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Pros and Cons Of Hiring Students

What are some pros and cons of hiring students? There are around 20 million college students in the US. Many of them already have some experience in their specialty or other jobs. Some are learning with the speed of light and can bring your company unbelievable results.

These people are active, great at communication and negotiation, have a fresh view of literally anything, which will benefit your business. The world is changing, and who knows all these trends better than college students?

However, their main priority might be assignments and some of them tend to get quite tired at school. So, is hiring students worth it? We know everything about the topic and have prepared a handy list of the

Pros and Cons of Hiring Students

Pros of Hiring Students

There are lots of advantages every employer will gain if they choose to hire college students. They range from money-saving to a constant influx of innovations into your teams. Consider these wisely because recruiting a student may become the best decision for your company.

You Save on Salary

People working in college years aren’t very greedy. Many of them value experience much more. So, you’re not going to pay them thousands before they get more practice and expertise. Graduates have a degree, so they will cost the company more.

But don’t get greedy as well. If you see that the student working for you achieves great results, don’t hesitate to give them a raise. After all, they deserve it.

Hiring students brings a lot of financial benefit at first, so you definitely should consider this option. Not to mention there are more perks than money-saving.

hiring student

You Get Fresh Ideas

Students are the moving power of new professions you may not even find on career blogs. They will shower your projects with creative ideas for several reasons:

  • They are younger and have a totally different life;
  • They have different thinking patterns, which means a lot;
  • They know about modern trends.

These people are into blogs, so they can find you blogging opportunities for brand awareness. They are into social media and feel like fish in the water there, which is also great for marketing and building a brand. All these online professions are taking over, and you need someone who’s fluent in the topic.

You Get a Completely New Skillset BY HIRING STUDENTS

For example, 10 years ago SEO and link building weren’t as popular as they are now. Of course, there are newer examples that offer a completely different approach to marketing, content creation, and more.

How to target the right audience? What is digital marketing, metrics, SEO, DA, SERP? Students grow up with the Internet, so they know everything about these things. And if not, it’s very easy for them to learn.

Younger people are often better at online research and can distinguish a credible source from a spammy website with false information. They know the basics of coding, how to use social media to the best advantage, and much more.

You Get a Prospect That Is Willing to Learn

Give them a guide on how to become a digital marketer, and in several months you’ll get a fresh specialist who will influx fresh ideas for your business every week. These people are willing to learn and improve, develop new skills and get experience that will help them in the future.

You need such recruits for the increase of interest in your company. Besides, when that student becomes a skilled professional, you can use it as an approach to become a better, more appealing employer. More talent will rush in to become your workers.

Cons of Hiring Students

Of course, there are disadvantages. Hiring a student for any position creates a challenge. How do you know the student is diligent? What if they will ask for sick leaves all the time? What if they like to party more than to gain experience?

Well, first of all, you should test a candidate before hiring them. Besides, you should be ready for the following disadvantages.

Changing Schedule

Even they don’t know when a professor asks everyone to go to college and do an additional assignment. There are many things that will adjust the schedule of your new employee. Your job is to be loyal and understand the situation.

Of course, if the person asks for a leave every second day, it’s not OK and not worth it, unless it’s exam time. But being understanding is never a bad option. After all, this student may gain experience and become the best employee that will lead the company to a breakthrough.

College students are usually very grateful to employers that are loyal to their needs and understand that schedules can change.

College Is a Priority

You’ll have to provide more days off to such employees until they graduate. There are tons of assignments, exam preparation, and other things students have to do to get an education. All these tasks are strenuous, and there will be no sense to make them work after studying hard for a whole day. There just will be no result.

So, you need to be flexible and believe that the prospect will bring you much more than you invest in them at the moment.

Of course, the well-being of your business is the most important thing. But if those extra leaves don’t really slow the work down, allow it. Plus, nowadays, there are loads of software that can help you organize remote work. This will help both sides greatly:

  • You will have all the work done in time;
  • They will be able to have a rest at home and be more productive later on.

Less Work Experience

The problem of modern society is the lack of desire to teach new employees. Every company wants experienced people. But where can these college students get experience if all businesses look for candidates that already have it?

Think about what you want more: a top-notch future specialist that learns fast and brings new ideas or someone with experience that will turn out to be a mediocre employee?

Sometimes it’s a gamble. But you conduct interviews and prepare tests for all employees, so testing a student won’t be a problem.

Don’t forget to use a free plagiarism checker for students to review their works if you give them to write an essay. Unfortunately, not all students are honest and some of them use other peoples’ papers. In the end, you will have a grateful, hardworking employee that will bring innovations to your business. In the end, you will have a grateful, hardworking employee that will bring innovations to your business.

Make the Right Choice

Consider all these advantages and disadvantages, as well as the resources of your company and its needs. If you are an old company not really caring about new trends and modern decisions, with employees who are all 50+ years old, hiring a student may disrupt the system. And it’s your decision whether you want to make that major shift or not.

But if you’re a business that wants to walk along with the new technologies of our time, hiring students might become your best decision without any disruptions!

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.



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