Small Business 401K Package

Your business is the Best Small Business 401k plan you have! If you are like most other business owners and entrepreneurs, the largest part of your wealth is in your business. Do you know its value? How are you going to cash in on your business value for retirement? Who is mentoring you to grow your “business 401k plan” for you? This package is designed for smaller companies with revenues up to one million dollars.

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Broker’s Opinion of Value.

We provide a 7 to 10-page report that summarizes your financial performance, providing a 3-year trend, charts, and graphs, along with the following services. We recast your financial statements to determine your total owner’s discretionary income. Then your business value is determined using the following three methods;

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Strategic Plan – Half Day.

We meet via teleconference with you and your selected team for 3 hours to develop your company Values, Vision and Mission, your industry outlook, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We help you to develop marketing strategies to grow your business and increase cash flows. We work with you to develop long term goals and an annual action plan. This is the “20,000-foot” view of your company and your strategies for growth and profitability. Additionally, we provide one personality profile and personal goals assessment to the owner prior to the planning meeting.

Business Assessment.

The business needs assessment is a 50 point self-directed check-up of important areas of your organization. We work to increase your profit margins. We review with you areas of Leadership, Marketing, Organization, Sales Growth, Planning, Motivated Employees, Customers, Finance, and Legal aspects of your company. We work with you to identify areas to work on, make specific recommendations for improvement, and incorporate recommendations into your action plan. This is the “5,000-foot” view of your business needs.

Training For Your Employees
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Quarterly Plan Review and Coaching.

We meet with you once per quarter for three quarters for financial and plan review, adjustments, and recommendations. This is the “500-foot” view of your business needs.

Ongoing Coaching as Needed.

We will provide up to two hours of telephone coaching as needs arise. This is working on the “ground level” day to day needs.

If you have a larger business, ask about our “mid-size” business packages.

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“””I have worked with Alan with several of my business owner clients. Alan’s expertise with helping the business owner maximize their business and ultimately sell to another party is very valuable. Alan’s integrity and character show through in his efforts to serve his clients. I would recommend Alan and his services.”

Bryan, President, Financial Planning Co

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