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Small Business Coach Offers Affordable Coaching Packages

Small Business Coach Associates is now offering affordable consulting programs. There is an option to try out working with an advisor prior to entering a monthly commitment. With options starting at only $497, business coaching is now within reach of every small business owner.

Small Business Coach Offers Affordable Coaching Packages

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Studies show that business executives who employ business coaches experience a return on investment between 500% and 800%. In other words for every $1 a business invests, businesses experience a return of $5 to $8. Although business coaching is common for larger businesses, 42% of businesses do not utilize a business coach. Likely the high costs to hire a coach has historically been a factor.

Alan Melton, president of Small Business Coach Associates said, “Typically one-to-one business coaching sessions are pricey for business owners; they can range from $1500 per month to $5000 per month. We recognize how challenging these economic times are for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Business owners need expert assistance now more than ever. Our team wanted to provide packages that would give every business owner access to these needed services at affordable prices.””

The company offers more comprehensive packages for business owners who want one-to-one coaching. Every package for existing businesses offers a business evaluation, a business assessment with recommended actions, and regular coaching sessions. With premium packages “Coach on Call” sessions are available (emergency coaching sessions) where a business coach to guide will them through an important decision.  Also provided in the packages are life coaching, training for the business owner and/or employees, and personality profiles.

Coaching has become commonplace in a large part of our society. From sports players to actors to singers to large companies, coaching is the norm. For example Tiger Woods employs golf coaches to help him improve. Virtually all successful individuals and businesses use advisors.

“”We interviewed a number of small business owners as we developed the packages,” said Melton. “Again and again we were told that in order to reach most small business owners, the packages needed to be low cost. These packages have been well-received by the business community.” This is an innovative idea and good news for small business owners who have weathered the stormy economy, increased taxes and government regulations. Most government officials recognize the fact that small businesses are the engine that powers our economy. With this needed assistance, small business engines may run more powerfully.

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