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The Locations to Boost Awareness with Advertising Inflatables

Branded advertising inflatables are a great way to get your business out there. Their visually appealing nature can be useful to help draw people’s attention to your brand, pique their curiosity, and convince them to come closer. This can potentially lead to a sale, and if you can win them over, they become repeat customers – all from your branded inflatable.

However, like all business strategies, you need to take certain steps to improve the effectiveness of your strategy and make the most of it. For branded advertising inflatables, your strategy will most likely start with the design. You will want to design it with your brand elements such that it stands out. Besides that, you will also want to place it in an ideal location where many people will see it. After all, the more people who come across your inflatable, the higher brand exposure you will get and the more successful your branded advertising inflatable will be.

If you need ideas on the perfect location for your inflatable, then you should read on. In this article, we will cover some perfect locations to boost brand awareness with your branded inflatable.

Let’s dive into it.

Best Places to Place Your Branded Advertising Inflatables

On their own, branded advertising inflatables can be valuable attention-grabbing tools for businesses, but when you place them strategically, you’ll be able to enhance their marketing abilities by a mile. So your strategy doesn’t end by creating a customized inflatable, you also need to consider where you set it up.

Here are a few places to try out!

Landmarks and High-traffic Areas

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Do you have a popular landmark around your store? Somewhere that people are really familiar with or where many people pass by every day? If yes, then that will be a great place for your inflatable. The high volume of people passing that area on a daily basis automatically translates to more brand exposure for your business. People will see it and get familiar with your brand and what your business is all about. And when they later go to the store, they will be well familiar with your business and may want to try out your business.

In addition, people might want to take pictures with your inflatable. Some might randomly snap it and upload it on social media. This will amplify your brand reach and make your marketing strategy even more successful.

However, you should also take note of the legislation surrounding these landmarks. For instance, it may be against the law to place structures around the landmarks. Or you may need to obtain special permits to place your inflatable there. This will help you stay on the right side of the law.

Trade Fairs and Shows

Trade fairs and expos are great places to make your branded advertising inflatables even more visible. These events provide a concentrated audience of industry professionals and potential clients. As such, they present a perfect opportunity for you to get maximum visibility for your inflatable.

At these events, a large inflatable replica of your product or brand mascot would be highly noticeable. They would draw attention, and people would be able to see them easily and come to your booth. Even better, they would create an engaging experience for passersby, boosting your brand visibility and leaving a lasting impression in their minds.

Sport Events

Another place where your inflatable stands are exposed to many people is stadiums and sports events. The energy is usually electric at these venues and people will see your branded inflatable. Even more impressive, they may associate your brand with the thrill of the sport and emotionally connect with your brand. Inflatables can be used for running-themed sports or any sports events.

Many brands have used this strategy and they have been widely successful. You should try it too, especially if you have a sports event soon or a stadium around your business.

Festivals and Community Events

If a festival or community event is coming up, it is an excellent opportunity to set up your inflatable. Festivals and community events draw in a diverse crowd from all over the area. Setting up your inflatables can help you connect with the local community and increase your customer base among local customers.

Retail Storefront and Mall

Just place it in front of your store. You can make your storefront more visible by placing a massive inflatable that invites people to come in at the front of your store. This is especially useful when your store is located in a shopping center among other stores. The inflatable will serve as a visually appealing beacon to make your store stand out from the rest and attract shoppers.

Final Note on Advertising Inflatables

By strategically placing your inflatables in the right locations, you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, engage your target audience, and get more brand exposure for your business.

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