How To Use Technology To Spur Business Growth


Currently, technology is advancing at a rate never before seen in history. This means there are constantly new opportunities for businesses to take advantage of to spur growth. With the right tools and knowledge, any business can use technology to its advantage and see actual results.

Here are a few ways you can use technology to grow your business:

  • Make Use Of Free Online Tools

Gone are the days when you had to spend large sums of money on software to get work done. Nowadays, there are an endless amount of free online tools for businesses available that can do everything from help you manage your finances to track your website

For example, if you’re looking for a tool to help with the day-to-day running of your business, Evernote is a great option. This tool can be used for everything from taking notes to creating to-do lists and is available on almost any device.

  • Harness The Power Of Social Media

Social media has drastically changed the marketing and advertising landscape in the past decade. Businesses of all sizes can now reach a global audience with just a few clicks.

While traditional marketing methods are still important, social media provides a unique opportunity to connect with customers more personally. When used correctly, social media can be an invaluable tool for growing your business.

One way to use social media is to create informative and shareable content. Posting articles, infographics, and videos that provide valuable information can help to attract new clients and grow your audience.

It’s also important to be active on popular platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. By engaging with your clients on social media, you can build relationships and Trust.

Finally, don’t forget to take maximize the use of paid advertising on social media platforms. By targeting your ads to specific demographics, you can ensure that your message reaches the right people.

  • Invest In Quality Website And Web App

Investing in a quality website and web application helps you grow your business in several ways. First, it will make it easy for potential customers to find you online. A well-designed website will be user-friendly and easy to navigate, and it will also be optimized for search engines so that your target demographic can easily find what you’re offering them.

Second, a quality website and web application builds trust with your market. Customers will likely do business with a company with a professional-looking website and a well-designed web application.

Finally, a quality website and web application allows you to streamline your business processes and make it easier for your customers to keep tabs. Therefore, when making a web application, consider how it will benefit your customers and make their lives easier. The same goes for your website.

  • Use Data Analytics To Make Better Business Decisions

The use of data analytics has become increasingly important in recent years, as businesses have become more reliant on data to make decisions. By analyzing data, businesses can identify trends and patterns that can be used to make better decisions about where to allocate resources.

For example, data analytics can be used to understand which products are selling well and which areas of the business are most profitable. This information can then be used to decide where to invest in new products and how to price products to maximize profits.

In addition, data analytics can also be used to identify customer needs and preferences, which can be used to tailor marketing campaigns and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Automate Business Processes

As your business grows, you’ll quickly find that there are only so many hours in the day. You can only do so much, and at some point, you will have to start delegating or automating tasks if you want to continue growing. This is where automating some of your business processes can come in handy.

By taking care of routine tasks automatically, you’ll free up time that you can use to focus on other areas of your business. For instance, if you currently handle all of your customer invoicing manually, consider investing in invoicing software that can automate the process. Not only will this save you time, but it will also help to ensure accuracy and improve your customer’s experience.

Automating even just a few of your business processes can make a big difference in your ability to grow your business.

  • Let Cloud Computing Take Over

As businesses strive to do more with less, many are turning to cloud computing to improve efficiency and cut costs. Cloud computing can provide several advantages for businesses, including the ability to scale quickly and efficiently, access to powerful resources, and increased flexibility.

For businesses that are proliferating, cloud computing can be an essential tool. The ability to scale quickly and efficiently is one of the biggest advantages of the cloud. With traditional on-premises infrastructure, businesses often have to invest significantly in servers and storage capacity that may not be fully utilized for some time. With the cloud, businesses only pay for the resources they use, making it much easier to manage cash flow. In addition, businesses can add or remove resources as needed, making it easy to adjust to changing needs.

Another advantage of cloud computing is access to powerful resources. Cloud providers offer a wide range of services and tools businesses can use to power their applications and workloads. This includes everything from storage and databases to machine learning and artificial intelligence. By leveraging these powerful resources, businesses can achieve results that would otherwise be out of reach.

Finally, cloud computing can provide increased flexibility for businesses. With the cloud, businesses are not tied to a specific location or set of resources. They can quickly move workloads and data between cloud providers or on-premises and the cloud. This flexibility can be a significant advantage for businesses that need to be able to respond quickly to changing conditions.

