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Questions to Ask to Develop Your Brand Identity

Brand identity plays a crucial role in the growth and retention of the customer base. It is defined as the perception of a person about the brand. To launch your product in the market, you must first develop a brand identity. People often think the brand identity and branding are similar; that is not the case in reality.

Branding is actually done to create a strong brand identity among the masses. So you can establish a brand identity after doing effective branding campaigns for your product. Various components constitute to develop a brand identity that includes the visual look of the brand, brand voice, brand values, brand personality, and brand message, most importantly. To create a lasting brand identity, all these components must be present in a product.

Questions to Ask to Develop Your Brand Identity

While developing a brand identity, there are a set of questions that you must ask. Here we shall discuss a few of the questions that must be taken into account.

Who will be your ideal customer?

It is important first to identify the ideal customer for your brand. Determine the customer’s priorities that whether he/she wants an economical cost of the product or their focus is a high-quality product. Identify all the concerns of your ideal customer and then design a brand identity of your product.

Is your brand is solving a problem?

It is a common observation that nobody buys any product without a reason. Mostly people buy certain products to solve their problems. It is recommended to bring any such product that addresses the customer’s need and instantly solves their problems. In this way, your brand will develop a relationship to the customer. Identify the issues of people and build your brand based on these problems. Your brand must offer a solution to the existing issues of people.

What will be the personality of the brand?

Like humans, brands do have a personality that leaves a lasting impact on customers. It is because of the brand personality people are able to perceive the feel of the brand. To create the personality of your brand, you may take help by identifying the personality traits of your own self. Successful brand identity is established when people are able to relate to the brand on a human level. There are various brands in the market that you must have perceived a specific tone and personality about.

Who are your competitors?

Competitors are the best learning medium for any business. It is recommended to analyze your competitors. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of their brand. Take a look at their branding strategy and opt for the ways that are good for your brand. There are all kinds of brands in the market ranging from poor to good to very good. Analyze their strategies in designing the logo, consistency, originality, and other factors across all platforms. Please pick up the good lessons and implement them in your strategy while ignoring the bad points. Do not make the mistakes that your competitors have made in and for that, you have to analyze your competitors thoroughly. In this way you shall be able to establish a strong brand identity that will stand out.

What is the feeling of your customers?

The most important aspect for any band is how their customers feel about the brand. You can analyze the emotions of your customers when they interact with your management team whether remotely or face to face. The way they talk about your brand has a lot to say about your brand identity. By careful analysis of customers’ interaction, you can develop a visual identity of your brand with a unique logo using different fonts and colors.

Is your brand unique?

While establishing a brand identity, it must be kept in mind that your brand must offer something unique that other competitors are not offering in the market. Choose a specific niche and work on that. Even if you have established similar brand that is already in the market, then bring a difference in its characteristic that must be felt by the customers. You can take inspiration from different brands that are working in order to bring uniqueness in your brand.

Has your brand built a trust factor?

It is recommended to conduct the surveys and interviews of your customers asking them the reason to choose your brand and trust it.The reason of trust on your brand will help you in establishing the brand identity. There ca be various reasons including flexibility, transparency, expertise and many more. In this way you shall be able to develop a brand identity that will appeal to the masses. For instance, Rehan Services is a plumbing services company that has built the trust among the masses because of its effective work.

What is your brand story?

There is always a brand story behind every brand. It is your job to glorify that story in the eyes of masses and make your brand a super hero. This story shall be having the reason to develop the brand or your inspiration behind creating the brand.

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