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How to Email Your List More Consistently: Use Email Automation

Email is one of the simplest, no-fuss channels of communication you can have with your customers. Plus, when done right, email automation allows you to stay in touch with customers, leads, and even website visitors.

Also, customers appreciate the usefulness of a well-designed newsletter that is not intrusive and keeps them up to date with your latest products and offers. So, besides being a great sales generation tool, email marketing is often amazing for customer retention and loyalty.

All this is possible due to the huge level of versatility of email marketing. Unlike social media channels or even websites, email can be used to do exactly what you want (attract more sales, increase brand awareness, or educate the audience).

Even more, when using email automation, you can segment your email list to cater to multiple personas such as existing loyal customers, curious viewers poking around, or promising leads trying your services out.

Why Should I Care About Email & Newsletters?


In a world filled with amazing social media platforms and lots of online marketing tools, it can be easy to forget about the good old email. But this would be a mistake, especially for a small business.

A solid emailing strategy is one of the crucial steps to success any small business must follow. That’s because, once you have a customer’s email address, you have direct access to their inbox (even if it’s just the address they use for marketing purposes).

This means you can use the data saved in your database to keep in touch with the subscribers to your email list. For instance, if you have their date of birth, it’s easy to make them feel seen by your brand if you send out birthday messages and cards (with or without a discount or voucher).

Email Automation works for Small Businesses

If you want to get the most out of your emailing campaign, it’s best to have a look at email automation tools. Now, small business owners may feel like it’s not a step for them since it implies a bit of an initial investment, but this is a wrong assumption.

As your emailing list grows, it will become difficult to maintain manually. Also, if you want to segment it into various sub lists (customers, leads, new subscribers, and so on) and create a set of actions for each, you will have a tough time keeping up without a specialized tool.

When using email automation, you can create workflows that automatically send emails to your contacts when they perform a certain action or meet conditions that you’ve set.

In fact, according to Semrush’s survey on challenges that small businesses face, a small marketing budget is always at the top of entrepreneurs’ worries. That’s why email marketing is such a great option for small businesses (especially if you use automation) – once the system is up to date and set to fit your business needs, marketing costs will drop significantly.

Key Takeaways

First and foremost, if you take only one thing from this article, it should be that email marketing is still a powerful tool. So don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you differently. The connection to a customer or a lead’s inbox is priceless.

Second, email marketing works best when it’s paired with email automation. This tool can help you keep the budget down by lowering costs with human resources.

Also, it increases productivity, brings in more sales, and attracts more leads. Not to mention that your customers will feel nurtured and taken care of, which is the best customer experience plan.

Overall, email automation is the step most small businesses need to take in order to move forward with their email marketing goals.

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