Final Word 

As you can see, there are many ways that you can use technology to grow your business. By taking advantage of data analytics, automating business processes, and leveraging the power of the cloud, you can give your business the boost it needs to succeed. While technology is vital for any business growth strategy, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. It would be perfect if you also had a solid marketing plan, a well-trained staff, and efficient operations.

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5 Best Text-to-Speech Solutions for Business and Personal Use


5 Best Text-to-Speech solutions for business and personal use

Today, ease is defined by accessibility. Text-to-speech has become a very popular and important asset to many companies.

No matter the quality and quantity of the marketing material you put out as a business, it may not make as much of an impact if it is not accessible to your target audience.

In that light, text-to-speech solutions have emerged as great aids for businesses in reaching a wider audience as well as connecting with them on an emotional level. These solutions make textual media more accessible and are available on all major platforms.

If you are looking to add text-to-speech solutions to your business, this post is for you. Keep reading to learn more. 


Text-to-speech (TTS) is a technology that reads digital text out loud by converting words on a device into speech or audio. It is also called ‘read aloud’ tech. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are great everyday examples of technologies based on TTS.

TTS works on multiple formats such as Word, PDF, Doc, etc, and is available on all major platforms. As a business, employing such a technology in your media greatly helps in extending your outreach. It improves your user experience while saving you time and money.

TTS may have started with robotic-sounding voices that lacked a human touch, but they have evolved well with time. Today, the audio produced by them is top-notch in quality, natural, and something the end-user can connect with.

If you are looking to add such a software to your business, we have come up with a comprehensive list of the best solutions for you. 

1. Murf 

Murf text-to-speech software offers a versatile selection of AI voices that sound highly realistic. Murf converts text to speech with natural voices that are perfect to be used in videos and presentations. It offers you the choice of over 120 natural-sounding AI voices across 20 languages.

You can try out the different voices to get a feel of what the software is capable of. In their own words, they have ‘a voice for every use case’. There are some demos available on the website and you can also test out a file of your own once you create an account with Murf.

Murf is more than just a text-to-speech tool, however. It offers free background music that you can use in your videos and PowerPoint presentations. Simply pick any tune from the royalty-free tracks available in Murf’s own in-built library. All tracks are well segregated based on use case so you won’t have to look for long either.

You can also add voice-over to your videos and presentations.

What’s more, you can add emphasis on certain words or have pauses for dramatic effect. You can also adjust the pitch and speed of the audio to your liking. You don’t have to worry about simple mistakes and grammar too as Murf takes care of all the formatting.

Murf is available on all platforms and systems. It costs $13 per month to $26 per month, based on the kind of usage you have. There is a one-time pack also available for a steep price of $9 if you only have occasional use for it. 

2. Speechelo

Speechelo is a TTS software aimed at content creators. It is a cloud-based solution that is best suited to create voiceover.

While its range is admittedly not as wide as Murf, it is still quite impressive and can certainly be used in creating a wide variety of content. It offers 30 realistic, human-sounding voices.

All the voices come with all sorts of expressions. Furthermore, you have the option to have three broad tones for the voices. They are the normal tone, joyful tone, and serious tone. The voices are available in 23 different languages. You can simply create a voiceover with Speechelo and download it as mp3.

Once saved as an mp3 file, it can be used in a variety of ways as it is a format supported by all major platforms. The ease of use and accessibility makes Speechelo a great tool for content creators in general. The focus of this software has surely been on its ease of use.

Speaking of ease, you can create a voiceover with Speechelo with just three clicks. It is well-suited for use by beginners or marketers who may not have much background knowledge about TTS.

Interestingly, Speechelo is not available as a subscription service like most of its contemporaries. It is available as a product that can be purchased with a one-time payment of $47 (discounted price).

What’s more, it also offers a 60-days money-back guarantee. Both these aspects make it a valuable investment for budding marketers. 

3. Lovo



Lovo is a DIY TTS software for content creators. Over 80,000 content creators from 41 countries have created more than 7 million voice overs using Lovo. The platform offers voices that can be used in e-learning, marketing, documentaries, games, explainer videos, audiobooks, news, animations, and IVR. Lovo’s voice cloning feature and customizable controls can create a personalized voiceover in a matter of minutes. The platform boasts of a vast collection of 150 voices in over 33 languages. As they state on their website, they have the most natural-sounding human voices ‘for every type of content’.

