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Digital HR Trends For The Hiring Process

The year 2020 has been a life-changing one for many companies around the world. But after that, electronic working— which has fast become the order of the day before the advent of the pandemic— is the new normal and has now been activated full-time. Subsequently, this year, 2021, has seen many advancements in the human resources hiring process. You can now work efficiently while hiring strong candidates and even keep existing employees with technological innovations.

In this article, you will be taken through six (6) HR digital trends urging the evolution of the hiring process.

Six HR Digital Trends That Are Urging the Evolution of the Hiring Process


  1. PEO services and AI-based recruitment

Today, the word of HR has been revolutionized. Algorithms that programmers have hitherto developed are now helping employers seek proficient talents to fill their workforce. Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) are now given the task of checking applicants’ profiles from several sources. This may include their social media activities, amongst others. For instance, IBM makes use of AI to analyze a potential candidate before hiring. Their algorithm helps them analyze applicants’ sentence constructions and facial expressions to determine if they will be a good fit or otherwise. Other important areas where AI has influenced PEO services in hiring to optimize the HR world include payroll processing, onboarding, benefits management, and HR solutions.

  1. Data privacy protection

The world of work has evolved so much. And this evolution has led to an increase in fraud and cyber-attacks. Hence, it is now very important for businesses to take data security as a great deal. Thankfully, data privacy laws are guiding and guarding the use of people’s data across the world. The implication of this is that HR tools need to speed up protecting sensitive identifying information. Digital technology tools should be used to keep well-organized documents and data files on central cloud storage. Also, functions like digital signatures should help protect contracts and payment slips.


  1. Pre-employment tests & resume assessments

In the past, there’s a huge reliance on resumes and cover letters before recruitment. This is believed to help determine a candidate’s suitability for a job opening. But that is now a thing of the past. Today’s HR has made technological provisions to cater for that and test candidates’ experience, competency, and skills. The aspects that can be tested on may include:small business coach

  • Aptitudes: where candidates are tested on problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and the ability to learn.
  • Personality: here, candidates’ personalities are unveiled to check if they could fit into a position or team in a company.
  • Skills: specific skills are tested to check if candidates have the required skills and exposures to handle the position.
  1. Online learning, training & development for the hiring process

The recent pandemic has created a lot of opportunities in the world of work. There are now myriads of platforms to train, retrain and upskill staff and other important employees. Companies have begun offering their staff training to teach online work culture to them. Sometimes companies even make use of remote interpreting to reach their global employees. Hence, the implementation of these digital advantages brings development to the face of HR as it prepares the workforce to upgrade from the old, tired method to the new, faster working process.

  1. Employee appraisal and performance management

Unlike before, performance management and employee appraisal are now a continuous and integrated process. The regular annual performance reviews previously carried out are now fast overridden by a system that reviews employee performance more frequently (monthly or quarterly) as they give a daily report of their jobs.

  1. The cloud in regards to the hiring process

By now, there is no doubt that you must have heard about “the cloud” or that you could even have used it yourself. If you have edited a file on google drive, streamed music on Spotify, or probably uploaded a resume on LinkedIn, then you’ve seen it in action but didn’t just notice. The cloud is a very important tool for hiring. It gives the HR team the flexibility to find capable candidates through a global database search without hassles.


The usage of technology in the realm of HR is becoming ever rapid. And to maintain a successful hiring process, resource teams have to become tech-savvy. With this, the problems of global recruitment, credential verification, and applicants’ engagements would be simpler to resolve. Thus, efficiency would be harnessed as productivity will drastically be on the rise. Read this article about hiring employees for your small business.small business coach