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Legal Wellness in the Digital Age: Online Tools for Legal Clarity

Modern people deal with legal documents all the time when they make business deals, accept job offers, sell cars, or rent apartments. In the past, the process of any legal document creation could take weeks and even months. A lawyer drafted a contract, reviewed it, printed it, and presented it to the client, who had to sign the papers. Nowadays, thanks to legal technologies, you can create any legal document quickly and without an attorney’s involvement. We have made a list of online tools that would help you to deal with legal issues professionally and stress-free. 

What Is Legal Wellness in the Modern World?

Better prevent than cure. This rule applies not only to our physical and mental health but also to legal deals. A small mistake in a contract can sometimes bring you to court and trigger a lengthy and costly process of litigation.

Legal wellness refers to the proactive management of legal affairs that allows you to prevent potential legal disputes. We should take care of our legal deals with the help of routine “check-ups” with legal professionals. Their main function is to check whether your business operations or private deals do not contradict relevant laws and regulations. 

Besides, when creating and signing legal documents, we should make sure they are well-structured, error-free, and comprehensive. Do you always need a lawyer for that? Thanks to a variety of online apps you don’t. 


Why Is Legal Clarity Important in Business?

Business is a tricky area. It involves big money, huge responsibility, and a high cost for any mistakes. Here is why legal clarity is vital in any business:

  • It ensures that you, as a business owner or stakeholder, understand the rules that govern your economic activities. The better you understand what is legal and what is not, the more effective your business strategy will be.
  • It reduces your chances to face litigation, penalties, or even closure of the business.If you don’t understand what taxes you should pay or engage in illegal business, don’t be surprised when you get a fine.
  • It protects your business’s rights and interests. If you have a business-related dispute, a well-drafted contract that covers all the essential terms of the deal will help solve it.
  • It enhances your business’s credibility and reputation. Consumers and partners are likely to trust a business that is well-regulated and operates legally.
  • It fosters a secure environment for business growth and expansion

In simple terms, if you understand the legal landscape, you know how to direct your business safely. It’s like having a map in unfamiliar territory — it directs you on the right path and keeps you from straying.

Legal clarity is foremost essential in contract drafting. Let’s explore how a professionally-drafted document should look like using the example of a bill of sale

If your business deals with sales often, inviting a lawyer to draft a separate contract for each deal will be a costly decision.Instead, you can use bill of sale templates available online. Check if the source providing the template is reliable and if the template is drafted by professional lawyers. A typical bill of sale should contain such elements:

  1. Personal information of the seller and the buyer;
  2. The characteristics of the property to be sold;
  3. The price;
  4. The size of the sales tax;
  5. Warranty;
  6. Transfer of title;
  7. Date and signatures. 

digital tools

Top 10 Online Tools for Your Legal Wellness

The IT industry offers a great variety of tools that can help you deal with legal tasks even without the involvement of a lawyer. 

  1. Lawrina Templates is a reliable legaltech platform that offers 200+ templates for business, real estate, and personal legal matters. You can create a free account and buy only one document, use templates that are available for free, or buy a premium subscription that costs $29,95 and gives you unlimited access to all templates on the platform.
  2. UpCounsel allows businesses to connect with top attorneys for each legal need. The cost varies depending on the project and attorney’s rates.
  3. Incfile specializes in business formation services. Its Silver package is free (you only pay the state fee), the Gold package is $149, and the Platinum package is $299.
  4. Docracy is a home for contracts and other legal documents. Its service is free to use.
  5. LegalZoom provides services for business formation, intellectual property protection, contract drafting, and estate planning. The prices vary depending on the specific service.
  6. Rocket Lawyer offers legal document creation, attorney advice, and incorporation services. Pricing starts at $39.99 for a single document, while the premium plan is $39.99 per month with a 7-day free trial.
  7. Avvo connects users with attorneys in various fields. The service itself is free, but hiring an attorney will have its own cost.
  8. LawDepot allows you to create your own customized legal documents and contracts. It offers a free trial week, followed by a $35 per month fee or an annual membership for $107.88.
  9. Nolo offers free legal information and do-it-yourself legal guides. Subscriptions will cost you from $15 to $50.
  10. LegalShield provides affordable access to attorneys for individuals and businesses. Individual plans start at $24.95 per month, and small business plans start at $39 per month.

When you choose an app to use, analyze how well it can meet your needs. Sometimes, it’s better to buy two subscriptions for two different high-quality tools than to pay for a multifunctional app that provides services of lower quality. Remember that legal matters may have serious consequences for your business. Therefore, your task is to use all the best tools to prevent any problems or issues


Simultaneously trying to build your business and handle legal matters is a hard task, especially for those who do not have legal background. Luckily, modern apps can make the lives of entrepreneurs easier and free them from the need of hiring an attorney every time they need a document. Use legal templates, review, edit, store, and sign documents online in a few minutes without the fear of making a mistake and getting a fine. Make all the legal processes as clear and transparent as possible and enjoy the sense of safety and stability it will bring you.

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