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Personal Employee Recognition Beyond the Office

Ever stopped to think how big of a deal it is when one of your folks nails something monumental in their personal life? We all know work achievements get the confetti cannon treatment, but let’s not forget the human side of our human resources. Personal employee recognition can go a long way, with creating a healthy work environment.

Whether it’s about celebrating new additions to families or conquering personal goals, these moments matter. That’s why you should always look out for ways to amp up employee recognition beyond the confines of cubicle land.

But fret not, as here are some ideas to help you make work-life balance more than just a buzzword.

Hit Them with a Personalized Care Package Surprise

Imagine your employee just crushed their side hustle goals, and you want to throw some confetti their way. How about curating a sweet care package brimming with stuff they adore?

For example, if they are an aspiring sommelier, put together a fine selection of wines paired with a bunch of those fancy cheeses nobody can pronounce. It’s not rocket science – just pick out things that resonate with their big win.

That shows you’ve paid attention to who they are beyond the 9-to-5 grind. Better still, such personal touches help build camaraderie and keep workplace vibes more positive than an unstoppable meme train! 

Invest in Their Passions with a Class or Workshop


So you’ve noted that your teammate has got hobbies they jam on outside of work. Why not show appreciation by sponsoring a class or workshop for them? It’s like saying, “Hey, we see you and all the cool stuff that makes you tick.”

Let’s say they are always doodling epic dragons during breaks – hook them up with a digital art class to hone those skills. Or maybe another gushes about wanting to make their own sushi – surprise them with a spot at a local cooking school.

Besides being super thoughtful, it nudges people toward exploring their passions and possibly discovering new talents. Not only do they feel valued, but it can also lead to fresh perspectives that spice up their daily work mojo. Win-win!

Give Back with a Heartfelt Donation for Personal Employee Recognition

Now, for the squad member who’s all about making the world a better place, hear this – a charitable donation in their name can be super touching. It’s less about stuff and more about impact, which some folks seriously dig.

Say Lisa just ran a marathon for mental health awareness. Why not keep that goodwill rolling by donating to her favorite mental health charity? Throw in a neat card explaining the donation, and you’re golden! It’s their personal milestone, leaving a positive mark on causes they care deeply about.

It’s also cool ’cause it gets everyone thinking about giving back too. So you’re not just recognizing one person; you’re kindling a whole spirit of community within your team. 

Shout Out with a Star-Studded Video Message

Another next-level idea is rallying the whole squad to create a video message for birthday celebrations or other cool personal moments. Picture this – someone’s hitting the big 4-0, and instead of the usual email blast that gets buried faster than treasure on a beach, everyone chips in with short clips sharing laughs or inside jokes.

Mash those together, and you’ve got yourself a blockbuster hit that’ll have more impact than just another “Happy Birthday” card. Plus, it’s something they can keep forever. It’ll be even better if you manage to sneak their family or furry friend into the footage. It’s personal, memorable, and seriously thoughtful—a triple win!

Shine a Light with Social Media Kudos for Personal Employee Recognition

Lastly, don’t forget the power of a social media shout-out. It’s like stepping up to a virtual megaphone and telling the world, “Check out this rockstar!” Except it’s for milestones like attending grad school or crafting their first novel.

But remember, always double-check that they’re cool with the public props – not everyone’s into broadcasting their life.

If they’re game, showcase their achievement on your company’s LinkedIn or Instagram with a fun pic or even an action shot of them doing what they love. Just imagine their grin when they see friends and colleagues piling on the congrats in the comments. Plus, it shows clients you’re about more than just bottom lines – you value people and their passions.

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