Rave Reviews From Our Clients

Gave myself a raise, paid off $75,000 debt, and 5 Weeks vacation!

“We would like to recommend Alan at Small Business Coach Associates for making a large impact on our business. We are on track to double our generator sales this year. We gave ourselves and our employees raises, and we have paid an additional $75,000 on a loan that is nearly paid off. We have improved our quoting process, our sales process, our collections process, and our conversions process.  These improvements have resulted in a big positive impact on our sales and cash flow.  Additionally, we are offering financing and other value-added services which have benefited our customers and our business. Finally, we are taking more time off: 5 weeks this year!” Andy, President, Electrical Services Company

I now know better how to market myself

“””The expert guidance I received from Alan and Small Business Coach Associates has made all the difference for my business. I know better how to market myself, and the strategy he provided has given me a roadmap for profitability. Not to mention Alan is simply a caring and generous person. Highly recommend!” Lara, Writing Coach

Tremendous Growth, Development of Key Personnel

“I have worked with Alan Melton for about a year. I had always heard of business coaching and never gone down that path. I decided to a little over 1 year ago to try it out and found Alan online. He has been instrumental in our business and development of key personnel. He has brought good insight into our overall business and helped implement different business practices that we had not thought of.  We have seen tremendous growth over the past year and it continues today.  I am looking forward to more growth and continued success with Alan at our side!” Jason Staiger, President, Commercial Cleaning Services

I am growing as a leader, 22% increase… in the past 30 days

“The instruction of the dynamic duo of Alan and Jim have been nothing short of transformative for me and my nonprofit organization. Each meeting brings discussion that leads to a deeper understanding of my role in the organization, which always leads to new, more directional actions that I had not thought of on my own. Since working together, I am growing as a leader, and the people within and outside the organization are noticing! I have no doubt in our success as we move forward thanks to these very smart, innovative, and incredibly generous guys. My nonprofit is showing a 22% increase in activity in just the past 30 days, morale is up, and we are actually thriving during these changing times.” Deborah DeLisle, Founder, Nature School

Peace of mind, hope, and tremendous growth

“I’ve been working with Alan and the coaches at Small Business Coach Associates for 6 months and they have already become an essential part of the success of my business. Alan’s thoughtful, patient, and consistent advice and encouragement, partnered with his incredible breadth of knowledge is astounding. Knowing that, no matter what problem or consideration I come up against, Alan will have a unique, informed and compassionate perspective, gives me incredible peace of mind and tremendous hope for the future of my business. In the 6 months we have worked together, I have seen tremendous growth in our revenue, we’ve decreased our expenses, focused to business future growth, and increased my personal happiness tremendously. I highly recommend that any small business owner reach out to them right away. I saw benefit from talking with Alan even in our first introductory phone call.” Rob Hess, Owner, Ice Cream Manufacturer

Leadership Skills Exceptional On Every Level

“Alan was the most influential president of the NLA. His leadership skills are exceptional on every level. Alan is a great mentor and brilliant business owner.” Sara Eastwood Richardson

My Business Has Grown and Pivoted to the Times

I have been working with Jim and Alan for 5 months and everything has been exceptional. My business has grown and adopted to the times and can easily see why any business owner would hire these guys. The thing I like most, is they challenge you and make you think different and get uncomfortable. Dr. Austin Cohen, President, Corrective Chiropractic

Jackie Primrose

Very Powerful and Effective Program, Seeing Steady Growth

“Very powerful and effective program for a fitness owner. I’ve been seeing steady growth in my business. Very dependable. Goes above and beyond in delivering on stated services, goals, and outcomes.” Jackie, Owner, Wellness Company

Getting Me Focused, Working on the Right Challenges

I worked with Alan and he was a great help in getting me focused and working on the right challenges. He understands small and midsize businesses and what it is like to be an entrepreneur. He is thoughtful and patient to work with. I recommend Alan if you have reached a plateau in your business and need some help taking it to the next level. John, President, Local Marketing Agency

Doubled My Sales and Improved Profits By 400%

Business coaching was difficult for me in the beginning. It was hard for me to change but Alan helped me to put things in perspective. He sees my business with a different set of eyes. He is able to simplify complex business issues and break them down into practical steps. “How do you eat and elephant? One bite at a time.” Alan listens well even when I’m frustrated. Doing business coaching is like going to school; I didn’t realize that I was learning. I have learned to be patient. He helped me look at things like my shop floor space to make it more productive and how to better manage my people. As a result of working with Alan I have doubled my sales and my profits have increased by nearly 400%.  Eugene, President, Auto Body Shop.

Sage Advice Removes Anxiety…..Incredibly Invaluable

“”I have been working with Alan for nearly a year. He is the consummate professional. Being a business owner necessarily requires making difficult decisions. Many times, there is not a right answer or a wrong answer to a question, only a best answer. I have found Alan’s guidance in analyzing a situation and helping to craft an action plan to be incredibly valuable. Knowing that I have access to Alan’s sage advice removes some of the anxiety associated with business ownership. I view him not as simply a coach, but a business partner. I am honored to call him a friend.” Chad, President, Outdoor Power Equipment