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Remote Work Tips For E-commerce Companies

Remote work was a savior for businesses amid the pandemic as it kept the operations and the revenues churning for them. However, companies across all verticals have decided to continue with the model, and e-commerce is no exception. In fact, e-commerce and remote work make a perfect duo. A recent survey by Digital Commerce 360 stated that 63% of e-commerce companies witnessed a spike in sales during the pandemic, and 48% of them have decided to retain their remote work policies post-pandemic. While the model is apt for e-commerce, you may still struggle with the quintessential challenges of managing a remote team. After all, productivity and efficiency always remain a concern when employees work from home. Moreover, technical issues may cause disruptions, and security risks cause immense worries. But you can overcome these challenges and make the most of the model. Here are a few actionable remote work tips for e-commerce companies.

Remote Work Tips: Establish a routine

Not having a well-established routine is the most daunting challenge for remote workers. E-commerce companies may face even more issues because they have to be available and accessible at all times. You cannot expect employees to go missing when your website encounters a glitch or a customer wants to connect with a support executive. Encourage your employees to establish a routine. Ideally, it should work for them and support your business processes.  

Begin with clear expectations

When people are out of the office, they hardly know what managers expect from them. You cannot be around to supervise their work and share input. But starting with clear expectations gives you a head start. For example, you can set realistic targets for your sales and customer teams, give issue resolution timelines to IT support professionals, and establish a process for design and development resources. Establish clear communication channels to be on the same page with them.

Remote Work Tips: Use reliable collaboration tools

Collaboration is a critical aspect of running a remote team for your e-commerce business. Your web developers, marketers, support executives, and operational staff should work together to ensure the best customer experiences. Using reliable collaboration tools is the key to running the processes seamlessly. Implementing a secure Remote PC Access solution is equally critical as it enables employees to access business data from anywhere. The best part is that you need not worry about security.

Online meeting software is a critical tool for managing a remote team. It provides a platform for the team to collaborate, discuss, and share ideas as if they were in the same office together.

The software’s video conferencing capabilities add a personal touch, enhancing team cohesion and fostering a better working relationship. Screen sharing allows team members to demonstrate their work or explain concepts more effectively, while file sharing facilitates sharing of crucial documents or resources.

Thus, online meeting software is a central hub for remote team communication and collaboration, making it indispensable in today’s remote working environment.


Provide the right equipment

Besides relevant tools and apps for communication and collaboration, your team must also have the right equipment to do their jobs effectively. Typically, they will need laptops, headsets, tablets, and mobile phones. Further, ensure they have ergonomic work settings in a distraction-free area. The availability of proper tools and equipment makes a WFH team more productive 

Remote Work Tips: Set boundaries

The line between work and personal life is often blurred when people work from home. Setting boundaries for your remote team members is another essential aspect of managing them. It translates into an optimal work-life balance, which makes people more loyal and productive. Moreover, it strengthens the company culture and boosts your employer’s brand in the long haul. 

Running a remote e-commerce team requires proper planning and support for your employees. Follow these simple remote work tips to cover both fronts.

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