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Readymade Vs Learning Management System

Readymade Vs Learning Management System: What Would You Prefer?

Managing a Learning Management System (LMS) is not always easy. It is crucial that you meet the learner’s expectations. As technology advances, you must upgrade your eLearning platform to ensure that your students have access to a safe and up-to-date learning technique.

The user interface is one of the most important parts of an LMS, and your theme is the core of it. An LMS theme has an impact not only on the aesthetic element of your learning journey but on the learning experience as a whole.

Readymade Learning Management System theme

Ready-made LMS themes are the themes that are readily available in the LMS format. For building an eLearning portal, you just have to select a theme that comes with various Google fonts, sidebars and widgets, and color palettes. The content developer or an author can just import the content and set up their eLearning website with just a click.

Benefits of ready-made themes

Ready-made LMS themes or predefined LMS themes are less time-consuming and cost-effective than customized LMS themes. You can just select a theme from the list of themes that already matches your color scheme and needs. No need to go for designing the website altogether.

In addition, there is no need for a coder or designer to develop or deploy the eLearning content. Authors and trainers can quickly develop and deploy their content from anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, since LMS themes are created by the vendors themselves, they are constantly updated to meet market norms. You don’t have to worry about updates and improvements.   

With an easy user interface of the ready-made theme of LMS publishing, updating and translating is an easy task with limited options, making it ideal for small businesses, solopreneurs, and freelancers.

Customized LMS theme

Customizing your training portal with your own LMS theme is more than simply changing the colors; it also entails altering the appearance and feel of your platform to reflect your brand and identity. 

Because adding a personal touch to your training can help you connect with your learners more effectively.

Benefits of a custom theme in Learning Management System


Customizing eLearning courses has many advantages, but it may also seem like a lot of effort. However, using an intuitive, easy-to-use training platform, customizations are made in a matter of a few clicks. 

Even small adjustments, such as adding your logo or your corporate motto, will remain in the minds of learners and remind them that this is the platform you created for them.

This will help you get more credibility and reliability, just make sure you are consistent with your brand identity elements across all media, whether it’s the messages you distribute, the ideals you promote, or the language you use. 

Additionally, if you are using an LMS to train your customers, customizing it according to your brand will help enhance consumer acceptance. Moreover, since you have more control over updates and upgrades, you can make your LMS more comfortable and easy to use. 

The more comfortable users are using your LMS, the more likely they are to sign in and finish their course. A platform that doesn’t match your website or other communication channels will quickly turn off users.

Also, there are no solutions in LMS that are perfect for everybody. You know your learners better than anyone else, and you understand their problems better than anybody else. As a result, you should also personalize your LMS themes to match their demands and provide a better learning experience.

Gamification and assessment notifications can also be added to a custom-made LMS for a theme that can increase user retention and employee engagement.


The development of an eLearning program that offers a range of features necessitates considerable user experience investment. It requires the creation of bespoke modules and the customization of an existing codebase. As a result, you should choose a custom LMS theme with a basic codebase that you (or your developer) may enhance to improve the user experience. Although a ready-made theme for LMS offers ready-to-go patterns, one-step development, and deployment.

You can select a ready-made theme filter and check out the LMS review section to make a wise decision about the customization of the LMS interface as per your training requirements.

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