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How To Market Your Printing Business On Instagram

The printing business is visual in nature. You can’t market it online without publishing quality images, videos, animations, and other multimedia content that attract potential customers. When it comes to promoting it, one of the best social media platforms for the job would be Instagram. 

Instagram allows businesses to share images, short clips, animations, and other visual content. On top of that, this social media app is home to almost a billion active users. For this reason, many businesses use it as a powerful weapon.

Also, you may consider working with design products that may help you sell more. See more options that would provide high-quality designs and services for you to effectively market through IG. 

However, establishing your presence on the platform may not be as easy as it seems, considering its algorithm and intense competition. Therefore, it’s important to know the following techniques below to help you market your printing business on Instagram. 

Optimize Your Instagram Business Account

When promoting a business on Instagram, creating a business account is crucial. However, that’s not enough to keep the customers and audiences coming. You need to optimize it to help people smoothly find specific information.

On top of that, it’s important to understand that your profile should only contain relevant content about your company. It should not promote you or anything that has nothing to do with your printing business.

Here are some tips for optimizing your Instagram business account:

  • Include Your Website Link

It’s a good strategy to include working and clickable links under the account name and description. Adding links to your Instagram profile will help boost your traffic and increase sales opportunities. Furthermore, always ensure that your landing page points directly to what leads would want to see, such as your product catalog, discounts, and design gallery.

  • Use A Relevant Name And Photo

Using a relevant name and profile image will help people identify and recognize your business once they see it. You can use efficient online tools to enhance your profile picture to add clarity and appeal. Also, it’d be best to be as consistent as possible across other social media platforms. Additionally, make sure that your name and image remain professional at all times.

  • Create An Interesting Bio

Your bio is the first thing people see when they visit your profile. So, it’s important to keep it informative to grab the attention and interest of your visitors. This is your opportunity to convince people to follow you and eventually purchase your products and services. You may also include relevant keywords about your business, hashtags, and emojis to keep it engaging.

Produce Amazing Content

The journey to using Instagram for business purposes starts with creative and eye-catching content. It should communicate and interact with your audience even without them reading the caption. The brain usually processes visual content anyway. In fact, images are more quickly processed by the brain.

Therefore, it’s crucial to produce content that will not annoy or irritate visually. If you don’t know where to start, you might want to consider the following tips below:

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  • Take A Look At Your Competitors

Analyzing the activities of your competitors, especially those with a huge following, may help you create engaging content that drives engagement and boosts positive impressions. You may copy their content strategy to steal followers and make them yours. 

  • Avoid Hard Selling

Instagram users hate content that shows direct intent to sell a product. Make sure that your images and videos speak for themselves without telling your audience how great your products or services are. This is also a good tactic to build trust and show your viewers how reliable you are.

  • Optimize Image Size

Make sure that your images are professionally sized and cropped to avoid blurry and pixelated content, especially when zoomed in. In addition, it’d be best to consider square images and try to crop out parts that have nothing to do with the content. 

Furthermore, one way to ensure high-quality photos is to double their image resolution. So, for instance, you may use a 1224×1224 resolution for a 612×612 frame.

Take Advantage Of Instagram Features

Through a decade of service, Instagram continues to evolve and release significant updates from time to time. These internal upgrades have brought many features that make Instagram a one-stop app containing everything you need to market your printing business effectively.

Here are some business-worthy Instagram features you might need to utilize:

  • Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories allows everyone to share images and short clips that last for 24 hours. After the time limit, stories will be gone and archived. When publishing stories, avoid plain and lifeless content. Instead, add emojis, stickers, GIFs, animations, and product tags to entertain and make them more engaging.

  • IGTV

IGTV allows people to publish long videos and shows to promote their brand. This is extremely popular with influencers who want to engage more with their followers. You can publish behind-the-scenes content or anything that captures your audience’s attention. Also, it doesn’t have to be professionally edited. As a matter of fact, more people are attracted to content that looks natural. This is extremely popular with influencers who want to engage more with their followers. This is no easy task and to solve this, many influencers purchase Instagram TV comments cheap.

  • Instagram Reels

The Instagram Reels feature is similar to Stories. It allows people to create short and engaging video clips that help bring their ideas to life. But unlike Stories, it has no 24-hour time limit and can be viewed and revisited on the profile. You can use it to highlight product benefits or new product teaser trailers.

  • Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping is one of the latest features that help your audience to purchase your products or services from your images and videos. You may add shopping tags on content that features your product. These tags present the product name and prices to inform your audience. This feature provides your business with a storefront for people to know more about your products.

Final Words

Instagram is an effective and powerful social media app that’ll help you take your printing business to the next level. However, establishing brand authority and awareness on the platform may not be that easy, especially now that the competition is rising. 

Fortunately, there are smart techniques that’ll guide you through marketing your business on Instagram. These include optimizing your business account, creating engaging content, and taking advantage of its in-app features.

Following these strategies will help you build a stronghold that opens tons of sales opportunities for your business to grow and prosper.

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