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Innovative Recruitment Methods To Try

Innovative Recruiting Techniques Your Company Must Try

Using recruitment methods different from the usual tradition and norm to bring in fresh hands has its advantages as a recruiting manager. Most employees nowadays go in for job aptitude tests having ideas about what they may be up against. If you own that company, there are chances that you may not get the best hands. To be sure that you have recruited the brightest, you have to give everyone equal opportunities during the process of getting in. So being innovative with your recruitment methods will ensure that the prospective candidates are meeting with that method for the first time. That would get you the best if this recruitment method is unbiased. You should try some of these innovative recruitment methods below.

Try your advertisements on social media

Using programmatic advertising may not be considered innovative but it is an idea you should consider for your online recruiting. When you visit niche sites where your prospective candidates hang out, you stand a great chance of getting the best hands. Imagine big-name companies posting their job advertisements on say Spotify. This is away from the popular social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. At the same time, Strike IT in the US placed 111 hires by sourcing their candidates on Reddit. Goldman Sachs is also known for using this type of method. Mainstream social networks can help you build a strong employer brand and so reach out to a broad audience.

Video interviewing

When you have got top-class prospects living abroad, using video interviewing technology can be a great option. It is quite self-explanatory but it doesn’t make it less effective. It will save you a lot of time and resources and you would still be presented with a larger candidate pool than using conventional recruitment methods. There is a way you can improve video interviewing to bring in more innovation. You could do pre-employment skills testing and assessment to extract some important data like verbal responses, gesticulations, and eye movements about your prospective candidate using video technology. This data set can help you predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in their future jobs.

 Patronize the freelance jobs platforms

This is one innovative recruitment method that is fast becoming popular these days. It is possible that you need some particular job done as quickly as possible. Maybe one of your employees who is skilled in an aspect hasn’t done a particular job the way you want it. You have a deadline to meet and there are other jobs for your staff. You can visit some freelance platforms like, Upwork or, even better, check freelance websites that have specialized experts in certain fields, such as Kolabtree, a freelance medical writer website. These platforms will help you get the right candidate. The advantage of this is that you can get several qualified candidates and choose one who is free to attend your job and conclude it as soon as possible. This will save you a lot of time and money since you wouldn’t need to go through the whole recruitment method or have any onboarding activity before your work gets done. Working with a freelancer also allows you to see how good they are and when next you are looking for someone with such skills for a full-time role, you will just hire the candidate straight away.

Apply gamification methods

These days, several companies have started using this innovative recruitment method to get the best hands for their important roles. Gamifying a recruitment process helps the employee see past the resumes of prospective candidates and focus on their skills and intelligence quotients. You can use software from companies like Knack to achieve your recruitment process through gamification. For example, Taylor Wessing, a law firm, uses Cosmic Cadet, a five-level game to assess candidates’ skills. Unilever also uses some intelligent games to screen recent graduates faster and in a fair manner.

Including incentives for employees in your advertisements

This may seem off from the other innovative recruitment methods of recruiting top-class candidates but it works like magic and helps you have an edge over your competitors in recruiting the best hands. When professional candidates are exploring their options, they will be glad to know that one out of the four companies they are considering has some incentives for their employees that are too good to reject. For example, as a company, you can talk about how you would help your employees’ endeavors succeed by sending them abroad to sharpen their skills. Any prospective candidate who sees this will immediately be interested and it can help you get the best hands. This is because global mobility is influencing the recruitment method for many companies these days. It is not possible that your country has all the best solutions you need for your company so sending your employees on regular pieces of training abroad is necessary so you can acquire more skills from the professionals in that area. Prospective candidates are always on the lookout for this and many other incentives for employees.small business coach

Using internet technology in recruiting sourcing professionals

Recruiters have long been using the resources of Internet technologies to find specialists, such as job sites, social networks. Today, this recruitment method has become especially relevant due to the massive transition of people online. Check out five innovative ways specifically for sourcing/procurement professionals to recruit talent that companies need to take note of in 2021:

  • Posts and stories on Instagram. Today, it is a powerful tool to draw attention to your company. This resource is suitable for you if you want to acquaint candidates with the corporate culture, share current events and activities, tell them about the features and benefits of working in a company, giving candidates a chance to see the company’s life from the inside.
  • Entertainment applications. In the Snapchat app, you can find geofilters and apply them to your photo. JPMorgan Bank has created its geofilters for athletes in London and New York to discover young talents. They also plan to use these geofilters on demand for school and university activities. JPMorgan wants to show young people that they are a modern company and that their future jobs will be just as varied and exciting.
  • Online competitions. Organizing your online technical competitions will allow you to evaluate and attract candidates who are not currently actively looking for work. You can also get a solution to some of the company’s current problems (this is how Google, Microsoft, Facebook work).
  • Show-Your-Work Sites. Take advantage of websites like Dribble (finding creative people) and Pinterest (photo hosting), where users post their work, and interested parties can rate and praise their success.
  • Creation of online professional communities at the level of your company. This tool will help you build relationships with members based on learning and discussing professional topics in communities (for example, using massive online chats – WhatsApp). Once you have established a professional relationship, you will have the opportunity to tap potential hiring candidates.

An alternative method, using PEO Services:

A Professional Employers Organization (PEO) is a service provider that allows companies to outsource the management of services typically provided by a business, including global payroll, human resources, employee benefits, risk management, training, and employee compensation. PEO assumes all responsibilities in these categories, and this allows the company to focus on the operational and profitable side of its business.


If you are a recruitment manager, you want to be known for the type of employees you bring in. To achieve that, you need to be at the top of your game when recruiting. Bringing innovation to the table has proven beneficial to most companies and if these recruitment methods didn’t yield results, we wouldn’t be talking about them. If you are preparing to recruit soon, you should try out some of these tips and see how well things work for you. Check out this article on hiring employees for your business.

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