Team Building System in 2024: Landscaping Company


Team Building System in a Landscaping Company

This week I’m writing about using a Team Building System in a Landscaping Company. A Team Building System is a reliable system for placing your team members in roles best suited to their strengths and building them into a powerfully cohesive and committed team that delivers business results.

I’ve been writing about some of my hero clients and how we achieving significant results. We have 36 Business Coaching Modules, which are areas within your business under the categories of growth, profits, and freedom. When we improve your performance, your business will run better.

Wendell’s Large Landscaping Business

One of my contacts referred me to Wendell, the president of a large landscaping company. At that moment, his business had suffered from an economic turndown in the residential construction industry. Most of his revenues were coming from large track home building contractors. Some of these builders had squeezed his business on pricing and were competing with him.

Operational Changes in Wendell’s Landscaping Business

Since Wendell had some differences with an investor he wanted to take control of the business operations. Furthermore, his employees were not engaged and helping to improve the business. We wanted them to be empowered and involved in planning and decision making. In his personal life, Wendell’s life was also about to change. He wanted to spend plenty of time with his family since his children were nearing college age.

Strategic Plan, Team Deployment, Tactical Marketing, and Sales Training

We started by performing a profit analysis of Wendell’s business. We were able to determine that we needed to put in place several Coaching Modules. These included our Strategic Planning, Team Building System, Team Deployment, Tactical Marketing Plan, and Sales Training. Our main focus was on marketing on high-end residential clients. These clients wanted outdoor rooms.  We also held margins on the lower to mid-size home builders. We determined that the warranty department was providing too many free services. This represented a significant loss and we saw some upsell opportunities.

Team Building System for Wendell’s Landscaping Business

Our plan was to focus on the Team Building System. At that point, employees were not engaged. We wanted more buy-in from the employees so that they could be empowered to provide resolutions to customer problems and care about the machinery they were operating.  So we began to involve all employees in meetings and brainstorming sessions. We developed a vision for the business that offered more benefits and profit sharing for the employees. As we deployed these strategies we saw dramatic improvements in many areas.

The Results for Wendell’ s Landscaping Company

Here’s what Wendell said about our Coaching Process:

Our annual sales have grown from $3.6million to $13million and our profits have grown by 400 percent. Alan helped create a stronger team atmosphere and was able to get great team “buy in.” This was after helping us to make some tough decisions necessary to initiate the turn around. Alan helped us to develop and deploy key marketing and branding strategies, grow our design-build division by 700% and turn our warranty department from an expense to a 30% profit.

Congratulations Wendell on your dramatic improvements in using among other things a Team Building System in your landscaping company! You are one of my business heroes and an inspiration to other business owners. You can view another case study of using a break-even plan in a school bus company here.small business coach

Why is Sales Training important for any business to grow

sales training

Training is a learning and upskilling process. This process entails sales personnel becoming fully equipped with the knowledge they require to sustain a business and make constant attempts to grow profit margins.

Let’s look at what exactly are we going to learn in this article:

  1. What is Sales training
  2. Importance of Sales training for growth of business
  3. Taking the help of the LMS system for sales training

1. What is Sales Training?

Sales training is an activity that involves the up-gradation of the sales personnel’s skills. It is through effective sales training that they can polish their selling skills by gaining adequate knowledge and are also able to perform their tasks better. This helps them immensely in closing the deal and turning it into a sale for the organization.

2. Importance of Sales Training for the growth of business

For any business, sales are of utmost importance, and this is why they spend their valuable resources on training the sales personnel, as it is directly related to the goodwill of the company. A well-trained sales team can survive the competition in the market and generate revenues to keep the lifeblood of the business flowing. Let’s look at its importance one by one:

sales training

Returns on Investment see an upward trend

Businesses have to spend large amounts of money for training purposes, yet, they are willing to incur these expenses; the reason is the return on investment. Sales training is a one-time expense, but the lessons learned are for a lifetime. Employees can showcase the skills they learn while making a sale without having to lure the customer with a discount and making the customer understand how they can recover the cost in no time.

It helps teams become dynamic like today’s market

Markets today have become volatile and dynamic. They are continuously evolving and as a result, sales teams have to follow suit. Team members have to keep their skills up to date. Any change, be it a change in the technology or a product feature, the sales team has to know before the world. A good training tutorial offers all the updates and keeps the team informed.

It strengthens the credibility of the business

The sales team develops a personal relationship with the customers, not just professional. So, they exactly know their pain points and can provide the right itch for that scratch. This also strengthens the goodwill of the business and builds a solid brand image. If the salesperson can gain the trust of the customer, then it’s highly likely that they will return in the future for other prospects.

small business coach

It helps improve customer experience 

If optimizing the customer experience and making them happy is your ultimate goal, then sales training is something you cannot skip. In today’s time, posting feedback about a brand is very easy, looking at the convenience of social media and its reach. Therefore, if the customer has had a bad experience with the brand, they may talk about it, and in the worst-case scenario, post about it on social media.

Sales training ensures that your employees know exactly what to do to make the customers happy and improve their experience. 

It helps improve the leadership skills of the employees

A good training session can empower the sales team with knowledge and the ability to distribute that knowledge among the customers. It teaches them effective communication skills, which improves their overall personality, making them good leaders and confident people.

It helps achieve business growth

If you want to see your business grow, you have to make the people in the business grow. That can only happen if they are trained enough to educate the team and also the customers. Quality training gives the team the knowledge they need to empower themselves and the people around them. All these attributes are important for any business to experience growth and stability.

3. Using LMS systems for imparting sales training

Learning management systems are platforms or software that help provide and upskill the qualities of employees with the help of training programs. These come with many features which help in learning, training, and updating knowledge.

Reasons why you should use LMS for sales training:

Cost-effective and affordable

Imparting training through an LMS is not just cost-effective but also yields numerous benefits. One such software for sales training is Docebo. There are no administrative costs involved in online training, such as travel and accommodation costs of the trainer, printing cost of the training material, and many more similar expenses. All the modules and study materials are updated and uploaded to the system for sales personnel’s reference and guidance.

Content is easily accessible without geographical limitations

Learning is made easy with an LMS as there is no geographical limitation. It can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Once the content goes to the system, it can be studied without any hassles. This enforces fast-paced learning without any dependency on anyone. Learners from across different time zones can utilize this flexibility ensuring consistent training modules across locations.

sales training

Content security

In an LMS, content is mostly secured. All the learner data and data related to the training are stored in one place and can be accessed by authorized personnel only. With an LMS,  learners do not have to waste extra time finding the right and relevant content; everything is made available to them on the server.

Tracking the success of the training course

A robust LMS comes with an in-built feature for reporting and analytics, whereby it becomes easier for trainers to track the learning paths of the learner and identify the potential areas of improvement. By keeping a tab on individual learning, leaders make sure that the employees are benefitting adequately from the training program and can achieve their training goals on time.


The above-mentioned points will tell you how sales training is an integral part of any business. Good sales mean good profits for the organization. So, keeping the sales personnel up to date becomes important for keeping the customers of the company happy. It is mandatory for businesses, in times like today, to draft a strategy for successful implementation of the training module and to leverage its benefits.

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