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How to Pick a Stock: Tips for New Investors

The journey towards becoming a pro stock market investor is not easy. As a beginner, you need to understand how the stock market works, understand the terminologies, and identify the stocks that are worth investing in. However, you must also know that there is no foolproof plan to ensure success. But, there are some factors that you can consider while picking a stock. There are many aspects of this field for new investors to consider.

You can start by researching and identifying the stocks that are about to explode and mitigate the risks with the help of a reputable stock broker.  But as someone new to the stock market, how do you identify which stocks are worth investing in? The following article will take you through the whole process of picking a stock for investment.

Identify Your Goals

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Smart investors always determine their goals before investing in any assets. You need to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve from your portfolio before investing. Moreover, you should always stick to the goals, be aware of the news, events, and trends that drive the economy, and use this information to make well-thought-out decisions. You must understand that there are a wide range of factors that drive stock prices, and being aware of them will help you identify your goal. The bottom line is that having a goal will help you cull down the stocks listed on the New York Stock Exchange and invest in those equities that make sense.

Identify Which Types of Investor You Are

There are three types of investors when it comes to stock trading. The first is the income-oriented investors who focus on buying and holding stock from good companies that pay dividends regularly. The next are the ones who aim at wealth preservation and opt for a low-risk strategy. Then, there are investors looking for rapid capital appreciation and want to invest in companies that are making profits in their early growth years. When you are identifying your goals, you also need to figure out which type of investor you are.

Don’t Invest in a Business You Don’t Understand

Buying a stock means having an ownership stake in that particular company; logically, you don’t want to own stakes in a company you don’t understand. Therefore, you need to have a clear understanding of its revenue, costs, seasonality, opportunities, risks, competition, and advantages.  To pick a good stock, you must do your due diligence and understand what the company does.

Find Your Company for New Investors

The next step in the process of picking a stock is to find a company in the sector you are interested in. To figure out which company you must invest in, begin with finding the exchange-traded fund that tracks the performance of the industry you are interested in and check the stocks they are investing in. To find the EFT, you can simply search “EFT X industry,” and the official EFT page will disclose all the funds.

Additionally, you can use a screener to filter the stock based on the criteria you are interested in.  You can filter them out based on the industry type, net worth, and profitability. Moreover, you can also sort the companies based on market cap, dividend, and other investment metrics.

Furthermore, you can search for blogs and analytical articles for news and reports on the company you plan to invest in to find information that will take your investment in the right direction.

Understand the Financial Ratio

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After you have identified your goal and have come across a business that you truly value, you have to understand whether the stocks are cheap or expensive. This is where understanding financial ratios will help you. The financial ratio of a stock is derived from the market value of the stock and various numbers from the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement. Understanding these ratios will help you determine whether the price of the stock is worth investing in.

Understand Systematic Risk

Another crucial thing you need to know about stocks is that your investment will rise and fall no matter how cautious you are and how well you have researched the company. There are some external factors that no CEO or company can prevent that lead to the rise and fall of the stocks. For instance, a global economic crisis or a rise in the price of crude oil can lead to a company’s stock falling. Therefore, you must be aware of the global economy, understand that investing in stocks always comes with a risk, and approach the challenges systematically.

Conclusion on New Investors

The whole process of investing in stocks is based on speculation. However, if you have a clear goal in your mind, you can mitigate the risks to some extent. To pick a stock, you have to do your homework and understand which companies and businesses are worth investing in. So, take out your pen and paper, and start your research today to become a pro-investor.

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