Not only are the voices available unique and authentic, but new voices are also being added every month. If you still cannot find just the right voice for your content, you can make good of the platform’s voice cloning technology to create your own customized voice skin. It will take only minutes.

To create a voiceover, all you have to do is choose a voice that suits your content best, type or upload the script you would want it to read, and there you go — the voiceover will be created instantly. Use it however you want in your content. You have the option to listen to various samples on the website before making a purchase.

Lovo is available on the web, Playstore, and iOS. Its packages range from $24.99 per month to $49.99 per month. All payment is charged annually. You also have the option of a free trial before committing to a plan. 

4. TTSReader

TTSReader is perhaps the easiest, the most hassle-free text-to-speech solution to use. It is a lightweight online text reader that is absolutely free of cost to use. You don’t need to install it anywhere. You don’t need to download it. You don’t even need to create an account to use it.

To create a voiceover, all you have to do is simply go to their website, write or upload a script, choose a voice and speed of your liking, and hit play. It’s as simple as that. The website functions smoothly on all browsers and all devices.

TTSReader remembers the last text you entered so you can always continue from where you left off without missing out on anything.

Though we recommend that you don’t leave anything unsaved. You can record the voiceover after setting a language, voice, and reading speed of your liking.

You can use TTSReader for not just creating media to share with an audience, but for your own research as well. Not only that, it is great for personal use too. Children can use it and it can be used to listen to content in the background while you work.

While it is available free of cost, you may consider going premium if you wish to support the makers. The move unlocks new features as well. You can also check out the demo available on the website to understand the controls better.

5. NaturalReader


NaturalReader is an easy-to-use TTS platform that is available on Windows and Mac. It converts any and all kinds of texts into mp3 audio files that users can listen to on the go. It uses OCR technology to convert text documents into audio.

It can be used by everyone from students to working professionals. The website also recommends it to dyslexic readers and foreign language learners, claiming to aid them in their learning. You can use it both online or as a software that can be downloaded on a device of your choice.

You can add NaturalReader as a chrome extension to listen to emails and articles directly from the webpage. It consists of over 100 natural-sounding voices in over 16 languages.

The platform has recently added a feature called Plus Voices that allows more variety in the high-fidelity reading of content. 

The personal plan of NaturalReader comes in free and premium packages ranging from $9.99 to $19. The commercial plan offers a free trial. It costs $49 for individuals and $79 for teams. 

Conclusion on Text-To-Speech Technology

Text-to-speech technology has been a revolution in making media accessible to people. As a business owner, you stand to gain a lot by investing in this technology.

Not only do you gain a wider reach by making the content you put out easy to interact with, but you also get a helping hand in your internal processes. Make the most of the technology and boost your business today.

Let us know in the comments in what ways has TTS helped you achieve more with your business. 


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How Managed IT Services Can Grow Your Small Business


How IT Services Can Grow Your Small Business

Over the years, businesses have been operating more seamlessly with the help of Information Technology (IT). Proper management of the IT infrastructure is essential in ensuring efficient and smooth business operations.  If you want to improve your business operations’ overall efficiency and productivity, it might be best to consider managed IT services. When you work with a managed IT service provider, a team of skilled professionals will proactively perform the following:  

  • Regularly monitor the IT infrastructure.
  • Minimize the risks from cybersecurity threats.  
  • Maintain data integrity and networking requirements with the help of key performance indicators.  

If you decide to hire one, your business can prioritize and effectively tackle the core operations to boost efficiency. If you’re eager to know more about managed IT services, checking out Dallas based IT services companies would be a good starting point.  This might help ensure the safety of your business operations.   

What Is A Managed IT Service?  

When a business employs managed IT services, it generally involves delegating IT tasks to a third-party provider. A reliable service provider performs various IT-related functions such as overseeing the IT infrastructure, providing equipment, repairing issues, monitoring reports, and many more.  

