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Marketing Guide For A New Law Practice In 2024

Helming your own law practice is a dream to aspire to, yet one which can turn sour if you aren’t able to attract clients quickly. 

That’s why it pays to have a marketing strategy in place from day one, so here are some tips on how to handle this in the current climate.

A good website is a must

There are many strands to marketing for lawyers you’ll need to weave together in order to achieve success, and a solid web presence is one of them. 

Even at a time when social media is seen by many as the best place to promote your business, without a website you’ll be lacking the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. 

When building a site, search engine optimization is important. You also have to put visitors ahead of search algorithms when it comes to things like content and the interface. 

If you can’t build a quality site in-house, it’s worth outsourcing this to experts, rather than cutting corners. A bespoke site that is made specifically for your law practice is a better investment than a more basic, generic alternative. 

You need a brand identity & narrative for your law practice


Branding is usually talked about in other professional spheres, while being a little overlooked in the legal arena. That’s a pity, as the law firms that put effort into establishing a relatable, relevant, and engaging brand tend to connect with clients more easily. 

To do this, think about what makes your practice unique, as this should give you the starting point for putting together a compelling narrative that will reel in prospects and let you stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you focus on the experience of your team, the track record you hold, the types of cases you tackle, or the communities you support, a robust brand identity and a story to back it up will work wonders. 

Social media is a powerful ally

We mentioned the might of social media earlier, and it’s undeniably important to launch your law practice with the help of social platforms that are popular with your target audience. 

Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter tend to be best for businesses in this industry, so don’t delay in creating profiles on each and publishing posts consistently and regularly to start gaining a following. 

Social media is ideal for lead generation and customer engagement. It’s also useful in your brand-building efforts as well, and most clients will expect to be able to find you on social sites, so it’s about earning trust as much as anything else. 

Email marketing is still alive and kicking

It’s tricky to top email marketing in terms of return on investment, in part because it’s a far more direct way to push your services on prospects, and offers a whole host of analytical abilities to help you tweak campaigns over time. 

Another reason to adopt email marketing as part of your strategy for selling your new law practice is that much of it can be automated. This includes sending follow-up messages to chase down leads and move towards conversions. 

You still need to be careful about who you target with your email marketing campaigns, and law firms benefit most from focusing on prospects based on their location. 

Final thoughts on your law practice

The more research you do into marketing your new law practice, the better the outcome will be in the long run. Spending money to win clients is inevitable, but you still need to be smart about how you allocate your budget, and savvy to the latest strategies to get a good return. small business coach