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Improving Your Search Strategy for Job Candidates

Running a small business involves a ton of responsibility. Every day, you make decisions that have a direct impact on the future of the brand. While some industries are more competitive, and therefore, challenging than others, it is never easy to build a long-lasting company that will turn a profit. This is where finding the right job candidates comes into play.

What you need to understand is that your business resources are not all equal. The most valuable resource you have is your people. Whether they help you provide a specific service or they manage your bookkeeping, you need them for the business to succeed.

A successful business starts with hiring the right people for your team. Many young brands do not have optimized strategies for conducting an effective search for the perfect candidates, and they often hire one of the first applicants even if they are not necessarily qualified. To avoid filling out your team with less effective workers, here are a few ways to improve your job candidate search initiatives.

Recruitment Marketing


Many small business owners think of marketing only as a way to bring in customers. But there are other ways that marketing can benefit the business. Attracting top talent to your organization also requires some advertising efforts if you want to increase the size of your candidate pool. If you have the resources, you could work with a recruitment marketing firm that specializes in this kind of advertising. If not, then you will need to direct some marketing campaigns yourself that are aimed at potential employees. 

Communicate the value of the position and what the brand stands for. Boost your brand image with online videos that modern audiences will pay attention to on social media. Attend job fairs and bring promotional swag along to entice booth visitors. Investing in your recruitment marketing will increase your applicant pool, allowing you to access better talent. 

Clarify the Interview Process

Nothing turns off potential job candidates more than a confusing application process. From the first point of contact, it should be clear to the candidate what the process will look like going forward. Lay out the number of interviews that will occur. Have an internal discussion about who will be involved at each stage of the interview process so that your team and the applicant have clarity. Be prepared for interviews with relevant questions that reference the resume or application that was submitted by the candidate, showing them that you actually read it thoroughly. All these steps will make the job search process smoother and more likely to attract top talent. 

Utilize Job Boards for Finding Job Candidates

Job boards are designed to lessen the burden of a candidate search for businesses. They are ideal for the initial vetting of candidates so that the only people who may enter the interview process have the qualifications you are looking for. Plus, it takes away some of the responsibility of recruitment marketing. For example, a small healthcare practice can partner with physician staffing firms that are connected to a vast network of qualified candidates, allowing the practice to offload some of the work required to attract top talent. Other less specialized boards like Indeed can cover a vast range of industries as well. 

The Right Person is Better Than the First Person


When small businesses are looking for a new hire, they often have a pressing need for their skills. Unfortunately, this can cause employers to make an offer to the first person that meets most of their qualifications in the interest of hiring someone quickly. Though it may require a sacrifice on your part, perhaps having to take on some of the duties of this open position temporarily, it is far more beneficial to be patient and find the right person rather than hiring the first person. Patience can lead to finding a candidate that will exceed expectations and feels deeply passionate about the role they are applying for. 

Communicating Value to Job Candidates

There are many ways to entice candidates to accept a job offer from your brand. The key is to communicate the value of the position to them as clearly as possible. What duties will they be performing? How will their contributions drive success for the brand? What incentives do you offer them for doing the work, including pay and a benefits package?

Job candidates want to know that the position they are applying for will be something they enjoy and that it will be worth their time. This is why it is so important to sit down and write a compelling job description that communicates value. Along with the other strategies listed above, this can result in better candidates applying to join your small business.

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