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The Future of Making Money Online for Small Businesses

A lot of entrepreneurs advise their audience to pursue making money online. Yet, they rarely go into specifics when it comes to small businesses. So, how does a small business owner use the internet for their benefit? Let’s take a look! 

Many Ways To Make Your Business Web-Based

While online income is not for every small business model, most of them can find a place on the web. In fact, 96% of small businesses in the US have been using social media within their marketing strategy! Over 40% depend on online marketing to make a profit monthly. Whether you sell clothes, teach people ceramics, create merchandise, or even make coffee, there are a few tactics to help you make money online.

Host Advertisements On Your Website for Making Money Online


When it comes to ads, not a lot of business owners, realize they go both ways. You don’t always have to advertise your own business online. Instead, there’s a way to make money while hosting other ads on your website.

Of course, some websites work better than others. For example, personal blogs, influencer websites, and content sites like news and forums see more traffic daily. That means they will earn more on advertising than others. Yet, you can always consult companies to see the exact sum you can earn through hosting ads.

There are two ways to engage in that money-making model:

1. Contact companies individually. Ask if they’d be interested in using your space. That way, you can research companies in your exact niche and work for more profit. Remember that this might be time-consuming.  

2. Apply to an advertising network. Several popular platforms work with blogs and websites. They have different rules and regulations you have to follow, but they handle all the processes, leaving you hassle-free. 

Sell Products Online

No one is surprised by this tactic. Sure, thousands of businesses sell their products online. Yet, a responsible and unique small business that treats its customers right is hard to find! So, if you dip your toes into selling products online, be careful.

Don’t neglect networking with high-quality distributors and delivery services. Some small business owners would even go to the extent of packaging and shipping their orders themselves.

Offer Online Services

Just like selling products, you can start selling services online. Once again, it depends on what kind of small business you own. IT freelancers, for example, can take orders and deliver their work online. Generally, there’s an array of various services for each one. They include:

  • Virtual Consulting
  • Online Assistance
  • Courses and Classes
  • Workshops

Use A Subscription Business Model for Making Money Online

Even before the pandemic hit the world, people have already moved on to socializing online. That’s exactly why subscription models grew so popular and started benefiting all kinds of businesses.

Let’s take video content creators as an example. As they get popular, some of them create closed communities. To gain that VIP access, subscribers have to pay a small fee. Then, they communicate with their beloved creator and other fans, suggest video ideas, and share their love online. Other small business models can use the same tactic. In addition to bringing you more revenue, subscription communities can improve mental health.

Share Excess Internet Bandwidth

Since you usually get a certain amount of bandwidth from your internet provider, most users buy an amount they see fit for their daily use. Yet, a lot of people opt for more than they need. That results in the internet being left unused. Generally, if you’re not a heavy internet user and don’t enjoy your videos in 4K, that already means your limits are way higher!

Why not share that bandwidth with others? You can exchange your excess data plan and earn passive income.

Do Small Gigs And Micro Jobs Online


Similar to providing your customers with services online, you can do other small gigs and micro jobs online. Side hustles will allow you to invest more in your small business and expand your resume.

For example, you can find all sorts of micro-tasks that take little to no time to complete. Practically anyone can do these tasks as they don’t require knowledge or experience. Just remember to document what you do and how much you make from each job to see your finances easier.

Create An Email List for Making Money Online

Looking to expand your customer base and make more money online? Invest your time and money into building an email list for your website. Some will ignore the emails you send to their inbox, but most customers will be excited to hear news from your small business.

To make sure that the website visitor agrees to share their email, suggest something they’d want to try out, like a free checklist. Then, keep granting that audience a chance to get exclusive free content! 

Conclusion on Making Money Online

Overall, you can apply a ton of tactics to your small business to make more money online. They include subscription services, selling products online, taking up quick side hustles and micro jobs, sharing excess internet bandwidth, creating email lists, and more. You don’t even have to be an IT professional to maximize your online profit – try these methods to earn more!

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