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How Your Business Stands Out with a YouTube Branding Strategy

YouTube has around 900 million users, and is expected to pass the 1 billion mark within the next couple of years – so it really is a leading platform for businesses that want to get their content seen by the largest audience. In this article, we go over why having a YouTube branding strategy would serve you well.

Of course, as with any social media service that’s successful, the challenge becomes about getting people to pay attention to your output, while facing down a deluge of content from other creators – many of whom are your direct rivals.

If this is your aim, stick around and we’ll equip you with ideas for applying a branding strategy to your business’ YouTube presence, letting you build a following and stay true to your ethos simultaneously.

Starting with your Channel Name: YouTube Branding Strategy

A channel name can set expectations, evoke curiosity, and establish brand identity even before a viewer clicks on your content. 

Here’s how to choose one:

  • Ensure the channel name resonates with your business’s core values and services. It should be easily identifiable and suggest the type of content you will offer.
  • Avoid overly complex or generic names that are hard to remember or too similar to existing channels. The key is finding the sweet spot between being distinct and easy to recall.
  • Incorporate relevant keywords related to your industry that potential subscribers might use during their search queries. This practice helps improve visibility in YouTube search results.
  • If you’re hitting a creative block, you can pick a good YouTube channel name using a generator tool. These can provide fresh ideas based on keywords you input, which you can then tweak to better suit your brand identity.
  • Before finalizing, check if the chosen name is available on YouTube and other social media platforms, as well as if there are any existing trademarks on it.

Settling on a Consistent Visual Identity

Having a consistent visual identity on YouTube is a must for brand-building. Here’s where your focus should be:

  • Your logo design is often the first impression users will have of your brand. Make sure it’s not only eye-catching but also representative of what your business stands for, and use it as your channel’s primary pic.
  • Choose colors that reflect your brand’s personality and use them consistently across all visuals. This includes video intros, banners, and thumbnails. There’s extensive research into this facet – with red being active and passionate, orange being motivational and vibrant, and green being balanced and harmonious.
  • Thumbnails act as mini-advertisements for your videos. Create compelling, high-quality thumbnails that are visually linked to one another through consistent use of fonts, styles, and layout. Given that CTRs for videos on YouTube veer between as little as 2% and as much as 10%, well-chosen thumbnails can push you toward the upper end of this spectrum.
  • Include branded intros or outros in your videos that help reinforce who you are as a brand every time someone watches.
  • Ensure all graphics associated with your channel maintain a level of professionalism equivalent to the quality you want associated with your business. Low-quality designs can turn off potential subscribers no matter how good your content

Theming Content Effectively

The content you produce is the core of your channel’s appeal. Consistent themes not only help define your niche but also make your channel a go-to resource for specific interests. 

Here’s how to define and develop robust content themes:

  • Pinpoint what unique angle or perspective your business brings to YouTube. Whether it’s expert insights into the coffee industry to go with your coffee selling business, or innovative DIY home improvement hacks for your contracting company, knowing this helps tailor your content effectively.
  • Create categories or ‘buckets’ that can house various types of videos under a unified theme. For instance, a tech review channel might have categories like ‘Gadget Unboxings’, ‘Software Tutorials’, and ‘Tech Industry News’.
  • Consider developing series-based content where each episode builds on the last. This strategy encourages viewers to return regularly and subscribe for updates.
  • Incorporate Q&A sessions, live streams, or community polls to engage directly with viewers. Interactivity can transform passive viewers into active participants who feel more connected to your brand.
  • Consistency in posting not only appeases YouTube’s algorithm but also sets viewer expectations so they know when to look out for new content from you. Whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly, it all adds up.

Wrapping Up your YouTube Branding Strategy

Ultimately you’ll need to experiment with your YouTube branding strategy to refine it – but the points we’ve discussed will stand you in good stead to get started with this, so there’s no need to wait for the perfect moment or the right idea to strike to launch your channel.

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