Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

David Greene Attorney

My Profits Have Increased 50%

“I was initially hesitant to take on a business coach, but now I’m glad I did. Since Alan and I began working together my sales have increased significantly and I’m glad to use his services. My profits have increased an average of 50%.” David Greene, Founder, Law Firm

My Sales Have Increased 50% and Profits Have Increased 400%

“We experienced great results from working with Alan at Small Business Coach Associates. We were able to structure our office and establish a relationship with a new CPA, so that I could get a better handle on the financial area of my business. Alan advised me about purchasing another business in my industry and were able to successfully negotiate that purchase. I have been able to increase my revenues by 50% and my profits by 400%. I recommend Alan and SBCA to any business owner looking to improve their business.” Chad Ramsey, President, Cherokee Alarms


Improved my client pipeline

“Alan was extremely helpful in providing me with suggestions on how I can improve my client pipeline and partner with other businesses. In our very first meeting, I was able to feel his understanding and compassion for my particular situation. He came prepared, listened to my concerns, and offered simple yet effective advice that will yield fantastic results. Thanks, Alan! It has been a pleasure working with you.” Martine Dardignac, Owner, The Capable Bride

Rick Wells

Innovative ideas for growth at little or no cost

“After just one meeting with Alan, he had developed and discussed innovative ideas that were very realistic and little or no cost to BCA to implement a marketing and growth strategy.” Rick, Business Chaplain

Linda Craig Fitness

More Money, Happier Employees, Vision

“”You really can’t go wrong with accessing the services and the knowledge of Alan Melton. He really makes you look at your business from all sides, and think about what you really want that to look like for you and your family. By implementing Alan’s recommendations, we realized more money in our pocket, had happier employees, and gained vision for our future to boot. Give Alan a call, you’ll be glad you did!” Linda, Owner, Fitness Studio

Beth Bradley

My sales and number of students have doubled

“Alan is super encouraging. He is great at pointing out things I’ve never thought about. It’s nice to work with a male in business who has my best interests in mind. Alan is great at keeping me on task without making me feel bad about missing a deadline. My sales and number of students have doubled since Alan began coaching me 5 months ago and I was able to take my first paycheck since starting my dance studio two years ago.” Beth Bradley, Owner, Dance Without Limits

Chuck Spangler

Alan’s business evaluations are an incredible value

“Alan Melton provides needed resources for business owners. We have been using his business evaluations for our clients, and our clients have been very pleased with his very thorough 30+ page report with 8 evaluation models. His business evaluations are an incredible value. Prior to using Alan we paid $3,000 to $5,000 for business evaluations and up to $10,000 for a business evaluation with market research.

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Business owners have the vast majority of their wealth invested in their business. It is critical that you know the value of your business. This is even more important when business owners are 3 to 4 years from retiring. Knowing the value of your business is the first step to growing your business value. Then you can get small business coach training from Alan or if you are a manufacturer, from the SCMEP. Start early to work on your business; don’t wait until some event forces you to sell when the value is not there.” Chuck, CEO, Manufacturer Consulting Organization

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Jackie Primrose

Very Powerful and Effective Program, Seeing Steady Growth

“Very powerful and effective program for a fitness owner. I’ve been seeing steady growth in my business. Very dependable. Goes above and beyond in delivering on stated services, goals, and outcomes.” Jackie, Owner, Wellness Company

we have owned businesses

Significantly increased revenue and profit, clear path

“Alan helped me define realistic goals for my business and to define and implement a strategy to meet those goals. Since that time, we have experienced significantly increased revenue and profit and our path forward is clearly established.” Tom, President, Technical Publishing Co

Improved our Gross Margins by 4%

“””Alan Melton as helped me see and discuss things that I wouldn’t see otherwise. We have set goals to improve profitability and productivity. Alan helped us with our team concept including communications and regular meetings. The areas that you have helped us implement have improved our Gross Margins by 4%. ” Randy Turner, President, United Electrical Distributors

He has helped us breathe new life into our business…

Alan is an amazing small business coach. He has helped us breathe new life into our business by helping us to see all of the “good and “not so good” of our business. When I say “not so good’, that just means the things that we needed to work on. Even though some things are things we knew we needed to work on, he shed new light on HOW to do this. He is very encouraging and we know he wants our business to succeed. He goes above and beyond just being a business coach. He is a blessing!