Here’s What Our Clients Said About Us…


Exit Planning Very Valuable

“I have worked with Alan with several of my business owner clients. Alan’s expertise with helping the business owner maximize their business and ultimately sell to another party is very valuable. Alan’s integrity and character show through in his efforts to serve his clients. I would recommend Alan and his services.” Bryan, President, Financial Planning Co

Donna and Eric Fritsche

Helped us Buy a Business

“As new, prospective business owners located in the sunbelt, we had general ideas about what we wanted to do but had no idea how to approach the beginning processes associated with business purchase and ownership. We sought and found in Alan Melton at Small Business Coach Associates excellent coaching based on his own business experience as well as the ability to network through him and meet other professionals that have helped us a great deal in the pursuit of our business venture.” Donna and Eric, Owners, Restaurant

Excellent Strategic Plan Development

“This Strategic Planning and Coaching session was very timely for our organization. You led us to address key issues and to create ideas and actions to resolve them. You prepared me in advance for the constructive criticism that would come from my employees. You were especially effective in drawing out ideas from my employees in my presence, who may have otherwise been intimidated and reluctant to volunteer constructive criticism. I would highly recommend you to other Presidents, CEO’s and Business Owners.” John, President, Manufacturing Company

Mike Sobol

Business Growth, Personal Growth

“Alan Melton has the uncanny talent of taking people’s skills and ability and shaping them to grow and develop in these increasingly changing economic times. Alan has had a profound impact on me and he will greatly benefit any start up entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to see their business grow and prosper. I experienced business growth from his coaching.” Mike, Co-Owner, Transportation Company

Bobby Ballentine

Business Valuation Very Thorough

“Recently I used you for a valuation on two of my companies. I found your service to be very professional and very thorough; you had good, thought provoking questions. Among other things, we discussed the markets we are located in, our industry, our inventory levels, and our revenue and profit growth. I believe you ‘shot straight’ with me on my company’s strengths and areas for improvement.” Bobby, CEO, Retail Machines and Products

Doug Geathouse

Results in Business and Quality of Life

“I feel very fortunate to have met Alan Melton. The timing could not have been better. My business had reached a point of growth in which I really needed some help pushing it forward. I had been actively seeking a mentor and business coach and there could not be a better fit than Alan. He was quickly able to access my current situation and provide a clear plan and direction. I immediately starting seeing results in both my business and overall quality of life. If you need help taking your business to the next level Alan is the one that can get you there.” Doug, CEO, Web Design and Marketing

Angle Fitch

Improvement in life, productivity and reaching my long term goals.

“I work with the public daily, and what I see are a lot of confused people. We can often become disillusioned and lose our focus and drive in life. It’s easy to become frustrated and lose hope. I had. I went to Alan Melton for help. I needed to be able to sift through my information and the information around me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and with my career. Through a systematic process, Alan has been able to help me do just that.

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Personally I’ve seen a strong improvement in my day to day routine. Before working with Alan I struggled just putting my day together. I lost the ability to construct my day. This meant that many times my days were happening to me instead of me being the leader of my time. I use to have those abilities, but the many changes in my work environment caused problems in my regular work routine. Now I’ve become much more productive, I’m able to organize and work through my day, having a strong emphasis on my goals. I have a plan. I am working the plan. The day and its problems are not working me. My frustrations have been replaced with clear goals. I am already seeing results. I highly recommend the services Alan Melton provides. They have made a significant improvement to my life, my productivity and my ability to reach my long term goals. Thank you Alan, It is a pleasure working with you.” Angela, Insurance Agency Manager

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Billy Gilchrist

Grow my pipeline, market my business, and stay on target with my goals.

“When I read Small Business Coach Associates’ home page I was blown away because the points in their message hit home with where I was in my life and business. I was experiencing owner burnout in my business and I wanted to dump my business. Alan Melton has a lot of insight on where I was because he has personally been there himself. He can really relate to me. I initially thought that the benefits that Small Business Coach offers were too good to be true.

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However during our first meeting I discovered that every possibility will come true. The plan that Alan developed is far beyond my expectations. Since we have been meeting weekly Alan’s coaching continues to blow me away with new ideas to grow my pipeline, market my business, and stay on target with my goals.”
Billy, Owner, Carpet Cleaning Service

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Angel Ribo

Bought business with zero down, got cash at closing!

I wanted to share with you that Alan Melton assisted my wife and I in achieving our lifelong dream of owning our own business. We began to work with Alan and his team when we felt that the Lord was leading us to own our own business. They were very instrumental by making our dream their own. Through numerous obstacles, they persevered and now we are the owners of a business.

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I would not only recommend Alan and his team but I would add that if in the future I was to seek out another acquisition I would not hesitate in reaching out to him once again for assistance. He is a man of high integrity and excellent work ethic.” Angel, President and CEO, Medical Research Clinic

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