 
  • Access seamlessly through any browser 
  • Checks out price movements with graphical information offered by analytical tools 
  • Enables the use of numerous tools and news feeds 
  • Gets live currency quote to make decisions quickly 
  • Multiple monitoring options 
  • Multiple charting requirements  
  • Marketing and pending order

So, FinTech Solutions, with its tailored made Xcite platform and integrations with various payment service providers has all the features to deliver results. Its top-of-the-table features also include risk management and monitoring of PSPs settlements and balances.

The best thing? It is easy to access this platform without downloading and trade execution is doable instantly without any requotes. Just log in to your portable and start getting instant news, see opportunities for trading, and trade after analyzing the market. With all these features and functionalities, financial technology becomes a sigh of relief for all traders who want to hit big without throwing their money down the drain during the initial amateur test and trial phase. You get insights to help make an informed decision.

CRM Features

After reading the ERP features of Tiebreak Solutions, it feels difficult to expect more from Tiebreak Solutions. I mean, how can a product deliver so much? But no, there is a lot left. It also offers a plethora of Customer Relationship Management features that go beyond just offering 24/6 services or picking up calls on time. The combination of technology and customer relationship management has widened the horizon of and offered new ways to manage relationships with customers that satisfy today’s consumers’ changed behavioral patterns.

Let’s explore how the CRM features of Tiebreak Solutions help in optimizing customer relationships:

  • Handles complex user interaction flows 
  • Maintains lead allocation and lead management 
  • Helps in streamlining customer database online 
  • Offers simplified customer integration methodology to help everyone work seamlessly  
  • Customer service check and evaluation 
  • Personalized customer journey 
  • Grasp evolving customer behavior and demands 
  • Customer call policy management 
  • Leads monitoring and optimization 
  • Customer differentiating based on analytical data 
  • Dealing with customers according to the derived data 
  • Operate thousands of sales funnel in a go 
  • Monitoring all marked targets, and benchmarks to ensure their achievement

Once a company can extract all its important information using Tiebreak Solutions, it becomes easier to solve critical customer relations, build them on better grounds, and get the most out of your efforts by bearing less headache and calling for better solutions. 

3. VoIP Services


Have you been to a point where you called a customer but you were not able to convey your fantastic sales pitch due to distortion? Or to a point where you are just about to close a lead with the customer but the line disconnects. It is pretty much too irritating and can be annoying to anyone, but not when you have VoIP in your set of solutions.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a panacea for businesses who had been relying on landline connections. This broadband internet connection makes it easier to call, take a follow-up, convince customers, and have interruption-free calls with customers.

VoIPs come in different types, some only allow a caller with a similar internet connection. While others allow calling on landlines, mobile, and other types of connecting devices. Tiebreak’s VoIP services make it a creamy affair to have a connection with your customers and provide them with good customer service that plays a crucial point in turning a qualified lead into a mature lead. That’s what Tiebreak Solution helps.

TBI’s VoIP services take CRM features to an altogether new level that explains why tiebreak is the love of businesses.

Here are a few ways how VoIP plays a crucial role in putting Tiebreak Solutions on a podium:

  • Agents management 
  • Quality monitoring and optimization 
  • Customer ID management 
  • Recording and securing safely 
  • Management for business development  
  • Developing SOPs for the future 
  • Budget and Policy management

The data analytics feature of TBI goes hand in hand with both ERP and CRM solutions. It gives a deep insight into enhancing Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Relationship Management to reach a point where Tiebreak Solutions turn into a panacea for businesses of all kinds, looking for agile, scalable, and effective solutions to acquire goals and needs.  

Conclusion on Tiebreak Solutions

Today’s business dynamics have changed a lot. From operations, and management to customer service, every department has undergone a vigorous change, all thanks to technological development. Companies that will understand this changed scenario and adapt accordingly will be big guns rather than companies still in a confusion or unaware of the change.

In this market situation where every day a new startup emerges, Tiebreak Solutions is working in a league of its own with unique MarTech and FinTech solutions that are hard to find somewhere else with this robust combination that also empowers CRM and ERP services of the company and give a 360-degree spin to the overall solution stack of the company.

So, if you are looking for a solution that touches various pain points of your business and paves the path to further enhance your operational, managerial, and customer service duties, Tiebreak is the answer. It has helped many customers streamline their solutions and services for the twist.

If you are missing out on this business service solution, it is time to give it a try, you will not regret your decision!

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