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How to Start Selling Coffee Online in 5 Steps

Ah, the good old cup of morning java. The essential part of anyone’s day to get things going and get the day started. Coffee is a necessary part of billions of people’s lives globally. And this means one thing for you, it will always be in demand. Whether you want to target the local coffee snobs, or the barista in the busy cafe, coffee will always be profitable. This includes selling coffee online.

So, just how do you jump on this bandwagon? How can you ensure that you are a part of this highly profitable business? We thought we would take a look at some of the ways that you can start up your online coffee store, and make use of dropshipping methods to serve your local community. We unpacked what some successful eCommerce stores have done, and provide you with a few tricks to really capitalize on this highly profitable business. 

Kick off your Store with Dropshipping 

If you want to get in on the action with very little overhead, private label coffee dropshipping is the way to go. You are able to source products from various suppliers, create a brand for yourself and add that brand on to the premium products. You will then act as the intermediary by picking up the products from the suppliers and dropping it at your customers. 

This way, you are able to build up a brand and create a name for yourself in the industry without actually producing your own coffee. This means you can also be particular with your suppliers. You are able to look for the right, premium coffee that aligns with your brand and find suppliers who are looking for that coffee. Choose carefully, however, putting your name behind a coffee means that you are responsible should the quality be somewhat inferior. 

Have the Proper Business Foundation for Selling Coffee Online

Before kicking off, you will need to know everything about the industry, your customers, your competitors, the costs involved and your marketing and operating strategy. The best way of collating all of this information is by creating a business plan. A simple business plan template will allow you to map out a strategy, set goals and determine just what your USP is. 

This business plan can be used as the blueprint of the business. You can use it as proposals for clients, for potential investors and to map out your website and sales plans. Make sure you highlight what your unique selling point is, and how you intend to make an impact in the industry. You will get more people on your side if you set realistic goals. 

Create an Online Presence 

To sell online, you need to be online. The first place to start is with a website, create social media platforms, set up an email platform and get a budget together for some online marketing. Pay special attention to your website. You will need to ensure that your USP is reflected in your site. 

The site will also need to be carefully created for suppliers and potential customers to gain as much valuable information from it as possible. So, keep your messaging and content uniform throughout all of the platforms. 


Provide simple, descriptive content that informs and educates your audience about your brand. Make sure you establish your uniqueness from the get go. 

Start Getting the Word Out There about Selling Coffee Online

Now you have all of your platforms setup and you are ready to go. Now it’s time for content marketing and creating campaigns to draw in your audience. The fact about digital marketing is that it is a highly resource intensive job. You will need to be creating content constantly and ensuring that you are reaching your audiences. As we mentioned before, make this content informative, educational and entertaining. 

Consider what your audience wants to see. Do keyword research to compile content that they will be searching for. One of the elements that we always recommend to brands is a blog. A blog will allow you to create longer pieces of content that will draw the attention of customers searching for your products. The blogs can also be divided up into short social posts. Fun facts, key pointers and vital pieces of information that can be found organically. 

Focus on your SEO 

SEO needs to be top of mind at all times when you are creating your site as well as all content going on. That keyword research we mentioned earlier is key to making sure that you pop up at the top of search results when potential customers are searching for your site. SEO will run through your site as well as all of the content that you are posting across socials, in paid ads and in your emails. 

SEO on your site is key, but it doesn’t need to be too difficult. If you have a WordPress site, there are some great plugins like Yoast that will help you with the process. You will need solid keywords, meta descriptions, H1 and H1 headings as well as the right amount of keywords to pop up.

The Bottom Line of Selling Coffee Online

Start with knowing what your brand is about and what messaging you want to convey for your brand. You can then start translating it into all of your avenues. Keep an eye on various metrics and adjust your strategy if necessary. 

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