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Team Building System

Value of a Team Building System

When you have a small business, you know that communication between the different team members is crucial. However, you also understand that before they are a team, they are individuals, each one with their own personalities. So, how can you make sure that all your team members get along and can communicate well so that you can achieve your business goals? The key is to implement a team building system.

Create a Diverse, Powerful Team Using Team Building

Within a team building system, everyone knows each other’s personalities and each team member adapts to the behavioral style of the other team member. Instead of thinking the guy who speaks bluntly is a “jerk,” you realize the simple fact that that’s just the way God made him.

One of the things that you may be thinking about the team building system is that it is hard to implement. After all, it isn’t easy to have different personalities working together and communicating well without conflict.

Importance of Team Building

So, today, we decided to give you 7 tips on you how can implement a team building system within your small business.

#1: Create A Common Vision:

When you are implementing a team building system, it is important that all team members share the same vision – what you want to develop and where you want to go. Developing a vision usually happens when you develop a Strategic Plan. Keeping the vision in front of your team is paramount.

#2: Develop Common Goals:

To ensure that you have a working team building system, you need to make sure that all the small business goals are not only understood but also supported by all team members. Developing a shared vision and plan covers this step.

Each member has their own role and deliverables within the team. So, each member needs to understand his or her role to meet the final goal.

#3: Use Psychometric Profiling:

Using psychometric profiling with your team can be interesting and fun. The DISC and Myers Briggs profiles are some of the most popular. When hiring a new team member or promoting one of your existing team members you can decide in advance what personality type is the best fit for the position. For example with sales, you probably want an extrovert for the position. In team building as you profile each team member and then share the results with your team, people become more aware of themselves and other team members.

#4: Clarify Responsibilities And Roles:

One of the best tips that we can give you to ensure that you set up a team-building system within your small business is to clarify the responsibilities and roles of each member of the team. The truth is that many small business owners tend to assume that everyone knows their role and responsibilities and they don’t need to be clarified at all. However, this isn’t always true and not having clearly defined roles can erode communication and achieving the company’s goals.

So, make sure that everyone knows exactly their responsibilities and roles. Ideally, this is covered from the day they are hired with a job description that each member agrees to and signs. Ideally, none of these roles or responsibilities overlap.

#5: The Need for Management Support:

Needless to say, managers ensure that everything is running smoothly. However, another important part of their job should be to question whether the team’s needs are all satisfied. In case they aren’t, managers need to take the time to see what they can do so that the team can enhance their efforts. One of the things that are often needed is extra education or extra training.

Team Building System

#6: Everyone Should Be Engaged:

In order to guarantee the success of the team building system, you need to make sure that all the participants are not only engaged but that they are also challenged throughout the entire process of team building.

All you need to do is to find the areas or topics that team members like or that are relevant to them in any way. Then, you can do some kind of exercise or activity to ensure that they are challenged and that they can have fun with one another.

#7: Give Your Team Some Room:

Whenever you hold a team building session, you don’t have to be at the office. In fact, this can do more harm than good. Instead, you should consider taking your team members to a different environment where you are not distracted with any urgent items, voice mail, or even emails.

Think about your team building system in terms of fun. Hold your meeting outdoors, at an amusement park or in a more formal environment like a meeting room.

#8: Take Some Time to Learn:

Most small business owners believe that all they need to do to manage and grow their business is to make the right decisions. However, they are forgetting about one crucial aspect: how can they make the best decisions if they don’t take the time to listen to their team members?

Unfortunately, this tends to happen a lot and this ends up leaving the different team members somewhat lost. In order to prevent this from happening, ensure that you take some time to listen to all your individual team members. So, you need to ensure that they know that communication is always open and that you are always ready to listen to them. Ultimately, this will leave team members feeling comfortable when they need to express their needs.

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Developing a diverse team can be a very powerful weapon in growing and competing. Implementing a team building system can unlock a major force and your business can take on a life of its own. Here’s a case study on Using a Team Building System in a Landscaping Company.

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