Some of the advantages of having a managed IT service include:  

  • Monitoring and providing support for your network, including the infrastructure and software elements.  
  • Optimizing the overall performance of the system.  
  • Fine-tuning of the IT structure to gain better savings.  
  • Enhancing various functional aspects of your business.  
  • Complying with IT requirements and improving compliance, security, and maintenance. 

Different Ways Managed IT Services Promote Business Growth   

A reliable managed IT service provider deals with the IT-related aspects of your business. Thus, it will give you more time to oversee the core operations. Since you can focus on the main processes of your business, it’ll ensure seamless flow for better efficiency and productivity.  

If you’re still having doubts about whether or not to work with a managed IT service provider, here are various ways their services could contribute to the growth of your business  

  • Improve Reliability And Efficiency Of IT Functions  


Most businesses maintain a team of IT staff who might lack the skills when dealing with the constantly changing demands of technology. By working with a dependable provider, you’ll have access to a team of IT professionals based on the specific needs of your business.  

Depending on the type of business you’re operating, you’ll access the latest technology and solutions.  These solutions may include remote monitoring and management, cloud computing, backup, and disaster recovery. Additionally, managed IT services could also maintain uptime and profitability. These are essential factors for the growth of your business in the long run.  

  • Better Maintenance  

Planning for IT-related functions such as network performance or operations and IT environment could take time. With managed IT services, your company will significantly benefit from regular monitoring. The services allow remote management while also pinpointing potential threats and utilizing the right solutions to mitigate risks.   

You’ll have assurance knowing that IT professionals will readily troubleshoot and deal with bugs. It might be time to make the most out of proactive technical solutions in maintaining the IT infrastructure of your business.   

  • Cut Down Operating Costs  

Saving on the overall operational costs is one of the advantages of working with a managed IT service provider.   In most companies, an issue of concern is the high workforce cost in the IT department. During certain times, employees who don’t have the right skills might handle tasks they’re not highly proficient to do so.  This leads to poor productivity and hampers the growth of your business.  

However, a managed IT service provider will guide you along the way in predicting and planning the monthly allocation for IT functions. A reliable provider will also deploy the correct number of professionals with the appropriate skills.  They do so to ensure consistency and efficiency. As a result, it frees other resources of your business to focus on core tasks.   

  • Help Stay Up To Date With The Current Technology   

If you want your business to grow, you need to stay updated and adapt latest technology trends. Also, it’s a cost-effective way if you decided to outsource technical functions to a reliable managed IT service provider.

Managed IT services will ensure your system infrastructure is equipped with the latest security patches and software updates to ensure seamless business operations and safety.  

  • Improve Scalability, And IT Support  

When your business faces downtime, it could be a minor or a severe loss and might come with dissatisfied customers. A reliable managed IT service can significantly reduce potential downtime, allowing your business to save on extra costs.   

Additionally, professionals will carry out IT and network monitoring to make sure the IT infrastructure is readily available. They also improve scalability depending on the current demand

  • Maintain Focus On Important Projects  

Managed IT services can help maximize your business operations to boost the productivity of your employees. A team of professionals will maximize the IT aspect which increases overall operational efficiency.  Additionally, the services will help empower your in-house IT team to focus their efforts on creating strategic IT projects and initiatives.  

  • Enhance IT Security, And Compliance  


The increasing cybersecurity threats such as hacking and data loss are responsible for significant losses among businesses in different industries.   

Security is a crucial element if you want to ensure seamless operations for your business. There are various devices present in the workplace.  These devices include desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, applications, smartphones, browsers, operating systems. All of these devices transmit data and should comply with stringent security measures.  

When you hire managed IT services for your business, your provider will handle the security and compliance protocols. Doing so is a good move since they fully understand the importance of safety and adhere to the current regulations.  

  • Boost Productivity And Value  

Managed IT services could improve productivity by establishing a streamlined, reliable, scalable, and well-supported IT environment. When you hire their service, you’ll enjoy access to network management resources.  It also comes with a team of professionals without requiring you to make a significant upfront investment.   

Final Thoughts on Managed IT Services 

A managed IT service provider will tackle all IT-related tasks so your business could focus on its core operations. Doing so will help your business grow in various aspects. If you want to ensure the steady growth of your business, consider getting reliable managed IT service soon.


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