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How to Increase Sales Numbers: Product Description Writing Tips

Online commerce has revolutionized the market. It used to be that an average person would spend dozens, if not hundreds of hours throughout the year, shopping for the products they desire. In this article, we will discuss how to increase your sales numbers, via online product descriptions.

Of course, to that you have to add the commute time, and it could quickly become a daunting task. However, the situation has changed a bit.  

With the advent of the Internet, people can do their shopping online, and this can be a massive time saver. But even if online commerce is not as wasteful regarding time allocation, there are still drawbacks.

The biggest flaw is that you are not there next to the product. Shoppers can’t physically see what they are purchasing, and that can lead to less certainty. As a result, online websites were forced to perfect the art of writing a good product description.

Let’s look at some tips about how you can write the best description for your products:

1. Outsource the writing to increase sales numbers

increase sales numbers

Let’s get this out of the way first.

As a business owner, a manager, or an executive, one of the most important realizations is that you cannot do everything yourself, especially if you don’t have an inclination to write product descriptions.

You risk writing a sub-standard one, or spending too much time on the process, time that could be spent better elsewhere.

The internet can be useful not only for selling your goods, but you can also find cheap, reliable writing help. It is possible to hire a writer on both a long-term and short-term basis. There are websites and platforms with thousands of freelancers, and most of them are competent.

And, again, their services are quite cheap, so you won’t be breaking the bank.

2. Establish your target audience

It is surprising how many product descriptions do not have mass appeal. Almost everything can be targeted to specific demographics. Even if you try to sell something that we all use, like toilet paper or water, people will still prefer one brand over the other.

Marketing has something to do with this, but also natural niches filled within the market. So, first, ask yourself: who is your customer?

But can’t you just keep the description vague and generic, and hope everyone will pick your product?  

It is possible to do that, but you risk getting out-competed by other more targeted products.

The basic idea is that different types of people have different types of needs, predilections, tastes, fears, and budgets. You can’t talk to a student the way you talk to a pensioner, or write a description for a man, as you would for a woman.

People on lower budgets will prefer to see descriptions that emphasize the affordability of the product. Meanwhile, those in the upper-middle class will prefer that you underline the quality or the history of the company.

If you are broke, you won’t care that the product is “ethically sourced and eco-friendly”, because you can’t afford to be that picky. An urban tech worker, on the other hand, will like all these taglines.

Overall, before you aim to write, make sure that you know what you are aiming for. That’s how you write a good product description.

3. Build a narrative to increase sales numbers

In a world of pure logic that is populated only by robots, a company and product description will be descriptive, and nothing else.

“Here’s who we are, here’s what we’re selling, and here are the prices and materials used”. Easy, right?

A bottle of water that just says “water” would seem strange and out of place in today’s market, because marketing has hacked our minds.

Marketers have carefully constructed images of brands, to give them more personality and make them easier to remember. For example, people have come to associate certain beers with hunting, trucks, or outdoorsmanship. Others associate Coca-Cola with Christmas, and many other connections and narratives were just made up.

There’s nothing about fermented barley that makes you more of a man, but the association is there in anyone’s mind. That is the power of narrative.  

The same can be said about diamond rings and weddings. Giving your fiancé a piece of expensive shiny carbon is a very recent and made-up tradition.

This point ties very well with our previous one of knowing your audience. Construct a story and form an association inside the customer’s mind.

Yet, that is easier said than done, and for this step, maybe it would be better to hire a writer with experience in paper writing help.

It will take some creativity to describe the product in such a manner.

4. Never forget about search engines

increase sales numbers

The internet creates the illusion of being a single thing. To put things simply, the Internet is just other people’s computers. When someone searches for a product to buy, a search engine finds your product, on a website hosted on a server that you paid to host your page.

Naturally, the search engine is the middleman in all of this, and without it, every computer is an island.

As a result, by learning how the engine works, and how it searches, prioritizes, and showcases results, you will be able to make your content easier to feature in search results. There’s a method behind this, and it is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short.

Make sure to research product description writing examples.  There are tons of details that you have to take into account. Paragraph length, keyword density, phrasing, and many other factors are important.

If you want to do this yourself, it will take a bit of time. However, if you go through the trouble of learning SEO, then you can use these skills in the future, for other brand descriptions.

Conclusion on How to Increase Sales Numbers

Product descriptions are not ingredient lists. They cannot be dry, and simply informative. They are a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal, especially if you are engaged in online commerce.

Customers will not be able to see the product, so your description will inform their decision 

A successful marketer will consider his target audience and create a story around their needs. Also, on the technical side, the text should always be SEO-friendly in order for the product to show up in search results.  

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