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Key Courses for Small Road Construction Companies

Urban traffic control and laying small roads in a city are quite difficult tasks. In any city or metropolis, two things matter a lot: constructing small roads and managing the movement of vehicles on those roads. This mandates that small road construction companies recruit their employees who have taken key courses in road construction. At the same time, a city’s transport department should also recruit traffic police only from those who have already taken a course in traffic control.  

The latest statistics released by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications, and the Arts (Australian Government Body) show that 110 road deaths occurred in February 2024. This figure is 15.1 percent higher than the average for February over the previous five years. 

During the 12 months ending February 2024, there were 1,286 road deaths, an increase of 9.9 percent from the 12-month period ending February 2023. Presently, the rate of annual deaths per 100,000 population stands at 4.81, a 7.2 percent increase compared to the rate for the 12-month period ending February 2023. 

Key Courses for Small Road Construction Companies


Urban sprawl and urban connectivity are the two reasons that have enhanced road construction activities all across the world. Take the example of Australia. The engagement of labor by small road construction companies is growing exponentially on a year-on-year basis. 

According to Australia’s Labour Market Insights website, employment in the construction industry grew over the 20 years to February 2023. It says the number of workers grew by 27,600 (or 2.1%) over the last quarter and 146,200 (or 12.4%) over the last year. 

In this context, the primary importance of key courses for small road construction companies assumes significance. This course has been designed especially for road construction workers to impart them practical engineering knowledge.   

The course teaches workers about the following key issues about road construction: 

1. Protection of existing underground services 

1. Field density test-cone method 

2. Road cross-section and profile 

3. Clearing and preparing the area for road work 

4. Excavation for the roadway 

5. Embankment for roads 

6. Pavement layers: sub-base materials 

7. Aggregate base course 

8. Prime coat 

9. Tack Coat 

10. Asphalt mixtures and paving

If small road construction companies don’t hire people with a background in having done the course, construction site accidents may occur. Having done this course, Labor knows how to protect himself and his co-workers while engaged in road construction.  

Traffic Controller Course

This is a very responsible job, as it may involve road accidents and fatalities. A traffic controller’s job involves, among others, managing vehicular and pedestrian movement around a site of construction, be it a small road, a big lane, or a building. 

If you have not completed the traffic controller course, you cannot efficiently handle vehicle movement, which may cause road accidents in a city. 

The traffic controller course teaches a future traffic controller the following things: 

1. Work Zone Movement Control: This involves both vehicles and mankind. 

2. Learning Hand Signals: A traffic controller has to use a large number of signals by hand. 

3. Placing Barriers: On a construction site, you might have noticed barriers. These barriers are placed as per need. 

4. Directing the Traffic: It is quite difficult to direct moving people and vehicles on a construction site. A little mistake may result in accidents and deaths. 

5. Coordinating with Construction Site Workers: A site undergoing construction must be managed efficiently. A traffic controller has to coordinate with the labor engaged at the construction site as per the needs of vehicular movement and the movement of mankind. 

This training is imparted to a future traffic controller while undergoing the course. 


Small road construction at regular intervals is a common phenomenon in urban areas all over the world. As these roads are completed upon construction, the need to manage vehicular traffic comes in. It is in these backdrops that the essentiality of training the traffic controllers and labor engaged in small road construction comes in. 

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