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How You Boost Your Sales on Established Online Selling Platforms

It is easy to think that when it comes to selling on well-known, established selling platforms, you really need to do as little as possible, and customers will just come flocking. In reality, though, if you want your business to do well, you need to put a little more effort in to reap any rewards. In this article, we discuss a few different ways that you can boost your sales, on established online selling platforms.

In fact, you would probably be amazed at how easy it is to actually get wrong and reduce your sales to a minimum or be totally outwitted by your competitors. In order to make sure this is not happening to you and your business while also boosting your sales, you need to work on a few important areas. 

#1 Ask for expert help


There is nobody who can help you more when selling on these sites than the experts who have made their name and their business by helping others excel at selling on these platforms. For instance, if your selling platform of choice is Amazon, with its massive 310 million active users (globally), you should seek the help of an established Amazon consultant. This is so that your products and your business can stand out amongst your competitors and snag your share of the sales in your niche.  

They will be able to help you with SEO for your listings as well as improve the content to appeal to your customers. Provide you with in-depth audits and assessments of your Amazon store so that you can see where you need to make improvements and what those improvements should be. Of course, their services do not end there, and you could find that hiring the perfect Amazon agency for your business could swell your sales and give you newfound confidence in your Amazon business. 

#2 Put together special package deals to boost your sales

You could make your products and your listings stand out more by offering package deals for your products that your competitors have yet to do themselves. This will mean that your customers will be getting something unique from your store that they aren’t able to get anywhere else – especially if you present them at a special package price.  

This may mean that you have to expand your range to incorporate these additional products, and this may not be a bad thing, either. You’ll have to pick these products carefully as their quality will have to match that of your current products, and they will have to compliment them as well for your package deals to be desirable. 

#3 Offer discounts to bulk purchasers

Alongside your package deals, you should also consider offering your customers the opportunity to save money on their bulk purchases. Offering discounts that are attached to ‘the more you buy, the more you save’ will inevitably reduce your packing and shipping costs, but you should also keep in mind that this might well reduce the number of times that customers will purchase from you overall. Offering months and months’ worth of stock upfront for a discounted price could mean that you are destined for a ‘slow’ period at a later date unless you can keep growing your customer base to outperform this.   

Enlisting expert help in this area could help you not only make this a success but also give you the ability to navigate slow months or avoid them altogether by enhancing your advertising power further. 

#4 Work on your customer experience to help boost your sales

As your customers are fundamentally your business, you need to look after them and ensure their experience is a good one. Be sure to read what your customers have said about your business, products, and the service that you provide. Answer any questions promptly and sort out issues quickly and without fuss. It is important that you keep your feedback rating as high as possible and all reviews show your business, products, and service in a positive light.  

Due to the number of choices on selling platforms like Amazon, many customers will head straight to the reviews and customer feedback before committing to buy. Having negative comments or bad feedback will likely have these customers looking at your competitors’ products over yours, and you do not want that at all. 

#5 Use your social media presence to boost your sales


When it comes to drawing attention to your business and your products, you are going to have to push the boat out. This will mean posting and blogging about them and not necessarily in a salesy manner. You want your potential customers to be interested and intrigued – not sick to death of your products being forced on them every time they look at their phones. So, you’ll have to be inventive, talk to them about how you started up and what drove you to choose your particular product range, or even prepare a behind-the-scenes look at how your products are chosen, sourced, and packed.  

Keep your posts short and sweet – nobody likes long, drawn-out videos or sales pages that are tedious to read or watch. However, you should always include a link to your Amazon selling page or store so that those who are interested in your products do not have to go searching and can simply just click on your site to read more or purchase. 

#6 Advertise using different methods

When it comes to advertising, you should use multiple methods. Not everyone is susceptible to the same advertising criteria – even online. So, using Amazon PPC (led by an Amazon expert to save you time and expense) is a good move, but so are video advertisements that educate your potential customers on the quality and use of your products.  

It might also be a good plan to invest in sponsored displayed ads (which are also part of a PPC campaign), but it could inevitably attract a different person to those ads displayed in or around a competitor’s listing.  

Final thoughts on how to boost your sales

There are different methods of boosting your sales on online selling platforms, and the first thing you should do is seek the help of an expert who deals specifically with the platform you are using. This is because they will understand the workings of that site and know how to get the results that you want to get. You may also find it beneficial to look at what you offer your customers and improve your range, put together exclusive packages, or offer ‘multibuy’ discounts to those customers who like to stock up rather than purchasing little and often. 

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