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Is Branded Surveys a Legitimate Paid Survey Service?

These days there is an increasing number of websites offering to complete surveys and get paid. Although the practice is no longer new, the more players are in the game, the harder it gets to tell apart the trustworthy ones from those you should skip. In this article, we discuss what paid survey service you should use for your company.

Branded Surveys is a relatively well-known platform advertising online paid survey services. As those interested in completing surveys for money are asking whether this is a service you can trust, it is time to look into Branded Surveys. Thus, let us investigate this platform, how it works, and whether it is a legitimate survey provider that is worth your time.

What is Branded Surveys?


Branded Surveys is a paid online survey platform operating in the US, UK, and Canada. As with every paid digital survey website, it allows users to earn money for completing various surveys.

There are plenty of platforms that provide a similar service, thus completing online surveys for money is a legitimate practice. Some platforms are specialized, for example, they only provide surveys related to the healthcare profession and thus are fit for physicians and healthcare workers only.

Branded Surveys website specializes in market research commissioned by various brands that need to know consumer sentiment when making crucial product, promotion, or strategic decisions. The great thing about this is that all consumers are fit to complete surveys on this website. Not all of us are physicians. But each one of us, including doctors, are consumers who have various preferences and thus can share valid opinions about them.

How Does it Work with a Paid Survey Service

To start earning with Branded Surveys you just need to create a free account and get it confirmed. As you sign up for the website, you will be asked multiple questions about yourself. This is so that the platform could provide you with the surveys that suit you since some market research is targeting particular demographics. For example, brands might be collecting data on the shopping preferences of the elderly or people with a college education.

Once you are in, you just start taking surveys that are offered to you. Unlike some other platforms, Branded Surveys uses a points system. This means that for each survey you complete, you earn a certain number of points, depending on the length and difficulty of the survey. Each point is worth one cent.

You can cash out as soon as you reach 500 points. In other words. the minimal amount you need to accumulate to get is $5. This is not a very high minimum, thus you should have no trouble reaching it. Of course, you can then go on doing surveys and cash out only when the amount reaches your target.

Branded Surveys support two payment methods. One is gift cards, which are perfect for those who do not want to get financial institutions involved. The other is PayPal, one of the most trusted online payment services. Thus, there is a decent level of flexibility and simplicity earning with Branded Surveys.

Is Branded Service a Legit Website?

Now to the most important question, is this all legit? Branded Surveys is a legitimate service that has been around long enough to be known and trusted by users.

Market research firms commission surveys from this website as it is a known platform for connecting these firms with users who are willing to complete the surveys. Thus, like many other online paid survey websites, Branded Surveys provide a valuable service of getting organizations the information they need and allowing people to earn some extra cash by giving this information.

A broader question might be is Branded Surveys worth it? And what sets it apart from its competitors? Answers to these questions depend on what you are looking for.

The fact that Branded Surveys only provide market research questionnaires might be looked at as either an advantage or disadvantage. Those, who are not interested in any other kind of surveys might benefit from a focused service. While those who want to maximize their profits will prefer a paid survey provider with a broader range.

Furthermore, the point system might seem an unnecessary step to some as the earnings could simply be counted in cash. However, in spite of these limitations, Branded Surveys is a trustworthy service, thus it is worthwhile to try out for those who are looking into earning with paid surveys.

Are there any alternatives to Branded Surveys?


The market for paid online surveys has certainly been growing as more and more people discover this way to make an extra living. Thus, there are plenty of alternative options to Branded Surveys if you are looking for something different. You can easily find them online by checking the best-paying survey lists. 

Here, we will only give one example of the survey site often considered the best in the market. It is called and it has quickly established itself as the leader among digital surveys platforms. 

The reason for popularity is that it has plenty of surveys of all kinds. Thus, almost anyone will find something for them on this platform. It counts your earnings in cash and has a very simple signing-up procedure, which makes it more convenient to use than many competitors. 

Furthermore, has multiple methods to cash out including various store credits and PayPal payments. And it offers additional earning methods such as sharing your internet connection.

Naturally, feel free to explore Branded Surveys and both to see which one suits you better. It might also turn out that you can combine both to maximize your profits.

Wrapping Up on a Paid Survey Service

Branded Surveys is a legitimate paid online survey specializing in market research. If answering questions about your shopping habits, product preferences, and the like is something you are looking for, definitely look into this website.

However, there are also alternatives to Branded Surveys, such as which has certain advantages. Thus, keep your options open and find the paid survey website that works best for you.

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